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Some years ago, Fanatic introduced the Stubby model in their freewave line (and in the wave one, too), with a very innovative shape. This weekend, we finally had the chance to try it. It is a very dynamic board, which requires a good foot control of the board, and which we do not believe is right choice for everyone.


Windsurfing boards test: Fanatic freewave Stubby 2018

Being in northern Garda Lake for the weekend, I realized that at the Vasco Renna Surf Center in Torbole, they have also available for rent this particular board, and I did not miss the opportunity to try it.

The shape of this board is truly unique, and when it was introduced, it aroused a lot of surprise. Then, several other brands have followed this path, naming the boards in various ways, but essentially reproducing the same concept.

Vasco Renna Windsurf Center Torbole

Fanatic freewave stubby 2018 1


The rails are subparallel, and the board also keeps, in the bow and stern, much of the maximum width at the center of the board. The bow is truncated, and even the stern closes sharply (in the case of the Fanatic, with a doble diamond tail). The board has a rather reduced length, compared to the traditional shapes of the same line.

In the case of the Fanatic freewave STB 105 we tested (the BXF version), the specifics are:


Length: 229 cms

Width: 62,5 cms

Weght: 7,3 kgs

Raccomanded sails: < 6,8 mq

Boxes: powerbox in the center, slotboxes at sides.

Default fin: Choco Fins Starfish G10 30cm.

The BXF version is the one with a slightly heavier and less rigid construction (Full Biax Glass and full PVC). The other versions are TXTR, and TE.



Test in the water: result

The test was carried out with wind at about 15 knots, and with a fairly ordered chop, with a maximum height of 50 cms. For the test, we used a Ezzy Zeta 6.4 2017 sail. The board was used in single fin set, with its standard fin.

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Fanatic freewave stubby 2018 4


In conclusion, I think this board is suitable for surfers with a good experience, and gliding technique, to be used in bump and jump conditions, or with medium-small waves. As for the freestyle maneuvers, the use of a smaller fin would penalize the gliding entry even more, and, therefore, I find it more reasonable to turn to dedicated boards. Also with regard to freeride, certainly, there are more "early planing" boards, able to give greater satisfaction. However, the board can easily be used in flat water, to do easy riding, with an excellent comfort.

In this volume, it could be the allround board for heavy riders. We would not recommend it for spots with onshore wind conditions, even if with a bit of technique, and with high quality wind, once the board has been launched on planing, as mentioned, it rides upwind effectively.

Aloha. Fabio Muriano.

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