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From a couple of months, we have had in our hands the Goya Banzai X Pro 2018, the 4 battens powerwave sail of the famous american brand. It is a sail with a strong personality, and with an almost freestyle soul. In this article, we share our impressions.



Windsurf, Sail test: Goya Banzai X Pro 2018

We tested the sail in the two sizes, 5.3 and 5.7, under bump and jump conditions, with winds around at 15-18 knots (5.7), and around at 18-20 knots (5.3).

The 5.3 has the following technical data: 423 cms (luff), 163-166 (boom) , 400 rdm (raccomanded mast); Fixed top; 4 battens. 

The 5.7 has the following specs: 448 cms (luff), 166-171 (boom) , 430 rdm (raccomanded mast); Fixed top; 4 battens.

The X version of the Banzai is the one with X-Ply Window Panels. X-Ply offers the same weight and feel of a clear window construction. The difference is in increased durability through improved tear resistance. X-Ply film reinforced with yarns is incredibly tear resistant. So, the X version construction is tough, even if not as tough as Ezzy sails, which is quite insuperable. The  tissue band at the top of the sail is much appreciated, 'cause you will rig the sail easily, and won't have your mast end stuck in the sail head, in sandy spots, with consequent difficulties while having to unrig.

You can find further infos on producer website.


Windsurf Colico Lago Como 3

Windsurf Colico Lago Como 1

Io spiaggia d'oro

Windsurf Goya Banzai 9

As probably most of our readers know, we are Ezzy sails lovers..... But we were curious to try Goya sails whose credit is high, and is increasing year after year.

Morevoer, since we wanted to reduce our bigger sails sizes, we were searching for a powerful model, which could afford us to get planing in light wind, without handling heavy huge size sails. That's why our attention fell upon Banzai. We also aimed to have in our hands a light feeling sail, and a 4 battens sail was more interesting than a 5 battens one, in this regard.

Even before sailing with it, some shape features struck us.


Windsurf Goya Banzai 6

Windsurf Goya Banzai 13

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Windsurf Goya Banzai 4

Windsurf Goya Banzai 14

To sum up our thoughts, Banzai X PRO 2018 is an intriguing sail, with a strong personality. Riders, sailing with it for their first time, will take sometime to get used to its character.

Hang Loose.

Fabio Muriano

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 Below, you have an interesting video from Goya, in which the sail is introduced to the public

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