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Fredrik Plantin, a windsurfer from Sweden, every year flies to Western Australia, to enjoy stunning conditions. He sent us some words, some pictures and a video to share with us his amazing experience about his last journey to Gnalaroo. Let's hear about it from his words.

Windsurf, session report: Australia, Gnalaroo (by Fredrik Plantin) 

"Once a year I set out to visit a place in the outback of Western Australia. It takes almost three days from home in Sweden to finally get on the water in Western Oz. Twenty-two hours of flight time through many time zones have to be overcome ... it is almost impossible to find flight connections where you feel rested after your arrival. But not only the arrival to the spot Gnaraloo is cumbersome, but the equipment must also be correct. Once you have landed, you must gather all the things you need for the duration of your stay in the outback On-site toilets and showers work only with salt water, so if you forget something, you'll have to drive 2-3 hours off-road to get to the next location - each way.


windsurf gnalaroo australia

Windsurf Gnalaroo Australia 1


Windsurf Gnalaroo Australia 2


Windsurf Gnalaroo Australia 6

A well-stocked medical kit is a must, as I learned the hard way in previous years. As a rental car, you should choose a 4x4 vehicle to master the many dirt roads. But once on the water, you forget the three-day journey, the jetlag and everything that you had to organise before.

It is a spectacular place. The waters are not for nothing 'highway of the humpback whales' - every day more humpback whales are seen as surfers. A costly trip, but always worth every crown. Even after years, I still feel like after arrival, as if my last trip was just a week back."

 Windsurf Gnalaroo Australia 3


Windsurf Gnalaroo Australia 5


Photos and videos taken by @Adam Klingeteg

Hang loose. Fredrik Plantin


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The video of the journey and the sessions

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