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Our South Africa 2020 started immediately very well, in a classic spot. Sunset beach gave us two beautiful windsurfing sessions at late afternoon, a stone's throw from home, even with waves already of good size.


Windsurfing, session report: Sunset Beach, Cape Town, South Africa, 13 and 14 January 2020

We were lucky, during our 2020 South African holiday. The wind has blown every day from our arrival until our departure.

On January 13th, we disembark at Cape Town airport at 11.20, and at about 17.00 we are already in the water ..... On the spot we immediately meet many friends, who have been here for a few days, already, and who unfortunately have not benefited so far from the beautiful conditions that will characterize our holiday.

Immediately, I enter into the water with the Ezzy Elite 4.2 2017, and with the only board I brought with me: the Tabou Da Curve 2016 TE 80, with the K4 fins set (Scorcher 16 central, and Shark 10 on the sides).


Windsurf Cape town South Africa 3




The sail will turn out to be a bit big: at Sunset beach, in the afternoon, the wind always blows well. The k4 fins immediately start to surprise me positively, especially with strong winds: they make the board pleasantly soft underfoot, more in control when sailing straight on (a circumstance that I appreciate very much), and very reactive when turning in the waves. I would say that with the 3.7 and 4.2 sails they are the best choice, while with the 4.7 I prefer to set the board with the MFC G10 Side10 TF / FW combo fins, and with the original T-Lab Zinger 16 ase central fin.

The first sensations are immediately magnificent: it's nice to be back in the water in South Africa, and to windsurf with the incomparable backdrop of Table Mountain. We stay in the water until 7.40 pm. How nice it is, we are back in the summer! And the water, in these first days, after a period of calm, is not even that cold.

The next day I start taking Max and Margherita, my travel companions, around to discover the incredible panoramas of South Africa. And we start right well. After a short stop in Muizenberg, the realm of wave surfing, we reach Scarborough and Witsand, the spots located in one of the most fascinating stretches of coast, for me.


Windsurf Cape town South Africa 1

Windsurf Cape town South Africa 2


The spots, however, show not extreme, but physically and technically demanding conditions (especially Scarborough): waves of 1.5-2 meters, but very gusty wind. The beautiful waves in Scarborough rise in front of the infamous cliff, and forgive a few mistakes if you fall up wind, but do not forgive if you fall down wind, where the wind is often missing, and you can't always start again before a wave take you to the rocks ... We decide not to go out here: we are at the beginning of the holiday and there is no need to immediately break something, going to the rocks, as happens instead to an intrepid friend from Modena ....

In the water, there is a bit of a Pro riders (it is one of the nicest things, here in South Africa): F585, Alexandre Grand-Guillot, Fanatic and Duotone athlete, or riders who are very good, anyway, like David Jeschke (Fanatic, Gunsails), of whom I envy the technique, but above all the age (on average around twenty years).

After admiring the spectacle of the fog, which threatens to reach the spots and darken the sun (it will not be a coincidence if there is a spot called Misty Cliffs, in these area), I decide to aim for a sunset session, again at Sunset beach, where the wind is coming in.

And in fact, once again, Sunset Beach, gives us a nice session at sunset, even with beautiful swell waves, around 1.5 meters. I begin my session with the Goya Guru 2020 4.7 (tuned with the lower clew), and then move on to the Ezzy Elite 2017 4.2, which however will prove to be big (... and I had guessed it). Only after 19.00, when the wind drops slightly, do I manage to be properly powered, and to enjoy the ride, much more. Sunset Beach is a magical place, and you just need to get to the Hastula way parking lot to feel good. I remain in the water until 19.30 today too.


Windsurf Cape town South Africa 2

Windsurf Cape town South Africa 4



Unfortunately, during this session, because of a kitesurfer who does not give me precedence, I remedy a painful blow to the side. The kiter, in fact, forces me to rest on the lip of a wave while I'm going out, exactly the opposite of what must be done in this situation, considering that on the crest of the wave, you are punctually hit by a burst. The wind tears my equipment, and I fall with my chest right on the boom. The beatings on the side do not pass easily, and this will significantly affect the rest of the holiday. To hell with fashions: from now on, in these situations, I will go back to wearing a providential impact vest!

The following days promise wind stronger and stronger, and we are ready!

Aloha. Fabio


Click here, for the Scarborough slidegallery of 14 morning.

Click here, for the Sunset beach slidegallery on the 14 afternoon.


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