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This spring, too, the famous Windmag magazine published the current year windsurfing equipment tests. In this article, we give an abstract of the French magazine tests, relating to the 2022 freestylewave boards.

Windsurfing: 2022 freestylewave boards test


As always, for all the details and insights, we invite you to purchase the  April-May 2022 issue of the magazine . Read also the article on the 2022 wave board tests .

This year, WindMag riders have tested 6 models of freewave boards with a volume of about 100 liters. The spots where the boards have been tested are Codouliere, Hyeres, and Brégançon , in Southern France. The boards have been tested with freewave or freeride sails, no cam, ranging from 4.7 to 6.5 square meters, wind from 14 to 22 knots, side / onshore, and with chop or waves up to 1 meter.

The tested boards are:

  1. Patrick F-Cross 103,
  2. Severne Dyno 3 95,
  3. Jp Freestyle wave 104 Pro
  4. Exocet Cross 104 Carbon
  5. Starboard Kode 105 Carbon Reflex Sandwich
  6. Fanatic Freewave 105 TE 


22 NP JP Gysen 1188

FreeWave Shawna Fanatic ByFishbowldiaries PAV6048

JP 22 FreestyleWave PRO 04 XXL

F22 FreeWave ddb photographie DB 8442


Not being available some classic freewave references such as Goya One or Tabou 3S+, among the boards tested, here are the magazine's evaluations concerning the other 2022 boards, with an offer limited to 6 products.

Equipped with a single box for an exclusive single fin set up, the Patrik F-Cross 103 is positioned at the edge of this segment, falling into the Bump & Jump category, rather than Freewave. Freeriding in rough seas and in strong winds are its favorite field, terrain that most funboarders like.

The hull shape absorbs the impacts against the water surface and determines a controlled sailing, which is characterized by dynamism, anyway, due to its nervous construction. Its elongated shape and straight fin limit its terrain of action out of the waves, with limited surfing aptitude. The Patrik must be set with the straps in the external position to fully exploit its potential.

Set up as a tri fin, the Severne Dyno 105 is designed with a traditional sharp shape: pronounced V-shaped hull and rounded edges determine an assisted and tolerant sailing.  It absorbs chops well when riding in straight line. The approach to the curves is facilitated by the V-shaped hull. The drawable curve is continuous, and promotes the learning of jibe and waveriding.

The JP Freestyle Wave 104 is equipped with a new fin and a new hull; it is a true all-rounder, performing among the waves, quick in action. Its three fins do not detract from its gliding qualities, and its compact appearance favors its straight line control and jumps. This model stays in the center of the group, and will delight a wide range of practitioners. It is one of the preferences of the testers.

The Exocet Cross 104, finally, passes to 3 boxes for a trim also with 3 fins, which give it maneuverability. You adapt immediately to the Cross, without having to change your habits. With its original set up, and its 32cm straight fin, the Exocet exhibits a semi-sporty character, to sail at high speed in a straight line. When set up as a trifin, it becomes the most lively 105 to launch into the surfing, with medium radius curves, with a healthy conduct; all without losing the ability to glide and start gliding.

The Starboard Kode 105 Carbon is modular in terms of configurations but also of adjustments. In fact, the Kode goes from a quiet attitude in freeriding to a lively behavior in the waves. It goes everywhere, this board is a true chameleon, for a rider who likes to remain in control, but it has also the ability to draw relatively tight turns. Volume between the feet and width, to support a robust rider, even in imperfect waves. The comfort of the thick pads is exceptional.

The Fanatic Freewave 105 TE, set up with its three fins, is devilishly dynamic and full of sensations. This board is suitable for sailing with large wave sails, or Freewave sails, to fully catch the freedom it offers. It is a board more suited to playing in surfing than in flat water, although the latter use is largely possible. The TE is therefore aimed at an advanced rider, who requires sensation and efficiency in surfing. It is the most incisive of the waves, of the 6 boards tested for 2022.

Below is a summary table of the performance of the tested boards. 

 Board model

 Planing start






Freeriding sailing


 Sailing in the waves
Patrick F-Cross 10354 5 51
 Severne Dyno 3 9543 4 53
 Jp Freestyle wave 104 Pro54 4 44
 Exocet Cross 104 Carbon53 4 4 4 
Starboard Kode 105 Carbon25 5 43
Fanatic Freewave 105 TE44 3 2 5 

The boards highlighted in green were those ones preferred by the riders who performed the tests.  



Of all the boards tested, the testers' choice fell on the JP Freestyle wave Pro and the Fanatic Freewave.

Hang Loose.

P.s. Pictures taken from brands websites


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