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After the big success of last year article, Carlo Piscitelli proposes, for the 2015 too, this valuable work with the results and the comments of 2015 boards and sails tests, from some of the most popular windsurfing magazines. We thank Carlo for the contribution and we give him the floor.


Windsurf test: boards and sails 2015 

Here we are to boards and sails comparison, now for model year 2015. In order to better understand the purpose of this article, I would invite you to read the 2014 comparison, in particular the introduction. In a few words, the results of 3 different magazines (Windsurfing Jahrbuch, Planchemag and Windmag) are shown and analyzed, so you can have an idea the clearest and the most impartial possible of how 2015 boards and sails actually performs.


foto articolo test 2015



Unfortunately, we are greatly late with the publication of this article, as almost all 2016 material has been already unveiled. I promise I will be on time for 2016 material comparison.

As you can easily see, comparing this year results with 2014 tests, all the values at stake remain more or less the same. The winning boards and sails are, in many cases, the same.

SLALOM BOARDS: Tested in 2 magazines in different sizes (107-116 in one case, about 100 liters in the other one). We have the same results as for 2014, the winning board is the Starboard iSonic (107 and 97), with the highest score and the tester’s preference in both cases. Second place for the Tabou Manta that, with the same score of the Angulo Magnum, in third place, is one of the favorite of the testers  in one test.


FREERACE BOARDS: For this category we have two comparisons (sizes between 120 and 130 liters). Nothing new under the sun, the winner is the Tabou Speedster LTD (118 and 128 liters, highest score and testers’ choice in both tests). The RRD Firestorm V2 120 LTD gets the same score, but it was tested just in one magazine (this board has been just replaced by the V3 model, more race oriented and less user friendly than the V2). Third place for the Exocet S4 carbon 122.


FREERIDE BOARDS: Short, wide and thin boards are more and more protagonist of the market. Very good results, even for 2015, for the Fanatic Gecko (tested 112, 120 and 133), that gets two first places, one second and one third place, plus one testers’ choice. Good results for the Tabou Rocket (115, 125 and 135), more classic shaped freeride, getting one first place, two seconds and one third place, plus one testers’ choice (the Rocket Wide gets lower scores, even though it’s a new generation freeride board). Contentious results for the Starboard Atomiq, second place in two tests (both 110 liters) and in the last position in the third test (120).


FREESTYLE BOARDS: Only one test available. Same result as for 2014 test, Fanatic Skate TE 101 is the winner. Second place for the Starboard Flare and the Tabou Twister Team, with the same score.


FREEWAVE/FREEMOVE BOARDS: 4 tests available, 81 liters to 106 liters. The Tabou 3S remain the winner of this category (getting two victories in two different magazines for the 96 liters, one second and one fourth place for 86 and 106 liters, plus two testers’ choices). New entry for 2015, the RRD FSW gets two victories (in the same magazine but in two different categories, 86 and 106 liters) and one third place, but no testers’ choices. As for 2014, good results for the more wave oriented Fanatic Freewave, with one first place (96 liters), one second (106) and un third place (96), plus two testers’ choices.


WAVE BOARDS: 3 tests available, with a big size range, between 74 and 104 liters. We have a mixed picture in this category, in line with 2014 results. We have one different winner for each test (Starboard Quad 84, Fanatic Quad 76, and Starbaord Kode Wave 77). Both Starboard wave boards are present in the three tests and they always gets very good results (the Kode gets also two testers’ choice, the Quad gets one).


SLALOM SAILS: The results found for 2015 sails are slightly different from last year comparison. The overall winner is the Gaastra Vapor (7.1 and 7.9), with two victories and one testers’ choice. Second place for the  Loft Sails Racing Blade (size 7.0 and 7.8, one testers’ choice and total score very close to the Vapor) and third place for the Point-7 AC1 (7.2 and 7.9, sharing one victory with the Gaastra and one testers’ choice). Last year winner, the Neil Pryde RS Racing, is present only in one test (Evo 7, 7.8 square meter), it shows the same good qualities of the 2014 model, getting a very high score, even if lower than the Gaastra and the Loft.


FREERACE 2-3 CAMBER SAILS: two tests available, size between 7.5 and 8.0. Last year winner (Severne Overdrive) did not take part to this year tests. The sail with the highest score for 2015 is the Neil Pryde RS Slalom MK6 7.8, winner for one magazine and second for the other one.  The RS Slalom was not tested last year, for this reason we have no chance to compare this sail with the Severne Overdrive. Struggling for second place, the Gaastra Phantom 7.8 and the Point-7 AC-K 7.8, both of them winners in one magazine and, respectively, gaining the third and the fourth place in the other one. Good results for Loft Switch Blade  and KA Sails Koncept 7.5.


FREERIDE 2 CAMBER SAILS: One test for each of the magazines, 7.5 to 8.0 square meters. The overall winner is, without doubt, the Gun Sails Sunray (7.5 and 8.0), getting the first place in all tests. The Gaastra Cosmic (7.5 and 8.0) gets a slightly lower score than last year, even though it still gets the second place, considering the average score. Good results for the Neil Pryde Hornet (7.2 and 7.7) and for the North Sails S-type (7.3 and 7.8).


FREERACE/FREERIDE 0 CAMBER SAILS: 3 tests available,  6.5 to 7.0 square meters. More complicated results for 2015 than last year, there is not an overall winner. Good results , also in 2015 tests, for the Severne NCX 6.5 and 7.0 (one victory and two testers’ choice) and for the Loft Oxygen 6.8 (one first place and one choice). Third place for the Neil Pryde Hellcat 6.7 (winning one test).


CROSSOVER/FREERIDE ENTRY LEVEL/FREEWAVE SAILS: 4 tests, sizes 5.5 to 6.0. If we split in freeride sails and freewave sails, in entry level freeride category both the Neil Pryde Ryde 6.0 and the North Sails E-type 5.8 get a victory, while in freewave category the winner is the North Sails Volt 5.9 (two victories and one testers’ choice), second place for the Gun Sails Torro (one first place in 5.7 size, two second places in 6.0 and one choice).


FREESTYLE SAILS: Only one test available, same sizes as for 2014 comparison, 4.7 and 4.8. New entry for this year, the winner is the Sailloft Quad 4.8 (not tested in 2014), only one point ahead of the Severne Freek 4.8. Third place (all with the same score) for Maui Sails Loco 4.8, North Sails Idol LTD 4.8 (2014 freestyle sail winner), Naish Boxer 4.7 and Vandal Sails Riot 4.7.


WAVE SAILS: As usual, it’s the most populated category, 6 tests available, sizes 4.1 to 5.4, 3 to 5 battens. Even though it’s not easy to figure out which sail is the overall winner, we can notice the very good result of the Severne Blade Pro (two victories, 5.3 and 5.0 m2), but the similar Severne Blade standard gets just a fifth place. Very good results for the Goya Banzai 4.7, too, winning two tests. Not bad the Gaastra Poison (5.0 and 5.4) and the North Sails Hero (4.7 and 5.3), both of them getting one second and one third place.

Here below, you can find all tests results.

For any comment or question, please write a message at the end of this page.



Boards comparison from "Windsurfing Jahrbuch" (max vote 6)


Wave boards 85 litriTop speedTop end controlManeuvrabilityUser friendlinessPlaningAccelerationTotal  
Fanatic Triwave TE 8165465531  
Naish Global 8865455631  
Tabou Pocket 8656566533  
Starboard Quad 8466666636  
Starboard Kode Wave 8765456632  
Quatro Pyramid Thruster 8456644530  
Quatro Sphere Thruster 8566665433  
Quatro Cube Quad 8455655430  
Freestyle boards 100 lPlaningAccelerationTop speedTop end controlManeuvrabilityTake off freestyleSlidingTake off JumpTotal
Fanatic Skate TE 1015655566543
Starboard Flare  1014565566441
Naish Freestyle 995455554538
Tabou Twister Team 1005554665541
Crossover boards  95 lTop speedTop end controlManeuvrabilityUser friendlinessPlaningAccelerationTotal  
Fanatic Freewave TE 9665465531  
Tabou 3S 9656666534  
Starboard Kode Freestyle Wave 9465456632  
Naish Starship 10064355528  
Quatro Tetra 9965654531  
Freeride boards 120 lTop speed low windTop speed high windTop end controlManeuvrabilityKeeping planingUser friendlinessPlaningAccelerationTotal
Fanatic Hawk LTD 1245644545639
Naish GT 1204565555540
Tabou Rocket Wide 1186453656338
Tabou Rocket 1255555565541
Fanatic Gecko LTD 1205465666442
Starboard AtomIq 1204443653332
Freeride boards 140 lTop speed low windTop speed high windTop end controlManeuvrabilityKeeping planingUser friendlinessPlaningAccelerationTotal
Fanatic Gecko LTD 1335465666442
Naish GT 1404565555540
Tabou Rocket LTD 1355555565440
Tabou Rocket Wide 1286453656439
Starboard Carve 1415455656541



Boards comparison from "PLANCHEMAG" (max vote 10)


Slalom boards 107-116 lPlaningControlStabilityEasy of gybeAcceleration after gybeOverall performanceTop speedTotalTesters' choice  
Angulo Magnum 115109,59,5109,59,59,567,5   
Fanatic Falcon 1108,58,58,5999,51063   
RRD X-Fire V7 114 LTD99,59109,59,5965,5   
Starboard iSonic Carbon 107910109,510109,568X  
Tabou Manta Team 71-1168,5999,59,5101065,5X  
Freerace boards 120-130 lPlaningControlExploitabilityEasy of gybeAcceleration after gybeUpwindOverall performanceTop speedTotalTesters' choice 
Exocet S4 Carbon 122101099,5101098,576  
Fanatic Ray 1208,5988,59,59101072,5X 
Naish Bullet 13099,599,510109,5975,5  
Novenove Revo 1259,510910999,5975  
Starboard Futura Carbon 1248,51010108,5898,572,5  
Tabou Speedster LTD 79-1289,59,58,599,510109,575,5X 
Freeride X-large boards 108-119 lPlaningControlStrapsExploitabilityEasy of gybeGybe radicalityFunUpwindTotalTesters' choice 
Exocet X-Move Carbon 1197,59,599109,58,58,571,5  
Fanatic Gecko LTD 112109999,599,59,574,5X 
JP Magic Ride Pro 1118,510109988,51073X 
RRD Firemove V2 LTD 1129,5109,59,5101010876,5X 
Starboard AtomIQ Carbon 1109,51010108,598,59,575X 
Tabou Rocket Wide CED 108109,5599,5991071  
Freeride boards 111-120 lPlaningControlStrapsExploitabilityEasy of gybeGybe radicalityFunUpwindTop speed TotalTesters' choice
Fanatic Hawk LTD 1139989,58,59,51091082,5X
Goya Carrera 1169999,5999,599,582,5 
JP All Ride Pro 1168,58,5108,59109,58,5981,5 
Naish GT 1209,589,5109978,58,579 
RRD Firestorm V2 LTD 11110108109,588101083,5X
Tabou Rocket LTD 1159,59,589,5109,5991084X
Freemove boards  100-106 lPlaningControlExploitabilityEasy of gybeSurfBump & jumpTop speedTotalTesters' choice  
Angulo CV1 100989108,58,58,561,5   
Exocet Cross Carbon 104910101088964X  
Fanatic Freewave TE 10681098,51010863,5X  
JP Freestyle Wave Pro 10281088,59,510862   
Patrik F-Cross 102999999,5963,5X  
RRD Freestyle Wave V3 LTD 1069,5999,599,5964,5   
Starboard Kode Freestyle Wave Carbon 10310898,58,58,51062,5   
Tabou 3S LTD 1068,5989991062,5   
Freewave  boards 81-89 lPlaningControlExploitabilityEasy of gybeSurfBump & jumpTop speed  TotalTesters' choice  
Fanatic Freewave TE 869,5999109,5965   
Novenove Style Wave CKW 86109109,599,51067   
Quatro Thruster Tetra 89999,510109,5966X  
RRD Freestyle Wave V3 LTD 889,5910109,5101068   
Starboard Kode Freestyle Wave Carbon 818108,59108,5963   
Tabou 3S LTD 8691099,59,5101067X  
Wave  boards 77-104 l (max vote 5)HookipaEuropeBump & jumpTotalTesters' choice      
Fanatic Quad TE 8954110       
Fanatic Triwave TE 10335311       
Goya Quad Wave Pro 10454211X      
JP Radical Quad Pro 8354110X      
JP Thruster Quad Pro 8345312       
Naish Global 7835311       
Patrik T-Wave 8945312       
Quatro Thruster Sphere 8545312       
RRD Firewave LTD 9225411       
RRD Hardcore Wave Quad LTD V5 8854110X      
Starboard Kode Wave Carbon 7745413X      
Starboard Quad Carbon 7954110       
Tabou Da Curve Quadster 8054110       
Tabou Pocket Wave 8635412       



Boards comparison from "WINDMAG" (max vote 10)


Slalom boards 100 lPlaningControlGybePerformance bottom endPerformance top endTotalTesters' choice
Angulo Magnum 9578981042 
RRD X-fire 10586810941 
Starboard iSonic 97888101044X
Tabou Manta 66 106978101044 
Freerace boards 125 lPlaningControlGybePerformance bottom endPerformance top endTotalTesters' choice
Exocet S4 122 Carbon108810743 
JP Supersport 124 Pro Edition7987839 
Novenove Revo 125 LTD8788839 
RRD Firestorm 120 LTD81098944X
Tabou Speedster 118 LTD98891044X
Freeride boards 125 lPlaningControlConfort PerformanceAccessibilityTotalTesters' choice
Bic Techno 1338767735 
Fanatic Hawk 124 Bamboo8998741 
JP X-cite Ride Plus 125 PRO9899944 
Naish Titan 120 98761040 
Patrik F-Ride 1258989741 
Tabou Rocket 125 LTD89810843X
Freeride compact boards 110 lPlaningControlConfort PerformanceAccessibilityTotalTesters' choice
Exocet X-Move 108 Carbon7987940 
Fanatic Gecko 112 LTD8999843 
JP Magic Ride 111 Pro Edition10998945 
RRD Firemove 112 LTD8988942 
Starboard AtomIQ 110 Carbon9988943 
Tabou Rocket Wide 108 LTD99810743 
Freewave boards 95 lPlaningControlConfort Performance freeridePerformance WaveTotalTesters' choice
Exocet Cross 94 PRO9989641 
Fanatic Freewave 96 TE991081046X
Goya One 959887941 
JP Freestylewave 102 PRO109109846X
Naish Starship 90 8979639 
Novenove Style Wave 868998943 
Quatro Tetra 9969961040 
RRD Freestyle Wave 94 LTD8998943 
Starboard Kode Freewave 86 Carbon89109945 
Tabou 3S 96 LTD991010846X
Wave boards 74-88 lPlaningControlManeuvrabilitySmall wavesBig wavesTotalTesters' choice
99Novenove 4x Quad 7861097941X
Angulo Victory 807887737 
Black Local Wave Quad 8697910742X
Fanatic Quad 767999943X
Fanatic Tri  Wave 889879639 
Goya Custom Quad 849889842X
JP Radical Quad 8387109741 
JP Thruster Quad 839877839 
Naish Global S 788668634 
Naish Wave 827997941 
Quatro Cube 78610881042X
Quatro Sphere Thruster 858877838 
RRD Hardcore Wave V5 788987840 
RRD Firewave Wood 749667634 
Starboard Quad 7971088942 
Starboard Kode Wave 8710789741X
Tabou Pocket 788788738 
Tabou Dacurve 807998942



Sails comparison from "Windsurfing Jahrbuch" (max vote 6)


Wave sails  5.3 m²Top speedTop end controlManeuvrabilityUser friendlinessPlaningAccelerationTotal
North Sails Volt 5.355554529
North Sails Hero 5.355556531
Vandal Sails Enemy HD 5.355555530
Naish Force Five 5.365456632
Severne S-1 Pro 5.256654531
Severne Swat 5.254544426
Gaastra Poison 5.465456632
Sailloft Curve 5.355555530
Point-7 Salt Campello LTD 5.256653429
Severne Blade Pro 5.365566634
Hot Sails KS3 5.345545528
Maui Sails Legend 5.056544428
Maui Sails Global 5.455556531
Maui Sails Ghost CS 5.355554428
Maui Sails Mutant 5.155565531
KA Sails Kryptonite 5.354545528
Gun Sails Transwave 5.355556531
Gun Sails Peak 5.356555531
KA Sails Killer 5.3 55446630
Ezzy Sails Elite 5.345455427
Hot Sails Firelight 5.355656532
Freestyle sails 4.8 m²PlaningAccelerationTop speedManeuvrabilityWindrange ControlTotal
Maui Sails Loco 4.845655631
North Sails Idol LTD 4.855565531
Gaastra Pure 4.856555430
Sailloft Quad 4.866556533
Point-7 Slash 4.845545528
Severne Freek 4.845665632
Gun Sails Beat 4.855555530
Naish Boxer 4.765555531
Vandal Sails Riot 4.755555631
Crossover sails 5.9 m²Top speedTop end controlManeuvrabilityUser friendlinessPlaningAccelertionTotal
North Sails E_type 5.866456633
Point-7 HF 5.954456529
Gaastra Cross 6.066555633
Vandal Sails Addict 6.056456531
Sailloft Quad Plus 5.955555530
Naish Supermoto 6.055555530
Severne Gator 6.045654428
Severne Convert 6.055455529
Gun Sails Torro 6.055566532
KA Sails Kult 5.855555530
Freeride sails 7.0 m²Top speed low windTop speed high windTop end controlManeuvrabilityKeeping planingUser friendlinessPlaningAccelerationTotal
North Sails E_type 7.35565566543
Gaastra Matrix  7.06555565542
Vandal Sails Stitch 7.05665555643
Sailloft Cross 7.05554555539
Point-7 AC-X 7.05665555542
Naish Noa 7.04555564438
Severne Gator 7.0 5556565441
Severne NCX 7.05655556643
Gun Sails Stream 6.95555555540
KA Sails Koyote 6.63644333531
Ezzy Sails Cheetah 7.04556554438
Freeride sails 8.0 m²Top speed low windTop speed high windTop end controlManeuvrabilityKeeping planingUser friendlinessPlaningAccelerationTotal
Gun Sails Sunray 8.06665666647
North Sails S_type SL 7.86555666645
Vandal Sails Mission 7.84434453330
Gaastra Cosmic 8.06556656544
Point-7 AC-K 7.85534544535
Naish Indy 8.25555555540
Severne Turbo 8.06555566543



 Sails comparison from "PLANCHEMAG" (max vote 10)


Slalom sails 7.6-7.9 m²Power/PlaningControlLightnessRotationOverall performance Top speed TotalTesters' choice
Avanti Machine M-3 7.68,5109,588,5953,5
Gaastra Vapor 7.99101099,59,557X
Gun Sails GS-R 7.99,598,5999,554,5
Loft Racing Blade 7.810999109,556,5
Neil Pryde RS: Racing Evo 7 7.8 9,59,599,59,5956
North Sails Warp F2015 7.78,58,510109,5955,5
Point-7 AC1 Zero15 7.99,58,58,5991054,5X
Freerace sails 2-3 cam 7.5-8.0 m²Power/PlaningControlLightnessRotationOverall performanceTop speedTotalTesters' choice
Gaastra Phantom 7.88,5108,5891054
Gun Sails Vector 8.0108,58108,58,553,5
KA Sails Koncept 7.58910991055
Loft Switch Blade 7.899,59109955,5X
Naish Bullet 7.898,59,599954
Neil Pryde RS:Slalom MK6 7.8101098101057X
Point-7 AC-K 5G 7.899899,5953,5
RRD Firewing MKIII 7.89988,59952,5
Freeride sails 2 cam 7.5-7.8 m²Power/PlaningControlLightnessRotationTop speedTotalTesters' choice
Gaastra Cosmic 7.59,591091047,5X
Gun Sails Sunray 7.58,51010101048,5X
Neil Pryde Hornet 7.79,5998944,5
North Sails S-Type SL 7.89,5988943,5
Severne Turbo 7.5109109947
Vandal Mission 7.810798842
Freeride no cam sails 6.6-7.0 m²Power/PlaningControlLightnessManeuvrabilityTop speedTotalTesters' choice
Gaastra Matrix 7.01098,59945,5
Gun Sails Rapid 6.78,59,5991046X
Ka Sails Koyote 6.689,510109,547
Loft Sails Oxygen 6.89109,59,51048X
Naish Noa 7.0108,588,5944
Neil Pryde Hellcat 6.79,59999,546
Neil Pryde Ryde 7.010899,58,545
North Sails E-Type 6.69,58,599,59,546X
Point-7 AC-X 5G 7.0108,588,59,544,5
Severne NCX 7.09,5998,59,545,5X
XO Sails Quad 6.69,58,58,58,5944
Freewave sails  5.5-6.0 m²Power/PlaingControlLightnessManeuvrability/Surf Top speed TotalTesters' choice
Gaastra Cross 6.0891061043
Gun Sails Torro 6.0108981045X
Neil Pryde Fusion HD 5.59899944
North Sails Volt 5.98101010947X
RRD Move MKIII 5.798109844
Power wave sails 5.3-5.4 m²Testers' choice
Gaastra Poison 5.4
Gun Sails Transwave 5.3
Neil Pryde Atlas 5.4X
Wave sails  5 battens 4.7-5.0 m²Testers' choice 
Gaastra Manic 4.7
Gun Sails Peak 5.0
Loft Sails Pure Lip 4.7
Naish Force Five 5.0X
North Sails Volt HD 4.7
Severne Blade Pro 5.0X
Vandal Enemy HD 4.5  
Wave sails 4 battens 4.4-4.7 m²Testers' choice  
Avanti Fenix ME 4.4  
Ezzy Elite 4.7  
Gaastra IQ 4.5  
Goya Banzai 4.7X  
Gun Sails Blow 4.6  
Hot Sails Qu4d 4.7  
Loft 4Wave 4.7  
Naish Force Four 4.5  
Neil Pryde Combat HD 4.7X  
North Sails Hero 4.5X  
Point-7 Salt 5G 4.5    
RRD The Four MK IV 4.7    
RRD Vogue HD MK VI HD 4.7    
XO Sails Skull4.7    
Wave sails 3 battens 4.1-4.8 m²Testers' choice    
Goya Fringe 4.7X    
Gun Aqua 4.6    
Naish Force Three 4.1X    
Neil Pryde The Fly 4.8    
RRD Gamma MK I 4.7    



Sails comparison from "WINDMAG" (max vote 10)


Slalom sails 7.0 m²PlaningControlAccelerationPerformance bottom endPerformance top endTotalTesters' choice
Avanti Machine M-3 6.8810881044
Gaastra Vapor 7.110910101049
Gun Sails GS-R 7.199991046
Hot Sails Maui GPS 6.6810871043
Loft Sails Racing Blade 7.01010910948X
North Sails Warp F2015 7.0991091047
Point 7 AC1 7.210109101049
Freerace sails 7.8 m²PlaningPowertHigh windAccessibilityPerformanceTotalTesters' choice
Gaastra Phantom 7.899981045X
Gun Sails Vector 8.06798737
Ka Sails Koncept 7.5781010944X
Loft Sails Switch Blade 7.891077841
Neil Pryde RS: Slalom MK6 7.879109944
North Sails S_type SL 7.87879839
Point-7 AC-K 5G 7.89999945X
RRD Firewing MKIII 7.881076839
XO Sails Silver 7.879910944
Freeride 2 cam sails 7.5 m²PlaningPowerHigh windManeuvrabilityPerformanceTotalTesters' choice
Gaastra Cosmic 7.59888841
Gun Sails Sunray 7.5108108945X
Neil Pryde Hornet 7.288910843
North Sails S_Type SL 7.37769837
Simmer 2XC 7.178810841
Freeride no cam 6.5 m²PlaningPowerHigh windManeuvrabilityPerformanceTotalTesters' choice
Gaastra Matrix 7.09888841
Gun Sails Rapid 6.77799840
Loft Sails Oxygen 6.88987840
Naish Sails Noa 7.010967840
Neil Pryde Hellcat 6.79988943
North Sails E_Type 6.66779736
RRD Fire MKIII 6.88978840
Sailloft Cross 6.57889840
Severne NCX 6.58898942X
Vandal Addict 6.588810842
Entry level sails 6.0 m²PlaningPowerHigh windManeuvrabilityPerformanceTotalTesters' choice
Gaastra Pilot 6.010888842
Gun Sails Stream 6.08899943X
Neil Pryde Ryde 6.09899944X
North Sails E_Type 5.87799739
Point 7 HF 3G 5.98999742
RRD Evolution 5.7 MKVII9987841
XO Sails Eol 6.08887940
Freewave sails 5.5 m²PlaningPowerHigh windManeuvrabilityPerformanceTotalTesters' choice
Gaastra Cross 5.67898840
Gun Sails Torro 5.77898941
North Sails Volt 5.977910841
Point 7 Spy 5.48979841
RRD Move 5.7 MKIII9967839
Severne Gator 5.58888840X
XO Sails Quad 5.47888940
Wave sails 4.2/5.4 m²PlaningPerformanceWind rangeManeuvrabilityNeutralityTotalTesters' choice
Gaastra IQ 4.58999843
Gaastra Manic 4.779108842X
Gaastra Poison 5.091097742X
Goya Banzai 4.789109844X
Goya Fringe 4.777710940
Goya Guru 4.27899942
Gun Sails Aqua 4.67789940
Gun Sails Blow 4.68988841
Gun Sails Peak 4.57889941
Ka Sails Killer 4.78988841
Loft Sails Purelip 4.778108841X
Loft Sails 4Wave 4.58779839
Naish Boxer 4.48899842X
Naish Force5 4.79998742
Neil Pryde Atlas 5.4101096641
Neil Pryde Combat HD 4.78999843
Neil Pryde The Fly 4.5677101040X
North Sails Hero 4.78999843X
North Sails Volt 4.579108943
Point 7 Salt Campello LTD 4.78988841
RRD Four 4.28988740
RRD Gamma 4.7677101040
RRD Vogue Pro 4.77889941
Sail Loft Curve 4.78878738
Severne Blade 4.77889840
Severne S-3 5.087610940
Simmer BlackTip 4.78889942
XO Skull 4.57788838


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