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Probably, it was the strongest Peler I ever caught at Prà de la Fam, since I have been riding this spot of Lake Garda. Definitely, a muscular windsurfing session, and many hours in the water.


Windsurfing, report: extra strong Peler at Pra de la Fam (Lake Garda) - 6/11/2021

It was predicted strong, but it went beyond expectations. Indeed, the weather conditions were perfect for the Peler: fresh snow on the mountains north of the lake, resulting in very low night temperatures, there; lake water still at 13-14 °C, and sunny day.

Thus, when the sun rose behind the Baldo, at the Prà stormy wind began to blow.

I went out with the Ezzy Elite 3.7 2019, first with a medium wind profile (for its range), and then, after the first rides, flat as much as possible. But, today, the right sail for me would have been the 3.3. As for the board, I used my Tabou Da Curve 80 2016, set as a thruster with K4 fins. I have never gained as much water upwind, with the Tabou Da Curve 80, at Pra', as today.

Session with the knife between my teeth.


What surprised us the most was how long the strong wind went on. I entered the water shortly after 8.00, and until 10.30, I was constantly overpowered with the 3.7! Perhaps, today, the spot of Toscolano, further South, would have been better (wind strong enough without being so furious...). I also heard that some riders even went out with small sails in Desenzano, at the Southern end of the Lake, with North Wind, which is not that common, there.


Windsurf Pra Garda 001

Windsurf Pra Garda 008

Windsurf Pra Garda 003


Demanding and very physical conditions, in which maneuvering requires technique, training and experience. I did my best. But I count, only, 10% of smooth maneuvers, as I like them.

Who had a lot of fun, showing training, technique, and experience in abundance was the local rider Simone Grezzi, who put on a good show (see the slidegallery specifically dedicated to him).

Michael Silgoner often rode in front of me, turning a forward every 50 meters (and then, afterwards, at the beach, he explained me some tricks to try - thanks Miki).

As always, a large group of Austrian and German riders, some of whom really show a high level.

But honor also goes to the rest of the crew, who fiercely fought.

I put an end to my games at 12.45, while I was still gliding, at times, with 3.7 and 80.

Ciao. Fabio


Click here, for the rich slidegallery of the session.


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Video of the session



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