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After reviewing the 2019 wave boards, in this article we will consider this year's wave sails, and summarize the results of the accurate tests conducted by the French magazine Windmag.

Windsurf, test: 2019 wave sails

The tests have been published in the March 2019 magazine issue, which we invite you to purchase for all the details and for more in-depth information. Also read the article on the 2019 freewave boards and the 2019 freeride boards.

There tested sails are quite a lot, and they are the following ones:

  • Duotone Superhero 4.2
  • Gaastra Manic 4.5
  • Goya Banzai Pro 5.0
  • Goya Fringe Pro 4.5
  • Gun Sails Horizon 4,5
  • Gun Sails Seal 4.7
  • Loftsails Purelip 4.7
  • Loftsails Wavescape 4.5
  • Naish Sails Force IV 4.5
  • Neil Pryde Combat 4.5
  • Point 7 Salt Pro 4,5
  • RRD Vogue HD 4.5
  • Severne Blade 4.5
  • Severne S-1 4.4
  • Simmer Black Tip 4.7


8257 action action BTL 4 1024x1024

2019 Goya banzai pro 2

Loft sails wavescape 2019

The Superhero 2019 continues to be a market reference among modern and multi-purpose wave sails. In terms of behavior, it is an even more homogeneous sail, with a wider field of use, however in the context of a radical waveriding. The sail got the testers' preference.

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Finally, as far as neutrality is concerned, the Fringe is the best of all, the Horizon and the RRD the least neutral. The others all have good neutrality, and are equivalent from this point of view, except for the slightly less neutral Gun Sails Seal.

Have a good choice. Fabio Muriano

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