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Once again, my summer trip, gypsy style, in Portugal and Galicia was epic. Lots of wind, quality waves, exciting views, and good level windsurfing sessions in spots like Viana do Castelo, Playa San Xurxo, and Playa Traba, that gave me memorable sessions. What else?



As after last year trip, this year too I return from Portugal and Galicia with the feeling of having been in Paradise, and with the desire to return there as soon as possible. In addition to the elements mentioned in the introduction, which I will describe in more detail below, I must add that, once again, it was the meetings with people that really gave the added value of this experience. And I must say that the overnight stay in campsites, beyond the magnificent experience of nature contact, albeit with some inconvenience, has allowed me to get in touch with people even more easily, and to meet some really special ones, such as Toby and Natalie, a young couple from Berlin, met in Viana, and with whom we then spent part of the following days in Galicia.

Before moving on to the news, I want to emphasize that the views of Galicia, once again, proved to be extraordinary, almost touching. Last year, I discovered the extraordinary Playa de la Nemina (read the article); this year, I discovered places like Playa San Xurxo, and Playa Doninos, which in the morning, on a sunny day, look like natural pools, surrounded by rocks and very green promontories. Their turquoise sea has nothing to envy to that of Sardinia, in Italy. Peace and stunning colors.

And do we want to talk about the temperatures of Galicia? The ocean is a natural conditioner, regardless we are speaking about South Africa, Morocco, Portugal, or Galicia. In Galicia, on windy days, during my stay, we had 22-24 degrees during the day, and 16-17 at night. You sleep very well, you do windsurfing with the 4/3 wetsuit, barefoot (ocean at about 18 °C); in the morning and in the evening, the undersigned went around with a wool hat (bought at Moulay ...). As I write, here in Monza, while I am writing, it is 34 degrees, which is hard to get down at night.

But no more further chatting; let's move on to the report of the vacation days, and the windsurfing sessions, some of which are truly unforgettable.




Windsurf Portagallo Galicia 021

Windsurf Portagallo Galicia 010

Windsurf Portagallo Galicia 002 shop

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On Thursday I start my journey back to Italy, by car. The easy way.... I leave at 12.00 after enjoying another beautiful sunny morning, at the camping and in the bay, right in front. I speak to an Austrian couple with a very little girl of a few months .... (how many Italians would do it?), They are traveling in a van for 4 months. And with an Estonian girl, who does surfing (the bay below the campsite is great for surfing); she is here alone in the tent, after being here with her boyfriend in the spring. Tough people.

The next day, Friday, I also stop in Gruissan (Southern France), to enjoy two hours of north wind with the 4.2, in super flat water. Gruissan is always fun and didactic (I close a Duck Jibe, at supersonic speed, all completely gliding), even after having ridden wonderful waves. I just hate spot sessions with chop, or gusty wind.

In the night, I arrive home, after a passage also in Sanremo, to retrieve a surfboard for a friend.

The trip to Portugal and Galicia leaves me something deep inside: beautiful sensations, memories, and images. I know that this trip, together with the winter one to South Africa, will become a habit of this summer period, as long as it is possible.

Aloha. Fabio


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Viana do Castelo, July 1, 2022

San Xurxo, July 3, 2022

Playa Traba, July 4, 2022

Playa Traba, 6 July 2022



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