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How to choose a new board or a new sail? Only by their colors or by the discount we can get? The basic idea of this article is to find out which are the best boards and sails on the market, or the most suitable for everyone’s needs, in an objective way and comparing data from different sources.


Windsurf test: boards and sails 2014

Inside the small world of windsurfing, it is actually not easy to find complete, unbiased and reliable information. There are few specialised magazines and it is very infrequent to have comparisons with products from the same category, with exhaustive analysis and scores. But, with a little luck, we could find very good tests, furthermore from different sources. We have 3 different magazines (one from German, Windsurfing Jahrbuch, and two from France, Planchemag and Windmag), each one collecting the results of all 2014 windsurfing gear tests (boards and sails, divided by category). At the end, the average score of the three magazines will give us a final classification, so we will have a more clear idea for the next buying. If you want to read the same comparing of 2015 equipment, click here



Equipment Test 2014

SLALOM BOARDS: We have tests just in two magazines, with slightly different sizes (107-110 liters for one test and 100 liters for the other). The result is univocal, the winning board is the Starboard iSonic (107 and 97). It gets the highest score and it is one of the favorite of the testers for both. Choice of the testers for one of the two magazines is also the RRD X-fire (PWA world champion 2014, rider Antoine Albeau), but its score is lower than the Exocet RS3/4 100 and 110, in the second place.

FREERACE BOARDS: These boards have been tested only by one magazine (volume 110 liters). Full victory (score and testers’ choice) for the Tabou Speedster 108. Second place for the Starboard Futura 111. The Futura seems to be easier and more exploitable than the French board, but it has lower overall performances.

FREERIDE BOARDS: The comparisons in this category are more complicated, due to the fact that at the moment there are two different types of boards: the more classical ones (i.e. Starboard Carve or JP X-cite ride) and the modern wide ones (i.e. Starboard AtomIQ or JP Magic Ride). Some says that in the future we will have more and more short, wide and thin freeride boards. But, up to now, the two types of freeride boards are still coexisting. Fanatic, for instance, is trying to find a merging between the two shapes. In fact, the 2015 Gecko will be a compromise (for the largest sizes) between the very wide 2014 Gecko and the classic shaped Shark (not to be produced anymore starting from 2015). In general, the most winning board is the Fanatic Gecko (120 and 105), overall winner in all the tests where it took part in (3 out of 6). At the second place we have the Tabou Rocket 125, 135 and 145 (in 4 tests the Tabou get two victories, one second place and one third place) and the Fanatic Shark 120 and 135 (one first place and one second place).

FREESTYLE BOARDS: One of the three magazine tested this type of boards. The winner is the Fanatic Skate TE 101 (PWA world champion 2014, rider Gollito Estredo). Second place for Fanatic Skate (standard edition) 100 and Starbaord Flare 101, very close in terms of score to the Skate TE.

FREEWAVE BOARDS: 4 tests available, volumes between 85 and 105 liters. The battle is between the Tabou 3S 86, 96 and 106 and the Fanatic Freewave (same sizes), with the 3S slightly ahead. The French board is in the first place in 3 tests out of 4, while the Fanatic gained one first and two second places. Analyzing the scores of these two boards, we can see their different personality: Tabou is easier and faster (an high wind freeride), Fanatic is more technical and wave oriented (an easy wave board).

WAVE BOARDS: Sizes between 75 and 95 liters. First place for the Fanatic Quad TE 82, winner of the two tests where this board was present in. Good result for the Starboard Kode 82 and 87 (former world champion, rider Philip Köster), with one first and one second place.

INFLATABLE WINDSUP: Tested on one of the three magazines. This kind of gear are now used as beginner boards by many windsurfing school and by some riders in non-planing conditions. The overall winner is without doubt the Starboard 10’0 De Luxe , second place for the Fanatic Fly Air Premium Touring 11’ X 32 with a much lower score.

SLALOM SAILS: We don’t have a clear victory in this catergory. Considering the sum of the points for the two tests of these sails, the winner seems to be the Neil Pryde RS Racing Evo 6 7.0 and 7.8 square meters (PWA world champion 2014, rider Antoine Albeau), one of the favorite of the testers for both the magazines. Second place for the Gaastra Vapor (7.1 and 7.9) and the Loft Sails Racing Blade (7.0 and 7.8), with the Loft slightly ahead, as it is one of the favorite of the testers for two magazines (the Gaastra is a testers’ choice just for one magazine).

FREERACE SAILS 2-3 CAMBERS: tested by two magazines, sizes between 7.7 and 8.2 meters. The Severne Overdrive 7.8 is the winner in both the tests, favorite of the testers for one. Second place for the Loft Sails Switch Blade 7.8 (one first and one third place, favorite of the testers for one magazine), third place very close for the North Sails Ram 7.8 (just half point below, testers’ choice for one magazine).

FREERIDE SAILS 2 CAMBERS: Tested by all the three magazines, sizes between 7.0 and 8.1. The battle is between the Gaastra Cosmic (7.5 and 8.0) and the Gun Sails Sunray (7.5 and 8.0). Gun Sails is half point above the Gaastra , but it is one of the favorite of the testers for one magazine (two for the Gaastra). In the second place we have Naish Indy (7.0 and 7.6), Neil Pryde Hornet (7.2 and 7.7) and North Sails S-type (7.3 and 7.8).

FREERIDE/FREERACE SAILS NO CAMBERS: Tested by all the three magazines, sizes between 6.4 and 7.3. Clear victory for the Severne NCX (6.5 and 7.0), gaining two first and one second place, favorite of the testers in all the tests. Second place for the Loft Sails Oxygen (6.8 and 7.3), with two second places and one testers’ choice.

LIGHT FREERIDE SAILS: Just one test available, size 6.4-6.5. The winner is the North Sails Curve 6.4, second place for the Gaastra Pilot 6.5

CROSSOVER/FREEMOVE/FREEWAVE SAILS: Sizes 5.5 to 6.1. Battle between Ezzy Sails Legacy 5.8, Naish Vibe 5.5 (both winners in two different tests) and North Sails Volt (one first and one second place in two tests). Second place for the Gaastra Cross 6.0.

FREESTYLE SAILS: One test available, size 4.7-4.8. The winner is the North Sails Idol LTD 4.7 (PWA world champion, rider Gollito Estredo). Second place for the Gaastra Pure, the Severne Freek, the Gun Sails Beat, the Maui Sails Loco Pro and the Hot Sails Maui Freestyle Pro, all with the same score (very close to the Idol) and the same size, 4.8.

WAVE SAILS: Many sails tested and with different features. We have 3 batten sails (at the moment they seems to be very good especially for down the line surfing), 4 batten sails (probably the most common type for wavesailing) and 5 batten sails (very powerful sails, good choice for high wind freeriding, too). Sizes 4.5 to 5.4. The battle is between the North Sails Hero (4 battens, 5.0 and 5.3 tested) and the Gaastra Poison (5 battens, 5.0 and 5.4). They get the same score, but the North is the favorite of the testers. Second place for the Gun Sails Transwave (5 battens, 5.3 tested), just one point below the North and the Gaastra.



Boards comparison from "Windsurfing Jahrbuch" (max vote 6)

Wave boards 85 litersDesignAccelerationSpeedTop end controlManeuverabilityUser friendlinessTotal  
Tabou Pocket Wave 8565465632  
Tabou Da Curve Quadster 8644556428  
Starboard Nuevo Carbon 8644566530  
Starboard Quad Carbon 8755555530  
Starboard Kode Wave Wood 8766654532  
Fanatic Quad TE 8255556632  
Fanatic Triwave TE 8155654631  
Quatro Sphere Thruster 8254466631  
Quatro Pyramide Thruster 8445566430  
Quatro Cube Quad 8454556530  
Exocet X-Wave 8154564529  
Freestyle boards 100 litersDesignAccelerationSpeedTop end controlManeuverabilityTake off freestyleSlidingTake off JumpTotal
Tabou Twister Team 1004555566440
Fanatic Skate TE 1015655566442
Fanatic Skate 1006556544641
Starboard Flare Carbon 1014565665441
Crossover boards 95 litersDesignAccelerationSpeedTop end controlManeuverabilityUser friendlinessTotal  
Tabou 3S LTD 9655566633  
Patrick Diethelm Freestyle Wave 9355556531  
Starboard Kode Freestyle Wave Carbon 9455655531  
Fanatic Hawk LTD 9766644430  
Fanatic Freewave Textreme 9655566532  
Exocet Cross Silver 9455555530  
Quatro Freestyle Wave 9555566532  
Freeride boards 120 litersDesignAccelerationLow wind speedHigh wind speedTop end controlManeuverabilityPlaningUser friendlinessTotal
Patrick Diethelm Freeride 1254555665541
Starboard Futura Carbon 1215556455439
Fanatic Hawk LTD 1255656445439
Fanatic Gecko LTD 1206454656642
Tabou Rocket LTD 1255555555641
Starboard Carve Carbon 1215554655540
Fanatic Shark HRS 1205555565642
Exocet Scross Carbon 1165556555541
Freeride boards 140 litersDesignAccelerationLow wind speedHigh wind speedTop end controlManeuverabilityPlaningUser friendlinessTotal
Patrick Diethelm Freeride 1455556565542
Starboard Carve Carbon 1416554556541
Starboard Futura Carbon 1416656545441
Fanatic Shark LTD 1355556465642
Tabou Rocket LTD 1456564656543
Exocet Scross Carbon 1385555535538




Boards comparison from "PLANCHEMAG" (max vote 10)

Slalom boards 107-115 litersPlaningControlStabilityEasy of jibeAcceleration after jibeUpwindOverall performanceTop speedTotalTesters' choice 
Exocet RS4 111101010109,51099,578  
Fanatic Falcon 11098,599999,51073  
Patrik Diethelm Slalom V2 1159,59,59,5109,59,59,51077  
RRD X-Fire V6 1149,5999,59,510101076,5X 
Starboard iSonic Carbon 10710109,59,51010101079X 
Tabou Manta Pro Team 71-1169,598,599,59,5101075  
Freerace boards 108-116 litersPlaningControlExploitabilityEasy of jibeAcceleration after jibeUpwindOverall performanceTop speedTotalTesters' choice 
Exocet Scross Carbon 1168,589,5101098,5972,5  
JP Super Sport Pro 11299999,5109,59,574,5  
Starboard Futura Carbon 1119,510109,59,58,599,575,5  
Tabou Speedster LTD 1081010991010101078X 
X-large freeride boards 118-130 litersPlaningControlStrapsExploitabilityEasy of jibeJibe radicalityFunUpwindSpeedTotalTesters' choice
Exocet Xcross Pro 13071091091087777 
Fanatic Gecko LTD 12091089109981082X
JP Magic Ride Pro 1187,5910998791078,5 
RRD Firemove V2 LTD 1227,581091010107879,5X
Starboard AtomIQ Carbon 120897109768973X
Tabou Thunder CED 1301076988510972 
Freeride boards 120-130 litersPlaningControlStrapsExploitabilityEasy of jibeJibe radicalityFunSpeedTotalTesters' choice 
Fanatic Hawk LTD 1259797710101069  
Goya Freeride Carrera 1301097101087970  
JP X-Cite Ride Plus Pro 125991010997972  
Patrik Diethelm F-Ride 1258109881091072X 
RRD Firestorm V2 LTD 120109899981072X 
Starboard Carve Carbon 1219881010109973  
Tabou Rocket LTD 12510107910108973X 
Freewave boards 93-101 litersPlaningControlExploitabilitySurfBump & jumpSpeedTotalTesters' choice   
Exocet Xwave 1011091099855    
Fanatic Freewave TE 968991010854X   
Goya One Pro 9578988747    
JP Freestyle Wave Pro 93978910952    
RRD Freestyle Wave V3 LTD 949910910956    
Starboard Kode Freestyle Wave Carbon 94978710950    
Tabou 3S LTD 96910108101057X   
Wave boards 83-94 litersTesters' choice          
Fanatic Tri Wave TE 88X          
Goya Custom Quad Wave 94           
Quatro Thruster Pyramid 84X          
RRD Wave Cult LTD V5 83           
Starboard Kode Wave Carbon 87X          
Tabou Pocket Wave 85           



Boards comparison from "WINDMAG" (max vote 10)

Slalom boards 100 litersPlaningControlJibeBottom end performanceTop end performanceTotalTesters' choice 
Exocet RS3 10088891043  
Fanatic Falcon 10086991042  
Patrik Diethelm Slalom 10078891042  
Starboard iSonic 97888101044X 
Tabou Manta 66 106878101043  
Inflatable windsupAccessibilityConfortManeuverabilityControlVersatilityTotalTesters' choice 
Exocet Discovery 9'88896839  
Fanatic Fly Air Premium Touring 11' X 328996840  
Naish Cross Over Air 11'7878838  
Starboard Windsup Inflat. 10'0 Deluxe10101010949X 
Freeride boards 135 litersPlaningControlConfortPerformanceAccessibilityTotalTesters' choice 
Bic Techno 1337867735  
Exocet Scross 138 Carbon10899844X 
Fanatic Hawk 135 LTD881010844X 
JP X-cite Ride Plus Pro Edition 1359899843  
Naish GT 13079871041  
Tabou Rocket 135 CED8898942  
Freeride boards 100-105 litersPlaningControlConfortPerformanceAccessibilityTotalTesters' choice 
Exocet Xcross 100 Pro model7997941  
Fanatic Gecko 105 LTD9999844X 
JP Magic Ride 104 Pro Edition9898842  
RRD Firemove 102 Wood8888941  
Freemove/freewave boards 105 litersPlaningControlConfortFreeride performanceWave performanceAccessibilityTotalTesters' choice
Exocet Cross 104 Silver897107849 
Fanatic Freewave 106 TXTR988810851 
Tabou 3S 106 CED88999851X
Freewave boards 85 litersPlaningControlConfortFreeride performancePerformance WaveTotalTesters' choice 
Exocet Cross 84 Carbon PRO981010744  
Fanatic Freewave 86 TXTR99881044X 
Goya One 857686936  
JP Freestylewave 93 PRO9888841  
Naish Starship 908899741  
Patrik FSW 8696681039  
Starboard Kode FSW 86 Carbon9989944X 
Tabou 3S 86 CED8979942X 
Wave boards 75-85 litersPlaningControlManeuverabilitySmall wavesBig wavesTotalTesters' choice 
Exocet U-surf 76881010844  
Fanatic Quad TE 828101081046X 
Fanatic Tri Wave 7610888842  
Goya Custom Quad 7888810842X 
Patrik Trailer Wave Wild 8310668636  
Quatro Pyramid Thruster 766101041040  
RRD Firewave LTD 8210668636  
RRD Wave Cult V5 LTD 8310688840  
JP Single Thruster 83 Pro Edition10868638  
JP Twinser Quad 74 Pro Edition610861040  
Naish Wave 85610631035  
Novenove Chamaleon 85861010640  
Starboard Kode Wave Carbon 821061010844  
Starboard NuEvo Carbon 86108810642X 
Tabou Da Curve 758101081046X 
Tabou Pocket 80108810642  



Sails comparison from "Windsurfing Jahrbuch" (max vote 6)

Wave sails 5.3 m²DesignAccelerationSpeedTop end controlManeuverabilityUser friendlinessTotal  
Gaastra Manic 5.355565531  
Gaastra Poison 5.466654532  
Gaastra IQ 5.444456528  
Vandal Sails Enemy 5.355555530  
Vandal Sails Riot 5.245555630  
Severne Blade 5.366655634  
Severne S-1 5.254456529  
North Sails Hero 5.365556532  
Point-7 Swag 5.144446628  
Gun Sails Transwave 5.365555531  
Gun Sails Blow 5.255556531  
North Sails Idol 5.366545531  
Maui Sails Legend 5.344466428  
Maui Sails Global 5.465555531  
Gun Sails Peak 5.355565531  
Hot Sails Maui Firelight 5.355556531  
Maui Sails Mutant 5.155556632  
Point-7 Salt 5.255555530  
Severne Swat 5.255546530  
Hot Sails Maui Superfreak M.E. 5.354455528  
KA Sails Killer 5.355554428  
KA Sails Kryptonite 5.345545528  
Freestyle sails 4.8 m²DesignAccelerationSpeedManeuverabilityWindrangeControlTotal  
Gaastra Pure 4.845565631  
Vandal Sails Riot 4.855545630  
Severne Freek 4.845556631  
North Sails Idol LTD 4.756565532  
Gun Sails Beat 4.865555531  
Maui Sails Loco Pro 4.845655631  
Hot Sails Maui Freestyle Pro 4.855565531  
Crossover sails 6.0 m²DesignAccelerationSpeedTop end controlManeuverabilityUser friendlinessTotal  
Gaastra Cross 6.056665533  
Vandal Sails Addict 6.065564531  
North Sails Volt 5.966565533  
Gun Sails Torro 6.065555632  
Point-7 HF 5.965544529  
Severne Gator 6.055456631  
KA Sails Kult 5.855555530  
Hot Sails Maui Firelight 6.055456631  
Freeride sails 7.0 m²DesignAccelerationLow wind speedHigh wind speedTop end controlManeuverabilityPlaningUser friendlinessTotal
Gaastra Matrix 7.05565555642
Gaastra Savage 7.26556645542
Vandal Sails Stitch 7.05656545541
Vandal Sails Venture 7.25454655640
North Sails E-type 7.36555655643
Gun Sails Rapid 6.75656645542
Gun Sails Future 6.95555555540
Point-7 AC-X 7.05656445540
Severne Gator 7.05455565641
Severne NCX 7.06656555543
Maui Sails Switch 7.05555655541
KA Sails Koyote 6.65555445538
Freeride sails 8.0 m²DesignAccelerationLow wind speedHigh wind speedTop end controlManeuverabilityPlaningUser friendlinessTotal
Severne Turbo 8.15565555541
North Sails S-type 7.86665556645
Gun Sails Sunray 8.06666656546
Gaastra Cosmic 8.06565566544



 Sails comparison from "PLANCHEMAG" (max vote 10) 

Slalom sails 7.7-7.9 m²Power/planingControlLightnessRotationLow wind speedHigh wind speedTotalTesters' choice  
Gaastra Vapor 7.99,51098,5101057X  
Gun Sails GS-R 7.999,598,598,553,5   
Loft Racing Blade 7.810108,58,5101057X  
Maui Sails TR-X 7.79,599,59101057   
Neil Pryde RS: Racing Evo 6 7.81010109101059X  
North Sails Warp F2014 7.88,59,510109,51057,5   
Point-7 AC1 Zero14 7.99,59,588,59,59,554,5   
Severne Reflex 5 7.89,59,59,599,59,556,5   
XO Sails Gold 7.89,5998109,555   
Freerace sails 2-3 cam 7.7-8.2 m²Power/planingControlLightnessRotationLow wind speedHigh wind speedTotalTesters' choice  
Avanti Condor 8.21088910954X  
Gaastra Phantom 7.8101088101056X  
Gun Sails Vector 8.010981010956   
Loft Switch Blade 7.89109109,51057,5X  
Neil Pryde H2 Racing 7.7107799951   
North Sails Ram F14 7.88991091055   
Severne Overdrive RS Slalom 7.89101099,51057,5   
XO Sails Silver 7.8898899,551,5   
Freeride sails 2 cam 7.5-7.8 m²Power/planingControlLightnessManeuverabilityRotationSpeedTotalTesters' choice  
Gaastra Cosmic 7.59101010101059X  
Gun Sails Sunray 7.59,51099101057,5X  
Naish Indy 7.61081099955   
Neil Pryde Hornet 7.710910109957   
North Sails S-Type 7.89991010956   
Freerace sails no cam 7.0-7.3 m²Power/planingControlLightnessManeuverabilitySpeedTotalTesters' choice   
Gaastra Savage 7.299,58,581045    
Gun Sails Rapid 7.2109999,546,5    
Loft Sails Oxygen 7.381010101048X   
Neil Pryde Hellcat 7.2109881045    
North Sails E-Type 7.310899945X   
Severne NCX 7.09,59,59,5101048,5X   
Simmer V-Max 7.288,588840,5    
Light freeride sails no cam 6.4-6.5 m²Power/planingControlLightnessManeuverabilitySpeedTotalTesters' choice   
Gaastra Pilot 6.5109881045X   
North Sails Curve 6.48101010947X   
Vandal Sails Venture 6.49999945    
XO Sails Eol 6.599881044    
Freemove sails 5.6-6.1 m²Power/planingControlLightnessManeuverability/surfSpeedTotalTesters' choice   
Ezzy Sails Legacy 5.8810109946    
Gaastra Cross 6.0910851042X   
Gun Sails Torro 6.09888942    
Naish Boxer 5.888910843X   
Neil Pryde Fusion 6.110787941    
North Sails Idol 5.67101010845    
RRD Move MKII 5.78889942    
Severne Gator 6.0991089,545,5X   



Sails comparison from "WINDMAG" (max vote 10) 

Slalom sails 7.0 m²PlaningControlAccelerationBottom end performanceTop end performanceTotalTesters' choice
Avanti Machine M2 6.9910981046 
Gaastra Vapor 7.11099101048 
Loft Sails Racing Blade 7.09910101048X
Neil Pryde RS Racing Evo 6 7.0991091047X
North Sails Warp F2014 7.099991046 
Severne Reflex 5 7.08101091047 
Freerace sails 7.8 m²PlaningPowerHigh windAccessibilityPerformanceTotalTesters' choice
Gaastra Phantom 7.88886838 
Gun Sails Vector 8.07977737 
Loft Sails Switch Blade 7.89896941 
Naish Bullet 7.89975838 
Neil Pryde H2 Racing 7.79986840 
North Sails Ram 7.899961043X
Point-7 AC-K 4G 7.8101076841 
Severne Overdrive R5 7.8109961044X
XO Sails Silver 7.87895938 
Freeride sails 2 cam 7.5 m²PlaningPowerHigh windManeuverabilityPerformanceTotalTesters' choice
Gaastra Cosmic 7.59888841X
Gun Sails Sunray 7.577109841 
Naish Sails Indy 7.088910843 
Neil Pryde Hornet 7.28978840 
North Sails S-Type 7.37798839 
Sail Loft Mission 7.5101066941 
Freeride sails no cam 6.5 m²PlaningPowerHigh windManeuverabilityPerformanceTotalTesters' choice
Gaastra Matrix 6.57888839 
Gun Sails Rapid 6.76698938 
Loft Sails Oxygen 6.88988841 
Naish Sails Cruz 6.478810841 
Neil Pryde Hellcat 6.791077942 
North Sails E-Type 6.66779736 
Severne NCX 6.58888941X
Vandal Addict 6.58889942X
Freeride/wave sails 5.7/6.0 m²PlaningPowerHigh windManeuverabilityPerformanceTotalTesters' choice
Gaastra Cross 6.07898840 
Gun Sails Torro 5.77798839 
Naish Sails Vibe 5.587910842X
Neil Pryde Fusion 6.1101067841 
North Sails Volt 5.98889841 
RRD Move 5.79887840 
Severne Gator 6.08887839 
Wave sails 5.0 m²PlaningPowerWind rangeNeutralityManeuverabilityTotalTesters' choice
Avanti Viper 5.0666101038 
Gaastra Poison 5.010888842 
Gun Transwave 5.3810106842X
Naish Force R1 5.08888840 
Neil Pryde Atlas 5.4101086640 
North Sails Idol 5.088871041 
North Sails Hero 5.0868101042X
Wave sails 4.5/4.7 m²PlaningPerformanceWind rangeManeuverabilityNeutralityTotalTesters' choice
Ezzy Elite 4.58610101044 
Gaastra IQ 4.710101010848 
Gaastra Manic 4.5810108844X
Goya Banzaii 4.51081010846X
Goya Guru 4.586881040 
Gun Sails Blow 4.910888842 
Gun Sails Peak 4.586881040 
Hot Sails KS3 4.6106810842 
Hot Sails Quad 4.7108810844 
Loft Sails Purelip 4.788881042 
Loft Sails Wavescape 4.788810842 
Naish Boxer 4.71081010846X
Naish Chopper S881010844 
Neil Pryde Combat 4.71010810846X
Neil Pryde The Fly 4.5888101044 
North Sails Volt 4.58101081046 
Point 7 Salt 4.58888840 
RRD Four 4.5101088642 
RRD Vogue 4.788810842 
Severne Blade 4.7888101044 
Severne S-1 4.588810842X


by Carlo Piscitelli


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