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6 hours of Peler..... Yesterday, Lake Garda gave us another memorable windsurfing day. I went out at the Pra de la fam.


Windsurfing, report: Pra de la fam, Lake Garda, 21/05/2023


This month of May has put our nerves to the test, with truly bad weather, here in Northern Italy. Many would have killed for a decent glide.... Lake Garda took care of it to ease our tension with a very long windy day. More a North wind related to cloudy skies over Valleys/Mountains at North than a thermal Peler.

The wind started blowing on Saturday evening, and went on through the night, as announced on Waterwind's Messenger, by the first ones who reached the Garda spots. The games therefore started at dawn when the first riders entered the water, around 6.30-7.00.

I "comfortably" arrived at the spot around 8.15, since I had to dedicate Saturday evening to my family. Immediately behind me, the good friend Mat Ravalli with a new Fanatic SK8 (you pay for a drink).



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At 11.00, I got out of the water satisfied, to arrive on time for another family commitment in the afternoon (and those who say I'm always having fun, go fuc .....).

While we were unrigging and chatting, Claudio Bertagna, the Simmer Italian distributor, arrived on the spot and enjoyed the Pra all for himself (incredible), and enjoye also a nice wind that continued to blow even after midday. I honored Claudio's ability with a nice video and some nice photos. Chapeau!

Aloha. Fabio.

Below, the brief slidegallery of the day (mainly dedicated to Claudio). Or, click her to enjoy it.


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A short video of Claudio in action on the spot


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