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We have been waiting for this day for weeks, and it has finally arrived. First weekend of opening at Pier, in Riva del Garda, and immediately a great day with Ora, worthy of the fame of this legendary spot. And, as if by magic, so many familiar faces have appeared at Pier.


Windsurfing, session reports: Pier, Lake Garda, with a beautiful Ora!

In recent weeks, it had been an ordeal. People threw themselves down from the cliffs around the lake to enter the water in the most windy places, around Pier; others who had parked far away and, on foot, had made a piece of Gardesana Road to get into the water.....

From some weekends (and even during the week), moreover, beautiful and powerful Ora, tipical of spring time, had already started. It seemed a spite.

This weekend, the Pier parking lots have finally been reopened, and thanks to word of mouth, many have gathered on the spot. But it must immediately be said that, from this point of view, it was an enjoyable day: easy parking, and absolutely tolerable overcrowding.

Finally, for me it was an opportunity to make the trip and the session with my friend Adriano and his son Filippo. We have been promising to do so for a long time, and today we did it.


Windsurf Pier Garda 13

Windsurf Pier Garda 5

Windsurf Pier Garda 4


Turning quickly to the report of the day, the Ora has already begun to blow around 11.00-11.30, a sign that it would have entered well. And in fact, at 12.00-12.30 we all came into the water a bit, Mattia Fabrizi among the first, intent on trying out a Challenger sail prototype, and to train for the upcoming PWA event in Bonaire.

I entered the water with a Fanatic Skate TE 93 2014 and an Ezzy Elite 4.7 2017. Perfect set up, and in the first rides, both for the greater physical freshness, and for the better wind quality, and the water surface (less chaotic chop), I sailed pretty well, and I had a lot of fun. I must, however, confess some embarrassment in the management of the freestyle board shape, especially in a fast tack, because when going upwind, the board tends to slip a little under my feet, and to quickly lose precious speed. The endless headway that Tabou 3S guarantees has got me used very well ....

I sailed close together with Filippo and Adriano, admiring their tacking ability. For Adriano his old RRD Wave Cult 99 is like a comfortable slipper .... Perhaps changing board too often, and even shape is not very wise ...

Contrary to what I assumed, the day was not absolutely cold. The water temperature, of course, is still the one you tipically have in March, but the air one, about 24 Celius degrees, has abundantly offset the water one. Many rider with head, hands and bare feet.


Windsurf Pier Garda 3

Windsurf Pier Garda 6

Windsurf Pier Garda 7

Windsurf Pier Garda 9

Windsurf Pier Garda 10



I stopped the first part of my session after an hour and a half, to breathe a little and take some photos. I got to know Fabrizio from Forli, and the great pleasure of meeting Alessio from Modena, also a "veteran" of South Africa.

I then did another hour in the water, even the wind conditions and the water level have gradually deteriorated.

Final greetings to all present, and we left from the spot just before 16.00.

Good the first time at Pier!

Hang loose. Fabio

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