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South West wind over 25 knots, on the Ligurian Sea, on October 16th, 2014. Exactly one year from my first session in the spot of Andora (when, with 30 knots, I was there with a 146 liters ....), this time I came with more proper boards: a 110 liter and a 86 liter. Magnificent sun, 25 Celsius degrees, and a very good wind: I enjoyed it, and a lot ...


Windsurf session: Andora (Liguria, Italy)

I love autumn and winter sessions. They become more rarefied, but are often memorable. And there's also the charm of the winter sea: the crowds are gone, and the beauty of natural landscapes emerges.

The author in action

We arrive at Andora shortly before 12 am. Marco, a friend of mine, has already done a few hours in the water. It still seems to be in summer time...

Ashore the wind is not yet the fullest. I measure it on the beach. Unstable, but I catch a gust of 24 knots with my anemometer. My friend Norbi recommends the 4.7, because predictions are for stronger wind. I am hesitant, I'd rather be for a 5.5, but then I listen to him.

Today, I have with me a RRD FSW 110 liters of 2010, that I want to buy used. The seller lent it to me to try.

Andora, Libeccio

I quickly eat a sandwich, and I go out. I soon begin to plane and feel the first emotions with the new board. It strikes me right away, as its bow stays down. Today, there is not much wave (one meter offshore, and less to the shore).

However, the board immediately reveals very controllable while planing. There comes the time to tack, and as usual, I fall just after. I still have something to learn as far as tack timing concerne.

Off, it's nice. Just the fact of being offshore (300-400 meters) excites me. There are waves that allow some jumps, but especially the wind is better and more continuous than near the shore. I met Adolfo, my friend from Como Lake.

The 4.7 sails is proper, even if a bit too full on some gusts. I should probably haul aft more the downhaul.

Andora, Liguria, windsurfing with South West wind

During my rides I often meet Norbi. While I'm doing a waterstart, I notice his arrival, and so I pull out the camera and immortalize him in a video (see below the beginning of the first video). Inappropriately, I turn off ... What a pity, because even Marco is just behind. 

Between 13 and 15 it is the best time of the day for the wind. There are still a few holes, but they don't last long. It's warm, the water is pleasantly emerald, and it seems to still be in the summer.

While I am riding back to the beach, I hear Marco behind calling me. It has the Go Pro on his helmet. He will be filming my "Pro" style ... (and in fact .... see below video "Tom & Jerry").

I also practise with power jibe, and chat about it with my friends on the shore, while having some rest, among rides.

At 16,30 I decide that is enough, and get ready to go back to Milan (two hours and a half by car). It's quite a long road, but it's always worth while!

Fabio Muriano

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