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Every now and then I have to go back to Hyeres... for windsurfing, and not only. It's related to a nostalgia feeling, to beatiful memories, to the amazing landscapes. And the French spot, under certain conditions, still lets me have fun.


Windsurfing, report: back to La Madrague, Hyeres, 23 march 2024


On Saturday, March 23, 2024, I've returned to Hyeres.

West-South/West wind forecast, which advised against riding La Coudouliere in Six Fours.

Getting to La Madrague always has its charm: driving along the road that runs along the Giens peninsula takes you to a fascinating natural environment: the brackish ponds with flamingos, the dune, the long beach without neighboring houses, the enormous bay, surrounded by hills. It's hard not to like this place.



When I arrived, around 9.30, the wind was already quite strong. I rigged the Goya Guru Pro 4.7 and the Tabou 3S Plus 96, set as single fin (MFC K-One 25), and I immediately entered in the water, to take advantage of the first part of the day, when there are not yet too many practitioners in the spot (not only windsurfers, but also kiters and wingfoilers). And I had just a really funny hour. Hyeres, in my opinion, is better when the wind is not too strong, because the water level remains more tidy. Freeriding in pure relaxation, with the possibility of trying any maneuver. Conditions that make you seem more skilled than you are.

In the central hours of the day, the wind rapidly increased. I rigged the 3.7 directly, and modified the fin setup under the board (default MFC 18 as central one, and K4 Stubby 11 lateral). And it wasn't enough.

I had a hard time holding the 3.7. But, above all, the water surface has become a disaster: choppy even offshore, and really annoying. I really don't like the spot, when it's like this.... But that's okay: the day at Hyeres was exciting and pleasant, anyway.

With my friend Adriano, therefore, we moved to Six Fours, to enjoy the sunset and a pleasant evening in company, in view of the session, scheduled at the Coudouliere, on Sunday (read the report). 


Aloha. Fabio

Click here for the complete slide gallery of the day (preview below)



The video of the session



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