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In this article, by Michele Ferraina, we propose a review of the freestyle sail Severne Freek, and of the Severne RDM Blue blue masts, with some very interesting technical suggestings.


Windsurfing, tests: Severne Freek 2018 sails, and Severne RDM Blue 2019 masts.

The sail model shown in this test is from the year 2018, so, not the most recent, since the 2020 sails have already been released. But it is still an excellent freestyle sail, which could represent an excellent opportunity in the used market, especially for those who are beginners, and do not need the latest model.

It is a freestyle 5-batten sail, unique in its kind, in a sector dominated by the 4 battens. The 5 battens allow for greater stability and greater range of wind. The Freek is in fact a stable and balanced sail, but it's also easy to duck, and very light. The declared weight is only 2.7 kgs for the 4.4 and only 2.9 kg for the 4.8. The 4.4 is rigged with a 370 mast, while the 4.8 with a 400.


 Windsurf Severne Freek 2018 3

Windsurf Severne Freek 2018 2

Windsurf Pianello Como 15



Two masts are usually enough to rig the entire set, which could consist of only three sails:

- 4.0, 4.4, 4.8 for riders weighing around 70 kgs
- 4.4, 4.8, 5.2 for riders over 80 kgs
- 3.6, 4.0, 4.4 for riders under 60 kgs (in this case only a 370 mast would be enough).

Severne provides three mast models to rig the Freek; starting with the cheapest: Gorilla, RDM90 Blue, RDM100 Red.

For my set (4.0, 4.4, 4.8) I chose two RDM Blue masts (year 2019), 90% carbon masts that in my opinion represent the right compromise between performance and reliability. Perhaps on 4.8, you might want a bit of rigidity and extra lightness, which can surely guarantee the Severne RDM Red masts (100% carbon).
In the past, I have been able to use the same sails with some Maverx masts (Stilo 288 as 370, and Superleggero 400), which adapted very well to the Severne sails, being constant curve. With the Severne masts, however, I immediately noticed a more progressive thrust, which probably only the mast on which the sail was designed can give in the best way.


Windsurf Pianello Como 5

Windsurf Pianello Como 6 


Windsurf Severne Freek 2018 1

Windsurf Severne RDM Blue 2019 1


The Freek is a properly trimmed shitting it slightly at the downhaul; I usually leave a centimeter less than what is indicated.
As for the outhaul, on the other hand, by slightly increasing the tension it is possible to easily manage even the overpowering, and often there is no need to exit from the water to change sail, certainly thanks to the 5 battens.

To conclude, the Freek is an excellent freestyle sail, stable, light and easy. After about a year of use, the 4.4 and 4.8 (my most used sails) appear as in the picture, still in good condition. Despite the lightness, therefore, the quality of the materials is not at all bad.

Hang loose, Michele.

P.S. The editorial staff of thanks Gianpiero Venè, Italian distributor of Severne and Starboard, for the kind collaboration.

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