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A fast thruster, for clean waves ....


Windsurf test: Fanatic Triwave TE 2013 86

SanTeodoro 11


Technical data:

Volume: 86 lts

Length: 234 cm

Width: 57.5 cm

Weight: 6.5 kgs

Fin: MFC TF 2x12cm / 1x18cm; 2xSlotBox 13cm / Center US 

Raccomended sailsize: 4,2 - 6,2m²

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Test result: 

I tried this Fanatic thruster in many wave/bump and jump spots: Coudouliere (France), Almanarre (France), Funtana Meiga and San Teodoro (Sardinia), several times on Garda lake with the Peler. It turned out to be a rather fast board (good top speed), which gets planing suddenly, and with a rather upwind route, to be a wave board. However, it tends to bump a little when the water level is choppy, if not even messy (Almanarre). It suffers overpowering, a bit, since its great acceleration, as soon as you have power in your sail. In short, it is a board that requires good "foot" to keep it under control, while riding. Probably, these effects are the result of a hull with a rather straight rocker.

In waveriding, and in a jibe, it turns with a little less narrow radius than the Fanatic Quad of the same volume and year (read review of the Quad), but especially unlike the Quad, it allows you to make a bottom turn less sweet and gradual, descending fast from the wave (and not slowly as the Quad does).

I would say that the thruster works well in the more regular wind and water surface spots, in particular, with a smoother water surface between two successive waves.

In jumps, the thuster is faster and could jump more than the quad, except that I often had to slow the pace between the waves to keep it more in control. After the detachment from the wave, the thruster has a certain tendency to lower the bow, which must be absolutely compensated, extending the stern leg in flight, if you do not want to land disastrously with bow first. Probably, the greater length (but perhaps also the most advanced position of the mast-foot slot, and a different weight distribution) makes the board easily take wind from above, knocking down the bow in flight. If you like, this tendency can facilitate the execution of the forward loop.

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