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This weekend, no sea sessions. I tried to windsurf at almost zero km. And it went great, because the lakes gave me two rides with a full power 4.2 sail size.


Windsurfing, report: Valmadrera (Como) and Pra de la Fam (Garda), 23-24/09/2023


On Saturday, September 23, I wasn't supposed to go windsurfing. I already had in mind to go and take the Peler blast, predicted for Sunday at Garda.

But when I woke up and saw that a powerful wind falling down from the mountains was blowing in Valmadrera, Lake Como, 30 minutes from home, I started to think about taking advantage of this opportunity too. Also because the entrance of the Foehn wind was expected from late morning, and therefore the wind promised to last a long time. I therefore moved calmly after 9.00, and went to Valmadrera, also driving calmly, with a fatalistic state of mind: if it lasts and waits for me, fine, otherwise never mind.... And it was pleasant to sweep away the usual sense of restlessness and neurosis, which often characterizes us windsurfers chasing the wind. I'll do this more often...

The result was a very beautiful morning, complicated only by the logistics of Valmadrera, until the end of September, due to the unfortunate and well-known mayor's order that prohibits access to the best point of the spot until the end of this month. Because of this, I don't have many photos from the session. But I didn't miss the good Tommy...

I went out with the Tabou 3s Plus 96, set as a single fin (MFC K-One 23 fin), and the Ezzy Elite 4.2, having noticed, upon my arrival, that the wind was pushing really well. And indeed, at various times during my session, the 4.2 was also quite big.

It was a great return to Valma, where I hadn't had a good session for years.... And I couldn't help but think about how much we missed this spot, with often quality wind, and regular flat water, although on Saturday there was, to be honest, a contained but slightly crossed chop. I left from the small harbour and went upwind to Bellavista Hotel. There were only a few of us left in the water in the late morning (about ten guys). With some, Alessandro, Matteo, Donato, we greeted and spoke several times at the crossings and when riding. Truly educational session, with the chance to try everything we wanted.

At 12.30, a rain shower, probably pushed by the entrance of the Foehn, passed over Lecco heading south and disturbed the wind. Having told my wife that I was going shopping for family needs.....I decided to put an end to the session, which was very satisfying, and really to go shopping....

Also because, towards mid-afternoon, I was scheduled to leave for Toscolano (Lake Garda) with my wife. Overnight stay in a nice and cheap hotel in the area, and fantastic dinner at Trattoria La Tana in Toscolano, which, once again, confirmed to me that the money to eat is worth spending in Italy .....The richness of flavors and tastes of our cuisine is truly remarkable.





The next morning shortly after 7.00, I arrived at Pra, and parked in one of the last available spaces.... The lake was already starting to foam towards the south, a sign that the wind would have come in strong. The usual pessimists started to fear a subdued day, forgetting that, now, at the end of September, the wind enters the spot after 8.30, barring exceptions. And so it was. It should only be noted that a slight tendency from Foehn (with a light Westerly at high altitude) disturbed the wind near the beach in the first part of the session, making it a bit gusty. From 9.30-10.00 onwards, however, the Foehn gave up, and the wind spread better even near the shore.

I went out again with the Ezzy Elite 4.2 and the Tabou 3S Plus 96, which however I set as thrusters, with the original central fin (MFC TF-FW 20) and two K4 Stubby 11 as sides (a solution already tested at the Carro, France, among waves), to have the board a little softer underfoot, in case the wind would have blown really strong. And the whole quiver worked well, except for the sail being a little big at times.

I especially enjoyed the second part of the session, when I returned to the water, after taking some photos and videos, both because of the better quality wind, and because I went to look for an area of the spot downwind, less crowded, where I could try maneuvers in peace.

I tried the 360, various types of tacks and jibes, controlled catapults, to overcome the psychological block to try the forward loop. I did something well, in some cases very well, in other cases daring and harmless dives. I took inspiration from a very elegant rider, with a 3.8 NP wizard, for a fantastic quick early tack (see video). And with a little luck, I got a beautiful one. The forward, however, remains a beautiful rock to climb.... I left the water around 11.30, to return to my wife, but the wind remained strong for another hour or so.





In the water, we saw remarkable things, immortalized in the video: a spectacular flaka 720 (Duotone rider - please, name out), a great Puneta by a rider with a Gastraa sail (I think, he is Stefan Morandell), and the early fast tack I was telling you about. At least, this is what I saw.... Finally, a mention for the Karpathos veterans, Filippo (he has no block for the forward loop...), and Margherita and Maddalena, a little sleepy.... because they don't give up on enjoing late night life as young people... 

Now, it will be almost a week of Peler and Tivano...., as in the best autumn traditions. Excellent training, in view of the winter waveriding sessions at the seaside.

Ciao. Fabio

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Pra video


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