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After the strong wind day of April 25th, Carro, on the 26th, gave us a chance to try the spot with west wind, at around 20 knots.


Windsurfing, report sessions: Carro (France), 26 April 2019, with West

It was not easy, this Friday to resist the idea of ​​moving east towards Six Fours or Hyeres, and staying at Carro to try the spot even with the West wind. The forecasts gave more certainty, in fact, for these other spots.

And instead the Arome model, once again gave us a hand, guessing the forecast. From about 13,00, the wind has been growing. At 14,00, it reached 18 knots, to exceed 20 after about 16,00.


Windsurf Carrò Francia 5

Windsurf Carrò Francia 2

I took the opportunity to try the Ezzy Elite 5.3 2019, purchased from I paired it alternately with the Fanatic Quad 87, and with the Tabou 3s 106, based on the intensity of the wind at various times in the session. It must be said that unfortunately there have been moments when the wind has turned slightly from NW, a direction which Carro does not work well with, as it becomes weaker and more unstable.

When the wind entered from the west, however, it was really nice, firmly stabilizing above 20 knots, allowing medium-light riders to use sails around 4.7. My 5.3 was big at such moments, and I had to open it, having neither the desire nor the time to go to 4.7. Anyway, I enjoyed it especially when I paired it with Tabou, and it turned out to be of the right size.


Windsurf Carrò Francia 6


The spot also gave us some waves, of 1 meter on average, even of two meters, near the cliff in front of the Marin shop. It was a pity that it became steep and surfable only near the rocky plateau at shore, and therefore would not allow too long a ride, to avoid the risk of stupidly damaging the equipment.

In short, an afternoon of training, waiting to close, with 2 days at the Coudou, this French trip.


Enjoy the entire slidegallery of the day by clicking here (the download of the photos is free).

Au revoir. Fabio

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