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Je adore Le Brusc.... A windsurfing day to remember, Saturday 20 May 2017, in South France. We had our session at Le Brusc, which confirmed to be a fantastic spot, and we took the chance to try, finally, the mythical Coudouliere .... Wind first for 4.2, then for 3.7 ....


Windsurf sessions: Le Brusc and La Coudouliere (France)

After Friday's training at Hyeres, on Saturday, we decided to enjoy the second consecutive day of Mistral in France, and we went to Six Fours Les Plages. Two very good spots in this area: the legendary Coudouliere, a true wave spot, or the nearby Le Brusc beach (see Coudouliere's spot review, and Le Brusc's spot review). By 9.30, we were already at La Coudouliere, to have a look at the situation. Here we find some friends from Brescia, who came here just for the day (crazy guys...1100 km and 6 hours drive round trip in a day!).

DSC 0306


DSC 0223


DSC 0165


We estimate the conditions of the spot, which seem affordable: wind right for 4.7 sail (about 25 knots), and still reasonable waves. Also the direction from NW seems ideal. I would love to try the spot (which was too demanding on occasion of the January transfer). David (my friend who came with me from Italy), however, is hesitant .... I do not like to force friends, and above all, I do not want to be responsible for damages to their equipment, or even for injuries, that might occur while riding in demanding spots.

One of my friends from Brescia tells me that I can reach La Coudouliere also from Le Brusc beach. So, we decide on a fair compromise solution: we go to Le Brusc, where we will mainly have our session, but with the possibility, for me, to come and try La Coudou (and it will be a first fantastic experience for me).

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Before we leave, we go back to La Coudouliere. We go over the promontory to take pictures (see link to the slidegallery at the end of the article). The spot is now very crowded, and the show is impressive. In the water, as always, the enfant prodige Loick Lesauvage, who, this time, is training in some aerials. He will definitely become a great champion.


DSC 0328


Seeing the spot from above, however, it does not look perfect. Beyond the fact that the wind is side on and not side, near the promontory, it seems that mostly foams preavail, and the waves break 50-100 meters further off. However, it always remains a unique spot.


DSC 0401


DSC 0441

DSC 0454

..... And we go away, with the desire to come back here soon, aware of having lived a unique trip.


Hang loose. Fabio



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Click here, to enjoy the slidegallery taken at Le Brusc with the compact camera.

Click here, to enjoy the slidegallery taken at Le Brusc with the Reflex camera.

Click here, to enjoy the slidegallery taken at La Coudouliere with the Reflex camera.


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The video taken at Le Brusc


The video taken at La Coudouliere






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