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Elia Brizio, ITA-800, young slalom rider, has now become an almost permanent Waterwind collaborator, and has sent us this report of another beautiful day of Ora wind at Torbole sul Garda, where the famous Trofeo Neirotti also took place last weekend.


Windsurfing, report: Torbole sul Garda, 16 may 2021 - Neirotti Trophy

This weekend Garda was the scene of the Neirotti trophy.

Unfortunately I was unable to participate, due to school commitments, and therefore I only went out on Sunday for training at Conca.

It was an excellent opportunity to see my Challenger Sails Boss, Bad (Claudio Badiali), and to meet other strong guys from the team: "Davide Fabbi (23rd overall and 12th Senior category) and Gabo Salas cobos (24th overall and 5th Category U20) ".

Windsurf Torbole Garda Neirotti 001
Windsurf Torbole Garda Neirotti 014


The conditions, for the weekend, were tempting, with forecasts for a very good Ora.
On Saturday, with 15/20 kts, which allowed for 4 SLALOM heats, and as many for FOILs.

On Sunday, thanks to a stronger Ora wind, up to 25 kt on the race course, I had the opportunity to train intensely with the 115 Patrik slalom, and the 7.0 aero +2021. Intense training that made me realize how much I still have to work to manage the overpowering conditions when racing.

In fact, my teammates were in the water with a 7.8, a choice based on more normal wind conditions around 13,00, while the wind increased considerably around 2 pm.

Nice experience ... Nice glance of the red-tinted Conca, for the many Challenger Sails present.
A heartfelt compliment to Bruno Martini, our top rider, who won the trophy hands down, in both specialties and imposed himself on the fierce competition from the first day of racing.

Elia Brizio, ITA-800

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Here below, the slidegallery of the Neirotti Trophy (photo credits: CST-Mochen Andrea), and some pictures with Elia in action.

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