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I needed this trip. I needed to go back to the sea..... Friday 10/27/2023, in western Liguria a powerful Libeccio blew, which raised a nice big sea. After a few laps, I ended up in Diano Marina, where I went out, and witnessed an epic session by Matteo Iachino (Ita 140).


Windsurfing, report: Diano and Imperia, 10/27/2023 - XXL (with Matteo Iachino)


Finding yourself in the right place is not easy. It requires experience and also luck.

On Friday morning the 27th, having taken care of some work tasks, I left Monza at 10.45 am headed towards Imperia. "Autostrazio" for Italy gives me the usual queues on the A26 and A10, and so I arrive at Spiaggia d'Oro around 2.30pm, finding a few local and non-local riders who are regulars at the spot. The sea is already pretty rough, with long pyramidal waves, mast high, but the wind has just dropped near the shore, forcing those who had already tried to go out to return. Offshore, however, we understand that the wind is photonic.

I take the opportunity to have a chat, also asking for advice for the Diano Marina spot.






After 3.00 pm, the wind slowly starts to blow a little more even on the shore, but always remains weak on the inside. In these conditions, and with this sea, the d'Oro is very treacherous, technical and physical. As Andrea Franchini says well, "today, it's better not to make mistakes".

Several riders then go out to float, soon facing some decent bombs, and fate.... (because in these circumstances, it's still better not to encounter the wrong set of waves....).

I can only congratulate those who entered the water. Andrea Franchini has once again shown that he is doing another sport..... Just look at the video below, in which he performs a beautiful turn on the lip, surfs with his usual ease, even in these conditions, and does a back loop, which brought the horizon of the sea out of the frame of my camera....

Click here, for Imperia slidegallery.




I practically have no sponsors (but if there were any available, let's talk about it...), and I have just changed some equipment, I know my limits, and therefore I understand that today it is better to leave it alone. I must also say that the wave is not the most regular. Of course it's surfable (as you can see in the video), because it's pretty big, with long descent ramps; but it doesn't break regularly. However, the problem is not so much the big wave. I have already come out with waves of a tree. The problem, for me, is the wind that is too lacking on the shore.

Having seen from the webcam that the wind has also entered Diano, I decide to listen to my nose, and go to see how it works, ignoring some superficial opinions of the locals....

Having arrived in the bay of Diano I see that in the western part, wave surfers enjoy crazy, very smooth and big waves. But there, the wind doesn't enter. I then go to the Bagni Ponterosso di San Bartolomeo, where my friend Max from Genoa told me he had taken some nice libeccias. But I waste time in vain: very strong and calm wind, but messy sea, and above all a minefield of rocks and cliffs. So, I tell myself: find an intermediate point towards the center of Diano where you can reconcile the quality of the wave and the wind. I then arrive near the Turtle Pier, park there, and after a bit of exploration I decide that I should give it a try. Waves of amazing quality, buffeted by the wind, even if this remains a little unstable, with some truly violent gusts. This occurs around 5pm, when I arrived at the spot; with hindsight, perhaps it would have been better to come here earlier to have less bad wind on the gusts.

I have some hesitations about what to arm. Initially, I think of the Da Curve 88, and the Ezzy Elite 4.2. In retrospect, it would have been the right choice. However, seeing the very rough sea outside, and probably very strong offshore wind, in the end, I opt for the Da Curve 80, and the Ezzy Elite 3.7.

Having never been out here, I waste some time scouting the spot and figuring out where exactly to go out, where to rig, and how to transport the equipment to the beach. Ultimately, I go out halfway on the beach between the Molo delle Tartarughe (which remains downwind) and Bagni Nettuno, upwind, on the Diano seafront, where there is another small lot. Matteo Iachino, shortly afterwards, will make me understand that we need to go out just downwind of the Molo dei Bagni Nettuno.

The exit immediately turns out to be very physical: in gusts it is difficult to control the 3.7; when it gives up, you have to float, and with the 80 it's not trivial. All this while encountering some measuring breakers, and then the first real waves, around 2 metres. And obviously there is also the usual current that exists in these situations, which leads downwind, in this case towards the cliff of Molo delle Tartarughe. I set off, I also overcome all the obstacles, only to find myself offshore in a sensational hole of wind waiting, and, after a while, I fall.... I reverse direction, and go back, surfing a wave. I make other exit attempts, but without great success, and I quickly get tired .... 



Once again, I had confirmation that in these situations the 80 is not good: it doesn't get into planing quickly enough, it loses it quickly, and it makes it more tiring to stay on it while floating. The 80 liter board wants more stable and quality wind, or easier sea (e.g. Oman). In the evening, I reflect on the fact that in similar spots it would be better to leave it at home (and instead in Imperia the next day I will be grateful for having brought it... ah, ah).

I also pay for the fact that I come from a mentally tiring week for personal reasons, and for 3.5 hours of travel with a queue to get off, and I also pay for the time lost for scouting the spots, and the lack of confidence with the spot. And this also means a lot. Lastly, I realize that I haven't trained my arms enough, and I intend to do something soon to fix it.

As I finish rolling...., a new Severne sail appears upwind to me..... At first, I have the pleasant sensation of being in company trying to go out here today. Then, seeing the PWA sticker, I understand that the rider is Matteo Iachino-Ita 140. If he comes out here, it means that the spot is the right one and he deserves....

I'll go get the camera. Matteo puts on an authentic show.....

Matteo also has his work cut out for him to go out to sea, but he is Matteo Iachino, he is well trained, he has technique, and he is massive. I see that he alternates moments in which he keeps a more steady course, with others in which, under gusts, he beats badly. Then, he jibes.... and positions himself to catch the wave. A few more violent gusts try to push him away, but he stubbornly stays on the lip and waits for the wall to become steep.... Then, at the right moment, he starts with the first bottom...., and almost disappears into the hollow of the 'wave. Only the feather of the sail can be seen (see photo), proving that these are high logo waves. And after the first one, he places three more bottoms.... he will go on like this for a good hour.

When he returns to land, I greet him and, jokingly, ask him if, by chance, he comes directly from Sardinia... alluding to the feat he has just accomplished (windfoil crossing from Golfo Aranci to Livorno). In the emails that we then exchanged with Matteo, and with which I made the videos and photos available to him, Matteo commented on the release as follows:

"Hello Fabio.
Not much to say, side off wind and really nice logo high waves. The session was a bit technical due to the gusts, but qualitatively it didn't feel like being in Liguria.
I was with Severne Blade 4.7 and Starboard Ultra 93".

There is not much else to add to Matteo's comment, who also confirmed himself to be a collaborative, correct and easy-going person. But his way of being in public had already made it clear to us. Often the really good ones are like this, unlike those who think they are good.... I refer you to the beautiful slide gallery and the video I shot. For me, it was a pleasure to immortalize these epic conditions, which don't often occur in Diano, and shooting riders with this technique almost makes me imagine I'm creating a work of art. The light for filming was not optimal, but I think the videos and photos give an idea of the condition.

I disarm calmly and enjoy the atmosphere of the last hours of the day. Next time, with strong Libeccio, and very rough seas, I will come to check Diano first, and then, at worst, I will move to Imperia.

I go to the apartment I rented on the hills of Diano Castello, a quiet village a few kilometers from the sea, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the beautiful evening (with temperatures still pleasantly mild). Liguria is beautiful out of season.

The next day in Imperia another beautiful day of windsurfing awaits us, in excellent company.

Aloha. Fabio Muriano

Click here, for the slidegallery of Matteo Iachino's session


Enjoy the video of Matteo in action



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