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Waves and waveriding are the true love of many windsurfers. To get in-depth and accurate information on the characteristics of the 2021 wave boards, the tests results published on the famous French magazine Windmag are not to be missed, as they are comparative tests relating to numerous models, and are conducted by experienced riders. In this article, we offer you a summary of these tests.

Windsurfing: wave boards test 2021

As always, for all the details and insights, we invite you to purchase the April-May 2021 issue of the magazine. Read also the article on the 2020 wave board tests.

For 2021, the magazine's testers tried as many as 14 board models, with wave sails from 3 7 to 5.0 square meters, in wind conditions from 15 to 40 knots, from side off to side on. The boards have been tested in the spots of Southern France and Brittany: La Coudouliere, Carrò, Brutal Beach, La Torche.

The tested models are the following:

  1. Av Boards Dynamo Wave 85,
  2. Exocet XWAVE78
  3. Fanatic Grip Te 82 - Mosquito Edition
  4. Fanatic Mamba TE 78
  5. Goya Custom 3 Pro 81,
  6. Goya Custom 4 Pro 79,
  7. I99 C5 78
  8. JP Magic Wave Pro 82
  9. Quatro Cube Pro 82,
  10. Quatro Pyramid Pro 77,
  11. RRD Wave Cult Y26 82,
  12. Severne Pyro 83,
  13. Simmer Style Flywave 78,
  14. Tabou Da Curve 82.


Quatro Pyramid 2021

Simmer Style Flywave 2021


The AV Board Dinamo wave 85 features a compact shape with a rounded deck. Its rails are thick, but sweet. The 5 boxes for the fins allow a wide choice in the fins setup. The board was tested in the full sandwich version, with a thruster setup. In a few words, the Dinamo Wave is a board designed for controlled surfing. It is a board that prefers beautiful waves. It is a more versatile board, in this 85-liter volume size, compared to the 78 tested last year. It is mainly intended for experienced riders who are looking for a soft and manageable board first, and foremost, and which offers super control when surfing, in a fluid and radical way, because it turns particularly well.

The Exocet XWaves 78 has a shape that is very reminiscent of that of the I99 (see later), with the exception of the setup for the fins: from this point of view, the Breton brand offers two 10 cm side fins, and a 20 cm central one, all in G10. It has 5 slot boxes to ensure versatility. The shape has a rather conventional profile, with a length of 221 cm, for a width of 56.5 cm, on this 78-liter model. The shape of the tail, on the other hand, is rather original. Ultimately, the Exocet offers a truly fun, manageable, and lively wave board, which offers excellent surfing performance, in all conditions, but also excellent mobility, to position yourself on the water surface at best, for jumping and surfing. It turned out to be a very effective board in French conditions, with sails from 3 7 to 4 7. The most demanding riders will reduce the central fin a little, compared to the standard size.


Simmer Style Flywave 2021



The Fanatic Ultra Grip TE Mosquito Edition 82 has retained the previous year shape, but has been redesigned with graphics that recall the models of the brand's starting year, 1991. The 82 has very sweet profiles, and is delivered with a quad fins set up, but has 5 boxes to ensure flexibility in the fins configuration. The Fanatic Grip remains a reference in the market. It is a multipurpose board, with excellent performance, and guarantees both control and handling when surfing, in a wide range of conditions. Its versatility knows few comparisons, and allows you to have a super performing board, whatever the conditions.

The Fanatic Mamba TE 78 is a new model from Fanatic's 2021 wave boards range, which replaces the Stubby, and has a more tapered outline, both fore and aft. The rails, in the center of the board, remain relatively parallel. The Mamba retains the same rocker as the Stubby, including channels around the center fin. Equipped with three boxes, for a trifin set-up. Ultimately, the Fanatic Mamba combines effectiveness, speed, and maneuverability, in medium wave conditions, with the possibility of being appreciated even in perfect wave conditions, making it a versatile product. It can be the only board for the rider, who loves fast and manageable boards (while the Grip is more exclusive). It turned out to be one of the choices of the Windmag testers.

The Goya Custom 3 Pro 81, like all the boards of the brand, remains unchanged for the second consecutive year. The profiles of this Goya trifin are characterized by moderate values, both in terms of width in the middle of the board, and at 30 cm from the tail. It has two mini tuttle boxes for the side fins, and a US box for the central fin. In short, it confirms its effectiveness that emerged last year, and its mobility in a wide range of conditions, as well as its versatility.

The Goya custom 4, already last year had been designed with a tighter front rocker, and mid-length, and with a wider tail at the expense of thickness. In this volume of 79 liters, it turns out to be among the narrowest boards. The configuration of the fins provides a quad set up. Like last year, the Goya Custom 4, also in this 79-liter volume, prooves to be as a carving beast, which will appeal to riders avid for powerful curves drawn on the rails. Nonetheless, the Goya remains impressive for its versatility, thanks to a good overall performance. Don't hesitate to combine it with slightly oversized sails, to bring out the best. It turned out to be one of the choices of the Windmag testers.

The I99 C5, as already mentioned, has a shape similar to the Exocet XWave, but has a 16 cm central fin and two 10 side fins. As for the shape, the tail is halfway between the square tail and the swallow tail. It proposes a rather conventional geometry, with 221 by 56.5 cm, in the 78 liter volume, and a width of 35.5 cm, 30 cm from the stern. Ultimately, the I99 offers a very fun wave board, which offers maneuverability, and dynamism, with a wide spectrum of possibilities, both in jumps, as in surfing, and the ability to manage a wide spectrum of conditions. Its glide start can be slightly improved with a deeper fin.


csm Grip AdamLewis Fanatic FishBowlDiaries 5030 bc172e78c5

F21 WS UltraGrip


The Jp Magic Wave Pro 82 has a very wide and compact shape, which tapers, at the level of the rear strap, with a swallow tail. The rocker is straight in the center of the board, and more curved at the rails, thanks to a wise combination of concavity and pretty V-shape. 5 boxes are present, but the Magic wave is delivered as a trifin, with an 18 cm in the center, and two 10 cm fins on the sides. Ultimately, the Jp Magic Wave is a very versatile board, which adapts to all conditions. Its shape is a cross between a compact design and that of a more radical board, and this is evident in the water test, where the board adapts to a wide range of wave conditions.

The Quatro Cube Pro 82 has a compact outline and a contained length of 220 cm, and a volume well distributed under the feet. The mid-deck width remains riduced (56.4 cm), but is more comfortable at 30 cm from the stern (36.3 cm). The fin set-up is Quad (MFC QS 300), with two US boxes, and two mini tuttle, as side. Ultimately, the Quatro offers a Cube, which guarantees effectiveness mainly in side onshore conditions, but has excellent performance also in surfing small and large waves, no matter as for the orientation of the wind. Rather nervous, manageable and compact, this Quatro will appeal to many riders.

Keith Taboul, the shaper of the Hawaiian brand Quatro, revisited the Pyramid last year, and this year the board remains as unchanged as the Cube. Among the volumes tested, the Quattro Pyramid 77 is among the smallest, while the length, in relation to this volume, is among the biggest. As a result, the mid-board width is quite small (55cm), like at 30cm from the tail (34.1cm). The bow remains rather pointed. In short, the Quatro Pyramid is one of the most surfing-oriented boards, and one of the most radical on the market. It shows a high aptitude for carving, and shows excellent control in very deep changes of direction, an aspect in relation to which it is unparalleled. A certain versatility allows you to take advantage of this shape even in conditions other than Hawaiian ones, provided you have a good technical background.

The RRD Wave Cult Y26 82 is completely renewed with a compact, original, and very worked shape. Its width at the center of the board is quite generous (58 cm), but not extreme, while the board is also the widest at 30 cm from the stern (41 cm). This board has a clear taper at the rear strap level. RRD has chosen to equip the board with K4 Scorcher fins, with a central of 18 cm, and 2 lateral ones of 10. The Wave Cult is a compact and fast wave board, very comfortable in marginal conditions, ideal for gliding, jumping, surfing , with a modern and radical style, drawing small curves. It is an excellent board for side onshore conditions, which is recommended for rather powerful riders, who like to ride the board with the back foot in surfing.

The Severne Pyro 83 is the result of Philip Koster's collaboration with Severne. It has a compact shape of 219 by 58 cm. It has 5 boxes, and is delivered with quad set up. Note that the straps and fins are mounted with the same Allen key, which is also used for the battens of Severne sails. It is a super effective board, in all circumstances, and excels, in particular, in the conditions of small and medium waves, where it allows a ride with good fluid and radical turns. It is a super modern and multipurpose board.


MG 1310

2020 Boards pyramid action5



The Simmer Style Fly Wave 78 respects the Simmer style slogan "don't change a winning team". For the second year, Simmer offers an unchanged Fly Wave 78. The board shows a modern and compact shape of 221 by 57 cm, in the 78 liter volume, with thin rails towards the tail, and an outline that shows a taper at the level of the rear strap. It is delivered with 5 boxes, and with a quad fin configuration. Also this year, in the 78-liter volume, the board was very popular with Windmag testers. It is radical, without being exclusive, and is an excellent wave board for the most demanding and aggressive riders, although it retains a lot of versatility, to adapt to all types of conditions. It turns out to be one of the favorite boards of the testers.

Finally, the Tabou Da Curve 82 has been slightly modified this year, with a new outline, and a new hull, without other radical changes compared to the previous versions. At 30 cm from the tail, it is 36 cm wide, and 56.5 cm in the center of the board. Tabou offers a board with moderate and rather narrow profiles. It is always offered with slot boxes, and is delivered as a tri fin, with a central fin of 17, and two side fins of 11. In a nutshell, the Tabou Da Curve continues to be one of the references on the market among wave boards, as for the sensations in surfing, the radicality, and control. It also offers excellent glide, and a competitive glide start, and is not limited to a playing field characterized by typically European conditions. It is more suited to light and technical riders, who like powerful changes of direction.

The testers ultimately showed a preference for the Fanatic Mamba, the Goya Custom 4, and the Simmer Style Flywave.

Good choice!


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