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This spring, too, the famous French magazine  Windmag  has published the 2022 windsurfing equipment tests. In this article, we summarize the results of the comparative tests, relating to numerous new wave board models, given that waveriding is one of the disciplines that most conquers the windsurfing enthusiasts.


Windsurfing: 2022 wave boards tests

As always, for all the details and insights, we invite you to purchase the  April-May 2022 issue of the magazine . Read also the article on the 2021 wave board tests .

For 2022, the magazine's testers tried 12 boards models, with wave sails ranging from 3.4 to 5.0 square meters, in wind conditions ranging from 18 to 40 knots, from onshore to side-onshore. The boards were tested in the Southern France spots: La Coudouliere, and Carro, with waves of 1-2 meters.


GripTE Arthur Fanatic by Fishbowldiaries Z720206 2022 UltraKode Starboard action2



The tested models are as follows:

  1. Exocet XWAVE85
  2. Fanatic Grip Te 75
  3. Fanatic Mamba TE 78
  4. Goya Custom 3 Pro 82,
  5. Goya Custom 4 Pro 84,
  6. JP Magic Wave Pro 82
  7. Patrik Q-T Wave 83
  8. RRD Wave Cult 74,
  9. Severne Nano 3 Wave 82
  10. North Pyro 83,
  11. Starboard Ultrakode 82 Five Stars Carbon Flex
  12. Tabou Da Bomb 84.


Summary of test results


Differences in style and way of surfing characterize the 12 boards tested, which are basically divided into two categories: the multipurpose ones, suitable for all uses, and the more wave-oriented models. The table published later in this article summarizes the behavioral characteristics of the different boards, and highlights the pros and cons of each one.

In the first category there are all-round boards, comfortable both in the offshore not breaking waves, and in the steep waves near the beach, and which are good to jumps as well as for surfing. This first group is generally composed of boards equipped with 3 fins.
The Exocet X-Wave 85 is the board with more traditional behavior, with moderate radius turns, and with relatively quiet behavior. It is the most accessible. The Fanatic Mamba 78 and the Tabou Da Bomb 84 show great efficiency at low revs, to make the most of marginal waverinding conditions. Glide, reactivity and grip of the rails allow you to surf in medium waves. The Goya Custom 3 82 and JP Magic Wave 82 offer great versatility in spots with less than ideal conditions, with great fluidity, but are ready to glide in true smooth waves.

The second group brings together more exclusive, more technical boards, which need more radical conditions. They express themselves better in the heart of the waves, than in the offshore swell.
Conduction is set more on the rails than on the pivot under the rear foot.
The Fanatic Grip 75 exhibits superb smoothness and sails with finesse and agility on rails. The Grip shows ease in a wide range of conditions.


JP 22 MagicWave PRO 05 XXL

F22 GripTE ddb photographie DB 8447



 Board model

 Planing start




 Small waves


 Big waves


Exocet XWAVE85 4 4 3 3Planing start, versatility, reasonable curves Sober curves 
 Fanatic Grip Te 75 3 3 3 4 Glide quality, liveliness, control, versatility, equipment More technical rail-to-rail passage in Quad trim
 Fanatic Mamba TE 78 4 5 4 3 Start and feel when gliding, liveliness, versatility, comfort Big and fast waves
 Goya Custom 3 Pro 82 4 4 5 4Accessibility, glide quality, liveliness, versatility, comfort Limited stance options for the purist surfer
 Goya Custom 4 Pro 84 4 3 4 5 Start gliding, reactivity, glide, speed, valid with all waves, comfortNothing 
 JP Magic Wave Pro 82 5 5 4 4Accessibility, gliding start, versatility, gliding  Nothing
 Patrik Q-T Wave 83 4 4 2 4Carving, effective grip of the rails, speed  Tight curves in quad trim
 RRD Wave Cult 74 4 1 5 2 Tight curves, reactivity, rail to rail passage Driving in the big fast bends
 Severne Nano 3 Wave 82 1 1 5 4 Rails incision, carving grip , reactivity in small waves Effectiveness in imperfect conditions, speed
Severne Pyro 83 3 3 4 4Carving grip, precision, power Adaptation times for some
Starboard Ultrakode 82 Five Stars Carbon Flex 4 2 5 4 Vivacity, rail to rail passage, pads comfortConduction in a straight line 
Tabou Da Bomb 84 6 5 4 3 Start planing, liveliness, grip in surfing Stiffness in the chop, comfort of the equipment

The boards highlighted in green were preferred by the riders who performed the tests. 


The Patrik QT Wave 83, with elongated shape and rails, shows a penchant for the good waves, where  it best expresses all the effectiveness of the grip of its edges. The Goya Custom 4 84 which gains in versatility remains a reference in waveriding for its many values (see table).

With its modern shape, the Severne Pyro 83 offers quality surfing, and very large grip and power. The RRD Cult 74 stands out in this group with its 3 fins, but is very incisive in waveriding, being responsive in handling small waves on its tail. Starboard's Ultrakode is an aggressive mini surf, always active in small to medium waves.

The Severne Nano 82 is a paradox with its XXL tail. Designed to take advantage of small waves, it is however only intended for surfing, due to its demands in terms of clean conditions.

Good choice, and good waves!

(photos of the article taken from the producers' websites)


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