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Freewave, or all-around, sails are windsurfing sails that allow you to cover a wide range of conditions. In this article, we summarize the tests results of the French magazine Windmag, relating to the 2020 freewave sails.


Windsurfing, tests: 2020 freewave (allround) sails

The tests were published in the March 2020 issue of the magazine, which we invite you to purchase for all the details and for further information. Also read the article on the 2020 freewave boards, which ideally match these sails.

The freewave sails are multipurpose products that allow both to have fun in the waves (medium or small ones), and to offer stability in sailing in a straight line, on choppy water or sea surface, ensuring stability and good speed. Most of the tested sails have 5 battens, in the 5.7 square meters size, which is mainly the tested one.

Typically, these sails have a shape similar to wave sails for smaller sizes, and to freeride sails for sizes above 6 square meters. They are sturdy sails. Typically, they are matched with freewave boards, but they can also be associated, in smaller sizes, with wave boards. They are generally chosen by riders who want to have a unique kind of sail, suitable for most conditions.

2020 Sails nexus product12x 

Severne Gator 2020jpg

2020 WP Product Action Hybrid 01



During the tests, the sails were used with freewave or freeride boards, with, respectively, 100 and 135 liters. The tests were carried out with wind ranging from about 15 to 22 knots, and with water level characterized by foams/chops, swell coming from the open sea, and small waves.

The test tooke place in the following spots: Marseille Le Prado, San Cyr sur Mer, Six Fours La Coudouliere, in Southern France.

Nine sails were tested:

  1. Duotone Super Session 5.6
  2. Gaastra Hybrid 5.6
  3. Goya Sails Nexus 5.9
  4. Gun Sails Torro 5.7
  5. Point 7 AC-F 5.9
  6. RRD Move 5.7
  7. S2 Maui Alchemy 5.7
  8. Severne Gator 5.7
  9. Simmer Sails Enduro 5.9.


The Duotone Super session is an effective, handling, and comfortable "wave" sail, ideal for Bump and Jump sessions. It matches well to Wave-oriented freewave boards.


The Gaastra Hybrid is a sail with a dynamic character, which allows excellent mobility on the water level. It is reactive, and manages strong wind very well. It is a multi-purpose, light sail.

The Goya Nexus is clearly designed for freeriding, for its stability. It matches well with a freewave board, set as a single fin, but can adapt equally well to freeride boards.

The new Gunsails Torro shows great dynamism, and remains one of the funniest sails on the market. It is fun both in the waves and in flat water. It shows great accessibility, and, as always, a low price, without sacrificing good finishes.

Point 7 AC-F is a freeride oriented sail. The comfort in straight line rides and its accelerations make it a good freeride engine, for the rough seas. It can be combined with freewave boards, with single fin set up, or with freeride boards, with external straps.


2020gw HYBRID 47 C1 WEB

DT20 Sails 14200 1207 Super Session C24

DUOTONE SAILS 2020 Teaser Super Session HD



The new RRD Move has a harmonious behavior and is designed for Bump and Jump sessions, straight-line rides and long jumps. It is balanced, guarantees a linear propulsion, and is ideally combined with freewave boards, with single fin set up, or freeride boards.

The S2 Maui Alchemy is an all-around sail for on-shore conditions, which guarantees good propulsion for Bump and Jump sessions.

The Severne Gator is a perfectly balanced, and propulsive sail. It is a very neutral sail, fast and comfortable in straight line rides, and also in curves. It works well with freewave boards, and is an excellent sail for Bump and Jump sessions.

The Simmer Enduro offers stable power on rough seas. The constant thrust of the Enduro makes it the ideal engine for freewave boards, oriented towards freeriding. Its balance allows its use also with Foil boards.


gunsails torro 2020


020 Gator Dyno Ben Severne Mathias Moermann DSCF6789


Summarizing the above assessments, we can say that the Duotone Super session is the most wave oriented sail, proposing an active ride. The Gaastra Hybrid, the Gunsails Torro, the Severne Gator are passepartout sails, which have the greatest versatility, finding themselves quite well both in the waves and in flat water. The S2 Maui is a big "wave" sail, which guarantees fun and comfortable sailing. The Goya Nexus marks the transition to freeride sails, for its stability. The RRD is definitely geared up for long-ride sailing. The Simmer Enduro is ideal for riding in flat water. The Point 7 AC-F is also more oriented towards freeride.

Finally, the sails were compared with respect to 4 types of performance: gliding start, holding in the strong wind, maneuverability, general performance.

As for the planing start, the best sails are the Goya Nexus, the Severne Gator, and the Simmer Enduro. Duotone, Gunsails and S2 Maui are only slightly lower.

As regards the strong wind management, the best sails are the Gaastra Hybrid, the Gunsails Torro, the Severne Gator, followed, a short distance, by the Goya Nexus, Point 7 and the Simmer Enduro.

In terms of maneuverability, the Duotone and Severne clearly stand above all the other sails. Only the Gaastra Hybrid and the Gun Sails Torro show a slight lower score.

As for general performance, many sails show a good overall performance: the best is the Simmer Enduro. Goya, Gunsails, Point 7, RRD, and Severne show, however, a very good performance.

The choice of testers fell on the Gunsails Torro, the Gaastra Hybrid and the Severne Gator.

Good choice. Fabio Muriano


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