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Lake Garda (almost) never betrays, and even today it has entertained us with a two-hour windsurfing session, and with a nice Peler around 25-30 knots.

Windsurfing, report: Pra de la Fam, Lake Garda, 19/11/2022

I had to go to Noli, in Liguria; I was about to go to Valmadrera, Lake Como .... But in the end I answered, once again, the call from Garda, and from Peler wind of Pra' de la fam. When I woke up in the morning at 6.00, the anemometer in Malcesine was already measuring almost 30 knots. Sun expected, but also clouds arriving from the south during the day.

I arrived at Pra', just around 8.15. Pleasant temperatures, easy parking, but the wind hadn't reached the beach yet. I immediately spotted a few friends, intent on checking the situation of the lake to the north, and undecided, like me, whether to opt for the spots further north.

But within 10 minutes, between one chat and another, the wind came down to the south, with pretty bad gusts. We all went to the cars to rig. Mostly, we underestimated the intensity of the wind, and, later, many changed sails on the run. I first entered the water with the Ezzy Wave 4.7 2021, but after a few rides I returned to the beach to switch to the Ezzy Elite 4.2. 2019. As for the board, I only brought with me the Tabou Pocket 94 2016, and set it up as a single fin. This board is an excellent compromise, with the often gusty lake wind.


Windsurf Pradelafam Garda 004 Windsurf Pradelafam Garda 006

Windsurf Pradelafam Lago Garda 001

Windsurf Pradelafam Garda 005

2022 11 19 Prà 12


The wind remained a bit unstable throughout the session, especially close to the shore; while offshore, it was steadier, and with an average intensity more suited to a 3.7 sail than to a 4.2. Funny water level, with beautiful regular "waves", especially at the beginning of the session, which then became more disorderly due to the changes in wind intensity and direction, and to the traffic on the water.

Climatic conditions still pleasant, both on land (about 16-17 Celisus degrees), and in the water. You don't need gloves yet, and you can almost stand barefoot. A cap needed (at least for me). Wetsuit 5/4.

Now, a trip to the sea is absolutely necessary, among beautiful waves. Sardinia is offering a series of excellent days, but family commitments have not allowed me to leave for paradise.... And the craving for salt water has skyrocketed.

But in the meantime we keep training at Pra'.

Aloha. Fabio


Click here for the complete slidegallery (thanks to Filippo and Alessandro Coda for the kind permission of part of the photos)


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