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It was not easy to guess this session, because the forecasts of South West wind in Western Liguria, until the afternoon of Wednesday, were uncertain. But at the end, they have become encouraging, and really they underestimated the intensity of the wind. Indeed, Andora, Thursday, January 15, 2015, gave us an afternoon with 30 knots, more in the gusts, and an adrenalinic session.

Windsurf session: Andora (Liguria, Italy)

Plenty of riders at the spot (here you can read the review of the spot), and it is a working thursday... I'm on the spot with some friends, and I meet some knonw faces there.

In the late morning, wind is already at 15/20 knots, but not constant. Predictions are for higher wind. Sun and  15 °C.

At 12,30 I take a measure with the anemometer: 24 - 28 knots on the beach (so, more offshore). I rig my 4,7, Mik rigs his new 4,8 Gaastra Pure. In the afternoon, I'll regret to have left my 4.1 at home.... Simone is already out with 5.





At 14,00, the party begins... 

While I chat on the beach with Simone, who has passed from 5 to 4.4, I see Michele planing stably. The wind has become perfect, because now it is well oriented from the South-West and not from the West. I do not measure it again, but surely we have 30 knots as average.

Beach sand flies.... I soon realize that the 4.7 is too much, but I have no alternative ... Anyway, it's a great pleasure. Planing rides at full speed. The RRD FSW, even if with a volume of 110 liters, confirms to be very stable in the waves. Indeed, today there is not much wave: 1 meter, and a little more, off, less than 1 meter near the shore shore. 

I am a little bit out of training, so I try to work the best I can with my harness and body weight to keep the sail. I take my first good jumps, without loosing control while flying. 

On the way back, I try to slow down near the shore. Michele tells me not to put my feet in the water when I am at 30 meters from the shore, in the area of the shorebreak, because then you end up being smashed by the waves. He tells me to get closer. Next time, I listen to him. 

Upon returning, especially when close to the shore, you can play with waves .... and that's the thing that I enjoy most. I dream of an easy wave spot, where, sooner or later, I'll be able to learn wave riding! 

In water, I meet Simone. We will meet again on the beach, shortly after ... He is lacking of a piece ... He lost the fin in the water! I lend him one of mines, so that he can continue the session. 

At the end of the day, lots of guys say that the session has been hard and tiring, but of much satisfaction. So, friends, who remained at work in Milan, say us by sms that feel a great envy... 

Andora, windsurf


Aloha, Fabio Muriano


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Below, two videos of the session.



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