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Lake Garda, today, really gave us good wind, with less cold temperatures than expected. We have ridden the famous spot of Toscolano.



Windsurfing: Toscolano, Lake di Garda, 21/01/2023


Brief report of today's session. If you bet on Garda, you are rarely disappointed.... This morning, I got up calmly, as I didn't intend to enter the water too early, to wait for the temperatures to rise. I waited a while to understand if the Foehn, at Lake Como, would have given a ride at short distance from my home, but that was not the case. And then, at 10.00, I left for Toscolano.

Indeed, the anemometers of Garda showed considerable wind speeds from the early morning, with Limone and Malcesine recording gusts of 25-29 knots. And also acceptable temperatures (about 8 degrees).

When I arrived at Toscolano around 12.00, the most surprising thing was the temperature: 11-12 degrees. In the sun, at the parking, sheltered from the wind, I felt well, and I dressed and undressed to put on and take off my wetsuit without any problems.

At 12.30, I entered the water with Ezzy Elite 4.2 2019, and with Tabou Pocket 94 2016, set as single fin with MFC freewave 23. There were just less than 10 windsurfers, some kiters, and obviously some wingfoils in the water. I was pleased to meet Claudio Bertagna, Italian Simmer distributor, whom I hadn't seen for a while!


Windsurf Toscolano Garda 21 01 23 2 Windsurf Toscolano Garda 21 01 23

I have ridden for an hour and a half in the water, which was quite fun. I think in the morning conditions were even more beautiful, as the wind was probably more well spreaded. During my session, the equipment chosen was right for the conditions, but the wind, apart from the first half hour, was a bit gusty; then, it increased and got steady again in the afternoon, when I left to go back home. I could have gone back into the water again in the afternoon, but I had already undressed. Anyway, I enjoyed myself, especially with some jibes leaning the board against the "waves" walls, and also with some hints of surfing, anticipating the more serious surfing that await me in a few weeks.... In the water, I saw a boy doing forwards continuously....

As for the climatic conditions in the water, I didn't have any problems. Of course I went out in my warmest wetsuit, the 6/5/4 hooded. The new Sooruz 3 mm boots are fantastic, and also the new Sooruz mittens protect my hands well, even if the hands remain the part of the body that suffers the most in this period.

I unrigged calmly, and took a walk around Toscolano in the sun, sheltered from the wind, chatting on the phone with some friends, to get information in view of my imminent departure for South Africa.

Now, before the trip, a nice sea session would be useful.... Maybe, Cannes on Tuesday....

Aloha. Fabio

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