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For a few weeks now, the thermal gradient established between the mountains and the lake has been producing Peler blasts at the Pra de la Fam, Lake Garda. Even today, November 18th, a nice blow, a little disturbed by the foehn at high altitude. 


Windsurfing, report: Pra de la Fam, Lake Garda, 18/11/2023


And stay at home, it's winter and cold now, and don't all come and crowd the Pra de la Fam! Obviously it's difficult to listen to me, when at 8,00 in the morning at Pra it's already 11 degrees, and at midday, 17.....

And so when I arrived at the Pra, at 8.15 am, there was only room to park in the second row. I quickly decided my sail: Ezzy Elite 3.7... hoping it would be not too big.

As a board, in the first part of the session, I used the Tabou Da Curve 80, with G10 fins. I entered the water around 8.45 am; in the first rides I had confirmation of the semi-hurricane in progress.... After about twenty minutes, unfortunately, a passing cloud, and above all the Foehn wind at high altitude disturbed the wind near the shore, and to benefit from consistent wind, we had to stay off shore, where there was even too much wind. I decided to return and switch to the Tabou 3S Plus 96 (standard central fin in G10, and K4 Stubby on the sides), to suffer less from the unstable wind near the shore.


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In reality, after 30-40 minutes, the wind began to blow a little better even near the shore, although it still remained a little unstable. Very physical session, which required many corrections both in riding and maneuvering. A bit messy water level, although some nice ramps to jump were not missing. I have remained in the water, always with the 3.7, until 12.00...

Crowded spot, as mentioned. The "Galicians" were all present, with Marci in great shape, making fun around me with continuous 360s, and hints of surfing (Marco, should I take you to the a wave spot?).

Ricky started testing the new Ezzy Wave 23/24, but maybe today wasn't the best day....

Aloha. Fabio

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The video of the session




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