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A few days' trip to Galicia, to take advantage of a good forecast of wind from the North East for 4 consecutive days. I understood better how the windsurfing spots in this wonderful area of ​​Spain work, and I discovered other fantastic places.

Windsurfing, report: Galicia, Spain (june 2024) 


I'll say straight away that, even though I was in Galicia for a few days, this time too it was worth it; both for the windsurfing trips, but also, simply, for the relaxed and magical atmosphere that can be felt in June in that region, and for the beauty of the places, which have definitely won me over. Anyone who has never been there, doesn't know what they're missing....

I left with my "helicopter" (Ford Galaxy) from Milan, and, on Friday 31 May 2024, I was already operational on site. I woke up with a view of the Doninos bay, and the tiredness from the trip vanished immediately (also thanks to a nice regenerating sleep). On site, I immediately had the opportunity to meet Max from Jesi, who has been traveling around the Iberian peninsula since May 4th..., who then introduced me to Joseph, a seventy-year-old from Bolzano, truly very athletic and youthful. We hoped to be able ride San Xurxo, the incredible spot in this area for pure down the line waveriding. But San Xurxo, who had worked well the day before, didn't show a truly worthy wave on Friday. I understood that San Xurxo works better in the very first days of the North East, when the high pressure has just replaced a low one, still responsible for an expired N-NW swell.






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Relaxing evening among the surfers' vans at the beach car park, and dinner with a beautiful sunset.

The next day the return journey by car began, with a stop to admire the particular Playa Cuevas del Mar, in Asturias, and with other stops to break up the journey.

The return journey also had an adventurous moment when, shortly after Narbonne, in France, on the motorway, I was approached by a motorbike and a car from the gendarmerie, who made me pull over to a parking area.

The gendarmes asked me if I had any weapons or drugs..... I opened the trunk for them, and showed them "my weapons and my drugs" (windsurfing equipment, of course)!

Luckily, I  will return to Galicia in August with my family, because I already miss it!

Hang loose. Fabio


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Video of the sessions


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