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Here is the new report from Fuerteventura of our freelancer Max Rinaldi. This year, he went both to the south and the north of the island, hunting for wind and waves. Again this time, Max manages to pass down to us the emotions that this island can give, and it almost makes us feel there with him.


Windsurf, session report: Fuerteventura (Canary)

We start by plane from Pisa on July 25th: the airport is crowded and there is a big queue for boarding. The equipment, on the way there, is boarded, as always, with no problems, despite a few extra kgs ...  "Problems" may occur while coming back, but I suppose that there may be a bit of tolerance, since at the south of Fuerte the PWA is running (freestyle and slalom).

I generally prefer to leave about at mid-July; this year's predictions were not the best, and I seriously thought that for the first time I would be disappointed by my "Fuerte ..."



Day 1

The wind continues to turn from north to northeast, with very little wave. My friend Giampaolo (owner of the Sailboardsfuerte store) has the van at the garage to be repaired, so I decide to stay with him in the Corralejo bay, with the hope that in the evening El Burro (Glass beach) will give us a good chance to ride.
Unfortunately, the wind remains variable and, because of the excessive heat, is confined inside the bay. I console myself "testing" two beautiful boards (Sailboardstarifa) of 92 and 95 liters, that I had noticed in the store shortly before. I get planing with 5 sq meters sail, together with Giampaolo, performing some speedloops, and trying some freestyle maneuver.



Day 2

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A few considerations:

At Fuerte prices are rising considerably. As for house rentals or restaurants, while still very affordable, they are rising quite remarkably.
The Italians who move here to live are more and more, and  (for someone's fault) are seen worse and worse by locals.
Thanks to European funds, the ajuntamento (local government) is building a motorway that will probably take to the south, and is doing countless maintenance works in the streets of Corralejo with consequent problems for the traffic.
I just hope that because of the grow in tourism (due to surfers and not) and the rush to provide more and more services, will not ruin this little corner of paradise ...

Thanks to my girlfriend Margherita, who, in addition to bearing my passion, is always ready and patient to follow me with the camera!!!

Hang loose,
Aloha!!! Max


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Click here, to watch the whole slidegallery of the holiday in high resolution


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