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Freeride windsurf boards are designed for a wide range of enthusiasts. They offer easy gliding and, therefore, guaranteed fun. The well-known French magazine Windmag tested eight 2021 models of various brands. In this article, we summarize the test results.


Windsurfing, test: 2021 freeride boards

The tests were published in the April-May 2021 issue of the magazine, which we invite you to purchase for all the details and for more information. Read also the article about the 2020 freeride boards tests.

The freeride boards, this year, were mainly tested in the volume around 130 liters.


JP Australia MagicRide 2020 JHB0136 1920x1280

GeckoLTD Pierre Garda RonnyKiaulehn 17073


The boards have been tested with wind from 10 to 20 kn, in flat water and choppy conditions, with freeride sails, without cambers, or with two cambers, between 5.5 and 8.0 square meters. The test spots were Six Fours, Le Brusc, and Almanarre, in Southern France.

The tested boards are the following:

  1. AV boards Chubby 127,
  2. Fanatic Gecko 135 Ltd,
  3. FMX Veloce 122 GTS,
  4. Goya Volar 130 Wood,
  5. I99 Performa 130 GLS,
  6. JP Magic ride 129 ES,
  7. JP Super ride 124 ES,
  8. Tabou Rocket 125 LTD.



The AV Boards Chubby has a rounded outline and a reduced thickness. It has an integrated carbon kevlar protection in the nose. Solid construction technology and durability are the strengths of this board. The Chubby offers assisted drive and a fun glide. Both in straight line and in jibes, it is a board for the first approach to freeriding, without stress. It is ideally combined with a freeride sails not powerful, and without cambers.

The Fanatic Gecko, pioneer of compact models, has a good width in all its length, on a reduced thickness. The rails are sharper in the back. It is a multipurpose board, which allows you to discover the planing emotions in a safe way, but also allows you to progress, keeping the same board for a long time, as it also allows a more dynamic ride. The LTD construction, evidently, is more lively than the HRS, which makes the Gecko more docile in reactions.

FMX is a brand specialized in racing boards. It offers a limited range of freeride boards in two types of construction. Rails are rather rounded, and the hull is V-shaped, with deep concavities. It is delivered without fin. The economic construction GTS (the tested one) guarantees lightness and reactivity, anyway. Due to its nervous behavior, this board is intended for riders with a minimum technical background, and the ability to manage glide with their feet in the straps. For such riders, the FMX will offer superb gliding sensations.


2020 Boards volar action1

2021 Rocket Banner 01 

The Goya Volar (Goya, wisely, has kept its products unchanged for 2020 and 2021) is a board characterized by a good width everywhere, at the rear side, at the mast foot, and at the bow. Elongated and slim shape. Many different possible positions for the straps. It is produced in two types of construction: Pro (carbon), and Wood (the tested one), more robust. The Volar Wood is an initiation freeride board. The discretion of its accelerations reassure the beginner, or the occasional rider. Furthermore, the stability when sailing straight, as at low speed, due to its width and its homogeneous distribution of volumes, help learning. The Pro version guarantees more dynamism.

The I99 Performa is characterized by a considerable width and rounded rails. The hull has a pronounced V, with two deep concavities. The pads are thick; positions for straps are limited. The GLS version (tested one) is also light. The hull guarantees a lively and a high over the water surface drive, however, with good course control. It is a fun but accessible board, which also guarantees mobility on the water level.

The JP Magic Ride is characterized by a good width, in particular at the straps area, and at the mast foot. The volume is generous along the entire length, the rails are rounded, and the possible positions for the straps are numerous. It is a board made especially for you to enjoy the gliding pleasure. All reactions are soft, from the glide start, to the riding in control, to the jibe. It is an ideal board to go down in volume, without fear, and gain confidence.

The JP Super Ride is JP's fast freeride model. The 2021 model has been revised, with the addition of smaller volumes as well. The outline is elongated, and acquires a certain width behind the feet area. Very pronounced V-shaped hull in front of the mast foot. It is a board that places itself between the Magic Ride, for initiation, and the Super Sport, for freeracing. It is a fast board, which guarantees good sensations, for dynamic riding. It offers excellent contact with the water, and easy control, and is ideal for an experienced freerider.


2020 Boards volar rendering rev

2021 Rocket Banner 02


The Tabou Rocket has a moderate length and width. The distribution of volumes is homogeneous. The LTD is fiberglass made. The Rocket combines accessibility and performance, and is a freeride board that can be used by the beginner, as well as the expert. It turned out to be the preferred choice of testers for its simplicity, behavior, and performance. It does not disappoint, and is confirmed as a reference for this range of boards.


Have a nice choice. Fabio Muriano


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