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Fanatic, for 2019, has changed the shape of the Fanatic Skate, the legendary freestyle board of the brand, with which Gollito Estredo has won many successes. We had the chance to test the board at Pierwindsurf (Lake Garda), and we summarize the impressions of our test.

Windsurf, test: Fanatic Skate TE 92 2019

The 2019 version of the Skate is even more compact of the previous ones, following the consolidated trend of the board producers to draw shorter and shorter boards, in recent years. If the 93 liters 2017 and 2018 models were 225 cms long, the 92 liters 2019 one is 220 cms (while the width remained 62 cms).

The board is equipped with a 18.5 cms Choco Fins Starfish fin, with a Power Box connection. On the manufacturer's site, for the 92-liter model, it is advised not to use sails measuring more than 5.9 square meters, which, in any case, appears to be a very generous dimension for a freestyle board.

Also for this model, Fanatic adopts the consolidated construction technique Biax Innegra Carbon Light Finish Technology, so far used for the wave boards and freestylewave. 


Windsurf Garda Pra Pier 42

Windsurf Garda Pra Pier 43





The test in the water was performed by our collaborator Marco, at Pierwindsurf on Lake Garda. We thank him for sharing his impressions with us.


"On Saturday (September 8th 2018), I had the chance to try the Fanatic Skate 2019, thanks to the test day organized at Pier Windsurf (by the Italian Fanatic distributor, Francesco Tedeschi). Without hesitation I chose the 92, as board for the tes, as it seemed to me the most appropriate size for my weight (around 70 kg).

Combined with my NP Combat 5.3, I entered into the water. The first sensation was to have a board that floats much better than the brother Freestyle Wave. In gliding, it remains very stable and with a low bow on the water, and I had no spin out problems, even if I used the 18.5 cms (standard fin).


Windsurf Garda Pra Pier 44

Windsurf Garda Pra Pier 46

Windsurf Garda Pra Pier 48


Windsurf Garda Pra Pier 40

Windsurf Garda Pra PIer 53

Marco Pier Garda Fanatic Skate




Easy chop-hop, without having to invent too many tricks to make it jump, and reduced gliding speed, useful to prepare for a maneuver and better control while riding. I was not impressed by the carving performance of the board, but from a freestyle I could not expect this feature.

The dimensions are really fantastic: 220x62; short board, without sacrificing performance for long gliding rides (if you like).

To sum up my overall vote is 9!"

Aloha. Marco


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