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Also this time, Federico Morisio (I-676), sends us from Sardinia images of windsurfing, sea and waves, which really make us dream. Funtana Meiga, Maimoni and Porto Corallo are the fantastic wave spots scoured on this "chasing the storm" tour.


Windsurfing: Federico Morisio in Sardinia (2020) - Second episode

Federico, after having traveled around the world in search of waves in last few years (read his report written for us, about his experience at the Aloha Classic 2019), this autumn, discovered Sardinia, and after an exciting first video (read previous article about that), he publishes a second equally engaging one.

In addition to the beauty of the action images and of the views he shots, Federico's sympathy and enthusiasm are always overwhelming.

Three full days of windsurfing around Sardinia, which proves to be a huge island, and which offers an infinity of incredible spots. Federico manages to make the most out of them, thanks also to the precious suggestions of local riders.


 Windsurf Morisio funtana meiga 1


The first of the three days begins with a wake up before dawn, and a three-hour drive to reach the Sinis peninsula from the North, where he is based.

With great sincerity, Federico says that the first session attempt at Mini Capo does not go well, as the spot is occupied by wave surfers who send him away.

Then he moves to a spot a little further south, Funtana Meiga, another playground that we love (read the spot review). Here, things go much better: good waves and good wind, side-off, with Federico training repeatedly to improve the Goiter (read our article on waveriding maneuvers).


Windsurf Morisio Porto Corallo Sardegna 2


To avoid driving a long way again, in the evening he stops to sleep in the area. The next day is epic .... with two super sessions in Maimoni, another wave spot (and wonderful beach), just north of Funtana Meiga. First morning session (Federico has to thank his friends who call him back on the phone, when he was about to leave the spot, after half an hour), with offshore wind, which makes him ride parallel to the coast and the waves, and pushes away from the lip . He rests and eats something in the middle of the day. He says he's "pretty exhausted" ...., but then he goes back into the water, for another wonderful session towards sunset, with even cleaner waves.


Windsurf Morisio Maimoni Sardegna 2

Windsurf Morisio Sardegna 1


The third day of this "chasing the storm" tour is also fantastic. Federico moves to Porto Corallo, in the South East, just north of Costa Rei, to take advantage of the wind rotation from NW to NE, and enjoys another spectacular session, moreover almost alone (in the video we can see only another rider), in which he performs some really high back loops (one of the few airlines companies not suffering the crisis in this period). The frame below, in which we see Federico, at the apex of the back loop, looking at the wave from above, and identifying the landing point, is amazing.


Windsurf Morisio Porto Corallo Sardegna 4

Windsurf Morisio Porto Corallo Sardegna 3

Windsurf Morisio Porto Corallo Sardegna 5



Didn't he make you want to go to Sardinia?

He convinced us, and we hope to reach him on 11 December.

We are looking forward to see the next promised videos.

Hang loose.


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