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Can David Ezzy beat David Ezzy, and create an even better sail? Of course he can! The Ezzy Elite 2019 is there to proof it. It's a perfect 4 battens wave/allround sail, and every time I'm about to do a new windsurfing session with it, I already know it will be a party!


Windsurf, sail test: Ezzy Elite 2019

We purchased the Elite 2019 (4.7 and 5.3 sizes) from (which we thank as always for the collaboration).

We tested the sail at sea in France, with light mistral (Carrò, 26 April 2019 - read report), with 20 kts and waves about 1 meter high, and at the lakes of Como and Garda (report of the exit to at Prà on 1st of May 2019 - only in Italian ), with nice winds, more or less choppy water surface, and in bump and jump conditions. The 5.3 was matched with a Tabou 3s LTD 106 2015; the 4.7 with more than one board: with a Quad Quatro 78 lt, with a Simmer FlyWave, and with a 102 thruster LS Quatro.

 Windsurf Ezzy Elite 2019 3

Windsurf Ezzy Elite 2019 8

GOPR3596 1




The 5.3 has the following technical specifications:

Luff: 422-425 cm

Boom: 163-173 cm

Ezzy mast Top and Bottom: 400 cm; Non Ezzy Mast: 400 cm. 

Weight: 3,3 kg.


The technical data of 4.7:

Luff: 398-401 cm

Boom: 154-164 cm

Ezzy mast Top: 400

Ezzy mast Bottom: 370 cm;

Non Ezzy Mast: 400 cm.

Weight: 3,2 kg. 


Let's start about the weight, once again to dispel a false belief: that the Ezzy are heavy sails. The Neil Pryde combat 2019 5.3 weighs 3.42 / 3.37 kgs (the lightest is the HD version). The Severne S-1 2019 5.2 weighs 3 kgs. The Duotone SuperHero 2019 3.5 kg. Therefore, Ezzy is similar to other brands 4 battens wave sails, with the exception of some brands which consider lightness an absolute priority (but inevitably at robustness and durability expense).

And the physical lightness, as we will see shortly, is completed by the lightness in hands of the Elite 2019 when sailing and maneuvering.


Windsurf Ezzy Elite 2019 16

Windsurf Ezzy Elite 2019 10

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The producer claims: "By adjusting the construction, this year we were able to make the sail lighter and at the same time stronger in the clew, a traditional area of weakness for wave hardcore sails".

In the following photos, we propose a comparison between the Ezzy Elite 2017 (the shape in 2018 has not changed), and the Ezzy Elite 2019. The change in the clew area is evident, and also the different design of the panels of the sail base. For the rest, there are no major differences (except that the reference in the upper part of the sail, for its trimming with Non Ezzy masts, has disappeared). But, as we'll see, the difference in the clew and the base is substantial in the behavior of the sail in hands.


Windsurf Ezzy Elite 2

Windsurf Ezzy Elite 1

Windsurf Ezzy Elite 9

Windsurf Ezzy Elite 3

Windsurf Ezzy Elite 4


As for the feeling when sailing in the water, I must premise that, for the 5.3, it was inevitable the comparison with the Tiger 5.5 (2013 version - read test), a sail that I have used for a long time, and that I loved (that, however, was a 5 battens sail). The Tiger has always been a perfect sail for bump and jump sessions, powerful and stable, with the limit, perhaps, of not being ideal for big waves and gusty wind.

Obviously, even this new Elite stands out for the usual legendary Ezzy sails main characteristics. First of all, the cut of the sail, which responds to a very precise philosophy. For Ezzy the sail engine is mainly at the height of the boom, where the rider can offer more effective resistance. So even this Elite can be trimmed giving it a nice belly in this area, to better manage the light wind conditions. When needed, however, the sail can also be given a less deep profile. The upper part of the sail, on the other hand, in contrast with many recent wave sail models (see Goya Banzai Pro 2018 - read test), is not very wide, and moreover you can also trim a loosen leech. A significant sail area in the upper part means very powerful sail (see freestyle sails), often nervous, and with a less wide range of use.

This cut of the sail is responsible for the amazing neutrality when riding (along with the elasticity of the X-Ply used), and, indeed, the very wide wind range (even almost 10 knots, for the 5.3). Obviously, even the Elite 2019, like the other Ezzy sails, has an exemplary construction, a guarantee of sturdiness, which doesn't make me worry to much when I get a nice wipe out in South Africa or at Coudouliere and Carrò (France).

Going back, specifically, to the peculiarities of the Ezzy Elite 2019 in the water, I must point out that it is a sail that has a very high efficiency, both in light wind conditions, with a very fat profile, and with a rather thin profile, and a little loosen leech, in strong winds (with an almost "freestyle" look). This last aspect really amazed me. The other peculiar aspect of the Elite 2019, which is already striking from the first maneuvers, is the feeling of lightness in hands. The sail, when tacking, enters the wind without you realize it.

It also remains easy to manage in backwind, and, even when sailing with the wind behind (for example at entry and exit from the jibe), it does not tug the rider. In gusts, or on the crest of the wave, it lets the wind flow properly, giving, however, immediately new power in the wave trough, or when the gust has ceased.

Similar impressions were reported by our rider who tested the Ezzy Elite 4.7: "the lightness and maneuverability has increased significantly compared to the model I previously owned (2016), especially at the ends of its wind range. I therefore believe that the range of use is even more extended. I suppose that, for the average weights riders, it matches very well with boards between 78 and 85 liters".


Windsurf Ezzy Elite 2019 9

Windsurf Ezzy Elite 2019 13

Windsurf Ezzy Elite 2019 19


To close this review, we give an overall assessment of the sail, considering the parameters usually used by the French magazine Windmag for wave sails.

  • Planing start: 8.5
  • Efficiency: 10
  • Range of use: 10
  • Handling: 9
  • Neutrality: 10.

In short, we like this sail so much, and we would suggest to David Ezzy, not to change it anymore!

Hang Loose. Fabio

P.S. We were so happy with this model that we've recently bought the 4.2 and 3.7 (with a blue and yellow design, you see in the article).


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