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Mid-August with plenty of wind, in Malcesine, Lake Garda. Windsurfing session with a Peler over 30 knots, on 15; at Retelino parking there was a sold out.



Windsurfing, session reports: Malcesine, Lake Garda, Peler. Mid-August, 2020.


Taking advantage of the holidays with my family in Arco di Trento, I enjoyed some sessions with early morning Peler in Malcesine. After missing some good chances (Sunday 9 and Tuesday 11), for coinciding mountains trips with my family and friends, I started setting the clock alarm early, to have some good sessions.

I started to guess some good ridings with light Peler, around 18-20 knots (on 12 and 14 August), which proved, however, very enjoyable, even if short lasting, both for the quality of the water surface and for the good constancy of the wind; the wind became nice, in particular after the sun (around at 8.00) enlightened all the cliff, of the west shore, overlooking the lake, heating the air in contact with them, and allowing the Peler to have a good boost.

On such occasions, I have always ridden with the Ezzy Elite 5,3 2019, and the Tabou 3S 106 2015 LTD, enjoying very good and easy conditions to make practice. Warm water. 3/2 long wetsuit, since in Malcesine, the sun does not rise above Mount Baldo, before 8.30. And anyway, I like to stay warm.

On August 14, then, between late morning and early afternoon, in the northern Garda area, a violent storm broke out, which guaranteed, from mid-afternoon, a strong wind falling down from the mountains - the so called Balì - between 25 and 30 knots, which has blown in all the spots in the central part of the lake.


Windsurf Malcesine Lago Garda 1


Windsurf Malcesine Lago Garda 6





The cooling in the valleys at North of the Lake, due to the storms of the 14th, clearly promised a good strong Peler on the 15th, in the early morning. And so at 6.30 a.m. the bus parking (Retelino) was already almost complete. Luckily, this year, due to the almost total absence of tourist buses, the police have appeared more tolerant.

The wind rose early, with violent gusts immediately well above 30 knots.

I opted for the smallest equipment I had (I could not take everything, having my family in the car ....): the Ezzy Elite 4.2 2019, and the Tabou Pocket 94 2016, which I set with the k4 fins (Scorcher 18 - central, and Stubby 11, lateral), to make the board more free under my feet.

I did not get fooled, and I wore a 4/3 long wetsuit: I know well that the Garda water mixes during the most violent storm winds. And I did well ....

The wind was mostly gusty, and this greatly deteriorated the water surface, which was somewhat choppy. This greatly complicated the maneuvers success. It was a physically demanding ride, since in many situations I was overpowered. A 3.7 sail with the 80 board liters would have been more appropriate.


Windsurf Malcesine Lago Garda 2

Windsurf Malcesine Lago Garda 1


As soon as I got out of the water, I was offered a nice glass of vintage sparkling wine by the very nice group of riders, members of the association "I Parassiti", to celebrate Ferragosto (Mid-August feast). It was a very welcome gesture, and I thank again, here publicly, the members of this deserving and historic Lake Garda windsurfers association.

For the record, even on August 16, I went out with the Peler, despite some effort to get out of bed, once again.... at 5.20 (now, I definitely need a few sessions at more reasonable times, maybe at the sea, with more lasting wind ....). However, even on the 16th the Peler, albeit weaker, was enjoyable between 7.00 and 8.30, before becoming unstable. Flat water level, and well spreaded wind. Little riders traffic on the water, and easy parking at the bus parking.

Now, let's see what this last summer month has in store.

Ciao. Fabio

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