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We receive and gladly publish this exciting session report of May 1, 2016 in Bordighera (Liguria, Italy), by CattaZen, experienced surfer, and photographer with great visual sensitivity. Thanks for sharing..



Windsurf session: Bordighera (Liguria)

May 1 2016. Divine Power. Predictions, as usual very complex to interpret.

Saturday night Lamma hr wind (website for wind predictions) suddenly opens a possibility. Flow from northeast ... and sun on Bordighera, cold and clouds elsewhere, even with snow to 1000 meters, Mistral in France is very strong, and somehow it should accelerate the wind factory of Bordighera..... At 10, the machine starts to switch on. A doubt .. if in Imperia, you have already thirty knots, in Bordighera what will happen??? Simple, there are more than 40 knots !! Frankly I wonder if I'll be able to keep the 4.2 and 87 quad (I don't have smaller stuff with me today!).

The air flow is really impressive, continuous, and it is only here!! Elsewhere, in the surroundings, they will go out with 5 meters sails, with gusty winds and some thunderstorm ... you would not believe..... In water is combat rock, for all, a challenge with the elements. The 3.7 would be probably the right sail. Pretty good experience, in water a few shots with Go Pro. From the shore. I try to take a few moments of this incredible day, but today It's really difficult to be a photographer, I have better things to do in the water! (Thanks Michele for making me a few shots!) Epic !!!

Click here, for the complete gallery: .

Hang loose. Cattazen


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