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Could I miss the opportunity to do two days of windsurfing at the Coudouliere, in Six Fours le Plages, France? Obviously not. The opportunity to enjoy two beautiful days of mistral wind was too tempting.


Windsurfing, report: Coudouliere, Six Fours, France, 5-6 March 2024.


The return from South Africa (read report) was challenging and depressing..... In Milan, it has been raining for almost two weeks straight.... I fell hard back into the winter of the northern hemisphere, after having enjoyed the blue skies of Cape Town, for many days.

The desire for sun, wind and waves was irresistible, and so on Tuesday morning I left for the Coudou.

Tuesday afternoon the Coudouliere was challenging: unstable wind from the West/South West, and very rough sea; over three meters high waves in front of the cliff of the port, and about two meters of surfable waves, under Cap Negre (perhaps a few higher sets). I entered the water with a Tabou Da Curve 80 and with the Ga Sails Manic 4.2. I rigged the 4.2, because the wind, as mentioned, was unstable, and not as strong as it seemed. And I did well. The cliff of the port was a real danger on Tuesday, both for the wind gaps and for some really important waves in front of it.

I especially enjoyed the second mid-afternoon session, where I surfed some really nice waves under Cap Negre. However, how difficult it is to go back to surfing in almost onshore conditions after South Africa. To get back on the lip, you really have to open the sail a lot and sail clew forward, standing in switch on the board!







As expected, on the morning of March 6th the Coudouliere offered perhaps the most beautiful conditions, with a residual swell from the west (around two metres), and wind from the North West, which was side on. After taking some photos and videos, I entered the water early, again with the Manic 4.2 and the Da Curve 88. "Easy" and fun conditions. Then, I did a second session around lunchtime, switching to Da Curve 80, and setting the sail with the lower clew ring, because the wind became stronger (and oriented again from the West). Unfortunately, the sea was messier, with big waves in front of the port cliff, but not very consistent ones under Cap Negre. After an hour, I left the water to return, unfortunately, home...

It should be noted that work is underway to install other cliffs north of the port, which will reduce the size of the beach! I notice that even in France the authorities don't pay much attention to windsurfers.....

Aloha. Fabio

Click here for the slidegallery of March 5th

Click here for the slidegallery of March 6th 


Video shot on 6th march




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