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Okay, I had predicted in the Waterwind Forum that a strong Peler would have blown on Saturday. But Garda always knows how to go beyond the forecasts ... and amaze us with its power .... Full power windsurfing session yesterday at Pra de la fam! 


Windsurfing: Pra de la fam Izquierdo.... (Lake Garda), 13 august 2022

Short report of yesterday session, because I'm still on holiday at Garda until mid-August.

But how can we not comment on yesterday's 35 knots Peler?

The thunderstorms on Friday evening cooled the air north of the lake, while the lake water remained a hot broth ...

Perfect ingredients for huge Peler. I directly rigged my Ezzy Elite 3.7 2019, and then I also had to sheet both the outhaul and the downhaul a bit, in the middle of the morning. I took the opportunity to let my Tabou Da Curve 88 2020, which gave me enormous satisfaction in Galicia, taste fresh water.


 1030101 compress71

1030172 compress28

1030096 compress22

1030101 compress71


I did three sessions. In the first, after 10 minutes I realized that it was better to wait for a drop .... In the second, around 9.00, I fought the battle fiercely. In the third, around 11.00, I enjoyed myself, being finally in control! Planing with the 3.7 almost until 12,00!!

I would also like to point out very respectable lake "waves", with a few sets of 1 meter, and a shorebreak near the windward side of the beach, even slightly higher!

Crowded spot, with many pleasant meetings. By now, here I feel at home ....


1030172 compress28

1030265 compress2



In the afternoon, I enjoyed the beautiful beach of Pra del fam, relaxing and chatting with the "Mayor" of the spot.....

I took a lot of photos and several videos.

Click here, for the beatiful and complete slidegallery of the day.

Ciao. Fabio


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The video of the session

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