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I had never windsurfed yet at Yzerfontein, a spot that, I don't know why, I thought less attractive than the others. And instead, on January 17th 2020, this spot, North West of Cape Town, South Africa, gave us one of the best windsurfing days of our holiday, with waves of excellent quality.


Windsurfing, session report: Yzerfontein, Cape Town, South Africa, 17 January 2020


On Friday 17 January, as expected, the Cape Doctor blows hard. We leave early from Sunset beach and Big Bay, having rigged small sails without even entering into the water. We need to look for a spot further to the North West, where the Cape Doctor, today, is more forgiving. Discarded Haakgat and Melkbos for various reasons, with my friend Alessio, I head to Yzerfontein.

Once in Yzerfontein, immediately, I am positively surprised by the beautiful promenade, where you park right next to the wide spot beach, and by the beauty of the bay, characterized by a large rock off the coast, almost an island, which acts as a precise reference.

The wind is unstable, but there is an orderly swell, with sets up to two meters, already in the center of the bay. Also friends from Rome, Tonino, Elsa, Marco and company, have come here, as well as Fabio Calò's group. Probably, this is the right spot today! I also update the Waterwind forum.

There are already some people in the water, who astonish me because they surf some waves that seem really beautiful.



Windsurf Cape town South Africa 1

Windsurf Cape town South Africa 8



Windsurf Cape town South Africa 1

Windsurf Cape town South Africa 2  



Given the unstable wind, I rig the Goya Guru X PRO 2020 4.7, fixing the boom end to the upper clew. I also prepare my Tabou Da Curve 80 TE 2016, which, given the very satisfactory results of the previous sessions, I leave with the K4 fins (Scorcher 16, as central, and Shark 10, as side fins).

I quickly go out to sea. Overcoming the first waves is a bit tricky. The wind near the shore is mild, there is a significant current in the same direction as the wind (which therefore reduces the apparent wind on the sail), and the waves, sometimes one meter and a half, are quite powerful. Sometimes, in these situations, I have little patience and determination, and I get some nice wipe-outs (but I'm not the only one ....). However, taking advantage of some nice gust, and some time when the sets of incoming waves give some pause, and the sea flattens, I go out out to sea. I get good planing offshore. The environment of the spot is very beautiful, with the rock in the center of the bay in the background, and the village on the south side of the bay.

Before going out, I asked a friend of mine for an advice on how the spot works. And he told me to stay always upwind, and never to go downwind of the rocks north of the bay, near the shore ..... Andrea Franchini, another friend of mine, will then explain to me that Yzerfontein, in reality, works better downwind of those rocks, where the best waves rise, and where the wind is more well spread over the water surface. Upwind, you go when the sea is very rough, or where surfers go for their sessions ....


Windsurf Cape town South Africa 3

Windsurf Cape town South Africa 4

Windsurf Cape town South Africa 5

Windsurf Cape town South Africa 6



However, this morning, the waves are really beautiful even in the upwind part of the spot. Upon returning towards the shore, I often manage to catch some. They are easy waves, big and evident already offshore, reminiscent of those ones I rode in Masirah, Oman. Unfortunately, here in South Africa, I find more difficult to find the right timing on these faster waves.

Waveriding is tiring, and after an hour in the water (divided into two parts), I return to the shore to take some rest. I eat something sitting on a waterfront bench, chatting with friends from Rome.

The wind gradually strengthens, and becomes rather strong also here, but not as violent as in the spots closer to Cape Town. However, it remains a little gusty near the shore, at least in the upwind part of the spot ..... Moreover, it makes the water surface a bit choppy, and it flattens the waves a bit, even if, in the downwind area, I start to notice some beautiful waves sets, and more and more riders who ride them. Unfortunately, there is no way to reach that part of the spot except by sea, as there is a fenced camper area, on the shore in that area.

I prepare the Ezzy Elite 2017 4.2, and I wait, together with friends from Rome, for the wind to drop a little. I go back into water at 16.30, remaining upwind. I go out more easily, thanks to the higher average wind intensity. I like the spot, I feel safe, and in a position to do what I want. I also maneuver quite decently, and I enjoy a few waves.


Offshore, I spot a seal in the water (and no hunting sharks!), and suddenly the smiling face of my friend Andrea Franchini appears, while riding upwind, before going back downwind to surf the best waves again ..... I remain in the water for another hour. Then, I decide to come back satisfied, because I don't want to arrive home late. Roman friends enjoy a nice session at sunset, obviously discovering that the spot works better downwind .... In the water, I also see the Pro Francesco Capuzzo (but he is not the only professional rider in the water).


Windsurf Cape town South Africa 7

Windsurf Cape town South Africa 10


In short, a great day that I will remember with pleasure! I will gladly return to Yzerfontein.

The next day, Cape Town will give us a day of crazy wind (60 knots will be reached in the city ....). But we will tell you about this in the next article (read report).

Hang loose. Fabio

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The video taken at Yzerfontein


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