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Thursday, 24 January 2019, the coast of the Western Cape, in South Africa, was reached by a big swell, with waves that were even 4 meters high. The concomitant presence of the Cape Doctor, the famous South East wind often blowing over Cape Town, gave us some really amazing sessions. I went out in the morning at Sunset Beach, and in the afternoon at Big Bay, to discovered, then, that I had surfed in the middle of an incredible team of professional riders.


Windsurfing, session reports: Sunset Beach and Big Bay (South Africa), 24 January 2019

After the relatively easy ridings of Paternoster (read the report - in the Italian language, but you can use Google Translate button above the article), on the 24th of January, I placed two sessions, that I won't forget for long.

In the morning I went out, for the first time in my life, at Sunset Beach. This beach is wonderful: white, long and deep, with the unmistakable shape of Table Mountain dominating the scene to the south (soon, I will publish the detailed review of the spot). After scouring the various spots near Table View, I decided to start the day here (even if, since the morning, Big Bay waves were of excellent quality, but with little wind).


Windsurf Big Bay South Africa 24 01 10

Windsurf Sunset beach Sud Africa 24 01 4


However, as I will learn very well in the following days, at Sunset the South East wind, the so-called Cape Doctor, always begins to blow earlier than in the spots further North, initially at 20-25 knots, allowing pure fun sessions in the late morning. 



Windsurf Sunset beach Sud Africa 24 01 1



Chronicle of the session at Sunset Beach, on the 24th of January 2019 (morning)

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Later, I discovered, from photos posted on FB by Maleenh, that I surfed in the midst of a considerable amount of champions: Ben Profitt, Baptiste Cloarec, Adam Sims, Mattia Fabrizi, Giovanni Passani, Julien Crd, Ollie Anderson, Rick Jendrusch.

I came out of the water, after my second daily session (and the two sessions in a day will soon become a pleasant habit ...), very pleased to have been able to get out in similar conditions (and stil with no damages to me and my equipment!).

Ah, and I would like to be clear, for all those who tried to make me give up on my intention to come to South Africa, that, in the midst of all those waves, I had absolutely no time to think about sharks at sea. But, on the 24th, sharks will have been busy too with the waves .....



Windsurf Big Bay South Africa 24 01 5

Windsurf Big Bay South Africa 24 01 6

Windsurf Big Bay South Africa 24 01 7

Windsurf Big Bay South Africa 24 01 8

Windsurf Big Bay South Africa 24 01 9

Windsurf Big Bay South Africa 24 01 2


I stayed still a bit of time to take pictures and videos, and to admire the evolution of the pros. At the end of the session, moreover, Big Bay, compared to other spots, offers the added value of giving the opportunity to drink a beer, or eat something in the many bars/pubs/restaurant at the waterfront. And so, you gladly stop until sunset (soon, I will also publish the detailed review of the spot).

After completing the photo and video service you see in the article, I returned to the Guest House with a smile on my face..... The next day Sunset will give us another beautiful exit (read report - in Italian, but use Google translate button again!).

Hang loose. Fabio

(Read also the report of our trip to South Africa - still in Italian, but use Google translate button above the article).


Click here, for the slidegallery of Sunset beach session, on the 24th of january 2019, in the morning.

Click here, for the slidegallery of Big Bay session, on the 24th of january 2019, in the afternoon.

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The video of the sessions

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