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We continue with the overview of the 2018 main brands bords tests, published in the March-April issue of the well-known French magazine Windmag, summarizing the results for the wave boards.


Windsurf tests: 2018 wave boards

As always, we invite you to buy the magazine, in order to deepen all the results of the accurate tests carried out by the team of collaborators. For a comparison with the test results of the 2017 wave boards, we invite you to read the article published last year. Read also the article about 2018 FSW boards tests.

Windmag march april 2018


The tested boards are as follows:

1) Exocet Salt 85

2) Fanatic Grip Te 82

3) Fanatic Stubby TE 82

4) Goya Custom Quad 74

5) Goya Custom Thruster 81

6) Jp Australia Wave Slate 79

7) Novenove Ks Model 79

8) Patrik QT Wave 83 Epic

9) Quatro Cube 81

10) Quatro Pyramid 78

11) RRD Wave Cult 82 LTD V7

12) Severne Nano 78

13) Simmer Quantum 75

14) Starboard Ultrakode 80

15) Tabou Da Bomb 84

16) Tabou Pocket 77

The Exocet is presented by the manufacturer as a wave board for side/sie on wind or side on. It has a truly atypical shape. It is long and narrow, with a pointed nose, a triangular stern, and parallel rails. It's the only single fin board. Given the shape, it is not surprising that it starts gliding quickly with a decisive acceleration. While riding, it is very stable, and takes off well in the jumps. In surfing, it is not so easily manageable for riders accustomed to multifin. Unless you sink the stern a bit, it requires more effort than multifins to make the rails bite in the worder, and draw radical curves. The passage rails to rails with its fin is a little less immediate than the competing boards, and the cutback is more technical. On the other hand, in the back side, it offers power to take off. Us Box.

Vote: 35

Planing start: 10Control: 6Great waves: 6Small waves: 6; Maneuverability: 7.




The Fanatic Grip, introduced this year by Fanatic to replace the disused triwave and quads, has immediately won the testers' preference. It is delivered with Quad fins set, but is equipped with 5 slot boxes. The shape is compact. Like the triwave, it is characterized by a good planing start, and, thanks to its generous width, can manage sails up to 5.5 m, without problems, even in side-off conditions and without gliding. From the Fanatic Quad, he inherited the sweet touch of water, fully in control. In surfing, its width allows it to explore all types of waves, and the good speed makes the rails bite the water at best, and draw radical curves safely. In short, it has excellent attitudes to surfing in both carving and pivotal style. It shows a rare versatility, being excellent both for jumping and for surfing. Obviously, there are more radical boards, but the Grip will not disappoint even the most demanding riders.

Vote: 45

Planing start: 9Control: 9Great waves: 9Small waves: 9; Maneuverability: 9.


Fanatic Grip 2018 


The Fanatic Stubby has a profile with parallel rails, wide bow and stern, not too much width, backwards straps positions, trifin configuration, with relatively large side fins. The 82 also manages sails up to 5.8, and therefore adapts to medium/high weight riders. Excellent start in gliding and ability sail to the wind. In side-on conditions, with small waves, it proves to be very effective, where the other boards struggle to draw curves. When conditions become more serious, its ability to project itself into the upper part of the wave is excellent. It shows some limits between the waves, due to the fact that it is too fast, and denotes some gap regarding the precision and the rail to rail passage. Central US box, side slot box.

Vote: 44

Planing start: 10Control: 8Great waves: 7Small waves: 10; Maneuverability: 9.



The Goya Custom Quad has a shape characterized by a reduced length, a smaller width in the middle and towards bow, and, on the whole, by a fuller shape. In water, if the wind conditions are good, it reveals a very lively board. Support, while riding, is a bit less secure than the competitor boards, but this does not prevent you from having the accelerations that make you fly very high. Even in the surf, you soon understand that you are dealing with a radical board, even if it requires quality waves to express its potential. Excellent in carving and pivotal turns. It responds well to both the stresses of the forward and of the back foot, and it manages well to modern tricks. US Boxes in the center, QS for side boxes.

Vote: 45

Planing start: 8Control: 10Great waves: 10Small waves: 8; Maneuverability: 9.


The Goya Custom Thruster has won the testers' preference. It has a very balanced shape, with a comfortable width, and a V-shaped hull with two concavities less deep than the Quad Goya. In the water, it immediately impresses with its speed and early planing, which guarantees unparalleled mobility on the water surface. Comfortable in straight line, and in the foams passage. Thanks to these skills you can maximize the number of jumps and surfing of waves, especially in the most difficult side-on conditions. In surfing, the behavior is excellent both in the bottom, with a quick rail to rail passage, and if you want to make a pivoting turn. However, if you want to perform the cut back on the rail, the board behavior is always perfect. In large waves, it shows a little less control than the boards most dedicated to these conditions. In short, Goya has created a perfect board for European conditions, which is completed with the Quad (more radical). Central US box, lateral MT.

Vote: 44

Planing start: 9Control: 8Great waves: 9Small waves: 10; Maneuverability: 8.


Goya 2018 board

Goya 2018 Custom Pro Quad


The JP Slate is a board with a parrallel rails concept (and short lenght). It is delivered as a trifin, but having 5 boxes, it can also be set as quad. It has very interesting performances on straight line, it turns very well, pivoting on the stern, and also in carving curves, giving a very good projection in the upper part of the wave. Even if it does not have the control of a board designed for down the line, it proves to be a multipurpose board with an excellent range of use. 2 MT + 3 Slot boxes.

Vote: 42

Planing start: 8Control: 8Great waves: 8Small waves: 9; Maneuverability: 9.


jp 2018 wave slate


The Novenove KS has a wide shape for its volume, and quad fins set. It gets planing easily. In surfing, it is not the most comfortable board in slow waves, because of its difficulty in generating speed. It is an excellent board for tracing large carving curves, rather than for skaty bending. It can change rails instantly, resulting hyper reactive, to adapt its curves, with a diabolical precision, to the small waves. 4 slot boxes.

Vote: 45

Planing start: 8Control: 9Great waves: 10Small waves: 8; Maneuverability: 10.


The Patrik Qt Wave represents a novelty in the range of the brand. It is produced in 8 volumes and each in two types of constructions (GBM completely in Carbon, and GET in carbon in the upper part, and fiberglass in hull - less rigid, with softer sensations, and more controllable, used in the test). Very balanced shape and 5 boxes (the board is delivered without fins). It has been tested in quad setup. The volume under the back foot guarantees a good start in gliding. In surfing, it prefers carving bottom turns and cut back, tracked on the rails, rather than making the tail drift. Healthy and multi-purpose board. 5 US boxes.

Vote: 41

Planing start: 9Control: 8Great waves: 8Small waves: 8; Maneuverability: 8.


The Quatro Cube has a compact shape, which, however, thanks to the volumes distribution, is not perceived during navigation. It starts planing gradually, but quickly. It is a multipurpose board, which is at home even among small waves, in European conditions, and which prefers the curves all in carving on the rail. The pivotal curve on the tail is less natural than on a thruster. In big waves, it's still valid, but not like Pyramid which is a reference in the filed. 2 MT + 2 US boxes

Vote: 44

Planing start: 8Control: 9Great waves: 9Small waves: 9; Maneuverability: 9.


The Quatro Pyramid is another board that has obtained the testers' preference of the testers. It has a new shape with a continuous rocker curve. The first surprise during the water test was the ability to start planing, and to develop speed, a characteristic that makes the board more polyvalent compared to the models of previous years. However, Pyramid remains a board that best expresses its potential in radical side and side-off conditions. In the bottom turns, the rails bite the water very effectively, with the rider's chance to load very strong, with excellent control. The projection at the top of the wave is diabolic with the possibility of verticalizing the end of the bottom with ease. 1 US box, 2 MT.

Vote: 46

Planing start: 8Control: 9Great waves: 10Small waves: 9; Maneuverability: 10.


quatro pyramid thruster 2018


The RRD Wave Cult has a compact shape and a rounded deck. It is delivered with an MFC central fin and two K4 side fins, while in the test it was tested with MFC fins. In water, when it does not float, it does not prove to be the most stable board. It starts well to glide, but comfort could be improved between the foams (the pads cushion well, but the board is rather stiff). In surfing, it is a board mainly for side-onshore conditions, enough fast in slow waves, which forgives errors in placing or reading waves. In the bottom turns, it requires you to push well for good control (in case of hesitation, it bounces a little). The rail change before the cut back is reactive and fluid, and the curve in pivot with the back foot is made naturally, with a very good cut back. 5 slot boxes (delivered as a thruster)

Vote: 43

Planing start: 9Control: 8Great waves: 8Small waves: 9; Maneuverability: 9.


The Severn Nano belongs to the category of boards with compact shape and parallel rails. 5 boxes allow it to be set as a thruster (default set), or as a quad. It provides good support (also in the 78 volume), even if it is not gliding. Pleasant to sail while gliding. In surfing, it is appreciated for its ability to carve with continuity even without much speed and slope of the wave. The rail grip is strong and allows you to push. In thruster, it curves well, pivoting on the stern, in the cut back; or, in any case, it allows to perform a wide cut back on the rail. It also handles big waves and side wind well. The straps are a bit wide. 5 Slot boxes.

Vote: 43

Planing start: 8Control: 8Great waves: 8Small waves: 9; Maneuverability: 10.


Actually, the tested Simmer Quantum has already been replaced by the new version (read here for further infos). Conventional lines. It is quite large and thick. It gets planing easily, and is multi-purpose. The board is quite rigid. In surfing, it is pleasant. Rails bite well in the bottoms. To regain the wave, you need to move back a little the aft foot, but this is possible without losing too much speed thanks to the volume distribution. The rail to rail passage is natural. You can perform the cut back on the rail, but the strong point of the Quantum is the skaty exit at the top of the wave.

Vote: 41

Planing start: 9Control: 8Great waves: 8Small waves: 8; Maneuverability: 8.  

simmer 2018 quantum prop 1000x604



The Starboard Ultra Kode proved to be among the most vibrant boards in the water. It has a super early planing. It has excellent performance in terms of speed, ability to sail upwind, and jump. Light and manoeuvrable between the foams. In the waves, the Ultra Kode is not technically demanding and easily reaches the speed to exploit the slightest wave. With slow waves, the Kode likes a skaty style, with flat curves. It is a valid board to perform tricks. Among big waves, and side wind, this board is always in control, with rails that dig well in the water, but it requires a little more skill, to turn tight, with speed. A multipurpose board. 4 Starboxes, plus 1 US Central Box.

Vote: 44

Planing start: 9Control: 9Great waves: 9Small waves: 9; Maneuverability: 8.    


The Da Bomb is a novelty in the Tabou 2018 wave range. Da Bomb has inherited a straight rocker with a stern that recalls the Pocket. The profile is however more elongated on the bow. As the name suggests, it is not surprising that Da Bomb reveals a rather nervous character on the water, with a lightning gliding start, and a super performance in terms of cruising speed, acceleration and upwind sailing. Da Bomb does not deny the Tabou spirit, and provides excellent control and comfort on its pads, even among formed foams. In surfing, control is satisfying, thanks to a soft penetration of rails into the water, in the bottom turn. Obviously, as expected, Da Bomb does not turn like a Da Curve or is not as responsive as the Pocket, but putting the foot back, the results are sometimes quite surprising. There is way to draw beautiful curves, turning in pivot, if it does not go too fast. At the limit of the freewave program, the Da Bomb is ideal for heavy riders looking for a stable and fast wave board, first of all to glide and jump. Recommended for those who sail in onshore conditions, and make bump and jump sessions. 1 US Box, + 2 slotboxes.

Vote: 39

Planing start: 10Control: 8Great waves: 6Small waves: 8; Maneuverability: 7.


The Tabou Pocket 2018 has unchanged compact lines, except for a subtle change in the channels on the back of the hull. With volumes distributed mainly under the rider's feet, the Pocket offers a reassuring buoyancy for its volume, and its very short shape. It starts planing quickly, but less than Da Bomb. It offers a comfortable sailing, but remains extremely lively at the rider's request. The foams passage is soft. One of the strong points of the Pocket is the upwind sailing ablility, thanks to its wide stern. The Pocket faces the ramps at its best, and its stern gives the necessary support even for medium ramps. In surfing, the Pocket in particular loves to take speed on medium, not very powerful, waves, to draw curves with the foot very backward. The Pocket turns better pivoting and with flat hull. At the top of the wave, the rail change is good, as well as the grip in the water for the cut-back is good. Finally, the Pocket shows its limits when it goes fast, where the control and the ability to make the rails work for their length are less effective. First of all, it is recommended for those who surf on small waves, onshore. 3 Slotboxes.

Vote: 40

Planing start: 10Control: 7Great waves: 6Small waves: 9; Maneuverability: 8. 


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