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In this article, we report the result of our test of the Goya Guru X 2022/23, the 4 batten windurfing sail from the Hawaiian brand, which really thrilled us.


Windsurfing, test: Goya Guru X 4.7 2022/2023


Technical specifications


We had already tested and used the 2020/21 Goya Guru with satisfaction (read the article about that test). Having to replace the 4.7, we thought we'd try the most recent version of this 4 batten wave sail, which the Maui-based brand defines as controlwave, as opposed to the Banzai, defined as powerwave (read the test of the Goya Banzai 22/23).

The construction of this model also appears to be very accurate. You can immediately understand that it is a sail from one of the top brands of windsurfing sails.

The measurements of the 4.7, in the current model, are identical to those of the previous model. It is rigged with an RDM 400 mast (we used the Ezzy Hookipa mast 400, slightly stiffer than the Goya, of the same size and percentage of carbon). The Luff is 407, and the boom size is 158/161, with two cm of range. The shortest measurement refers to the lower clew ring. The declared weight of this model is 3.3 kg (300 g less than that found in the 20/21 model)

The color is similar: the 22/23 model, as well as blue, is available in a beautiful fuchsia slightly more burgundy-leaning than that of the 20/21 model. Always very generous and comfortable is the X-Ply window with a wide reinforcement pattern, which allows a clear view of the wave face while riding towards the lip.


Goya Guru 22 23 3

Windsurf Goya Guru 2020 4






The brand claims 

The new Guru X reflects our search for easy power delivery, that elusive soft comfortable feeling, and it is Keith’s Teboul sail of choice.

Built, designed and redesigned by Jason Diffin year after year over the past three decades, since the early 90’s to be precise, the Guru X is also the longest running sail in the Goya Windsurfing range. Its legendary durability, combined with this year’s much lighter construction weights makes the Guru X one of the most awaited releases in our range.

Francisco Goya claims it as his personal favorite in the pure wave conditions of Ho’okipa. Makes sense, because that’s where the design was born and established. Continuing its development around the world, the high winds of The Gorge, and spots like Pozo have helped to tune up the smaller sizes to work as magnificent as the rest of the line.

Guru X Pro offers a huge rigging range. With it’s soft power delivery and smooth progressive twist, you can rig this sail very full and still feel comfortably in control. Rigging the sail flatter is possible for a more neutral handling feel in higher wind and maneuver-oriented conditions.

The PVC window in the Guru X is the secret ingredient to making its power delivery as smooth and comfortable. It makes the sail unique. Confidence, high wind comfort, wave performance, and control in any water condition.

This means extended sessions with less fatigue and more manageability in strong wind. The Guru X has a huge freaking range and is simply excellent in the surf.

The sail can be rigged full for max power and low-end performance or flatter with more twist for managing extreme conditions.

Poly Clue is another asset in making the Guru X more tunable, offering a high and a low boom attachment ring.

Fuchsia for Keith Teboul and Blue for Levi Siver, those are the personal Pro Model assignments.

The new Goya Windsurfing sails now come packed in recycled cardboard and paper tape only. No redundant plastic bags. Your sail bag is that protective bag, keeping your planet, our planet, one step cleaner. We figured it’s a worthy trade off, as our love for windsurfing and the planet only grows.

Vinyl and X-Ply window, Scrim panels.

Available in 2,7, 3,0, 3,3, 3,5, 3,7, 4,0, 4,2, 4,5, 4,7, 5,0, 5,3 square meters.

Available in Fuchsia & Fluo Yellow or Blue & Fluo Yellow.


Goya Guru 22 23 1

Goya Guru 22 23 4




Impressions in water


There are some sails with which love is at first sight.... And this Guru is one of them. It doesn't matter whether the wind is gusty or with good quality. The Guru 22/23 is powerful, but provides progressive acceleration that is really a pleasure to experience. Truly power in control.

If you need thrust (e.g. in side-on conditions, or in the presence of some significant waves, and with wind at the minimum limit of use of the sail size), this sail will not let you down. But it won't rip the boom out of your hands, or give you nervous feelings, and handling problems.

It is clear that if you are a heavy rider, or a particularly athletic one, you might prefer the aforementioned Banzai 22/23 (less powerful and nervous than the previous versions, but still powerful....). But if you want to spend many hours in the water, and you don't want to give up the necessary power, and you want to have a sail in your hands that gives you easy and more harmonious waveriding, this sail will enchant you.

I confirm that the range of use of this sail is really wide, and that the sail is customizable, according to your aptitudes.

Even when maneuvering, the sail excels. In power jibes, it makes everything easier, and in fast tacks it allows you to enter the wind with a light feeling, cutting through the wind like a blade. If desired, it certainly allows for some hints of freestyle without problems. It handles overpowering quite well.

As well as in South Africa, in waveriding conditions with side off wind (e.g. Platboom), I also used it pleasantly in bump and jump conditions, such as those of Hyeres (Southern France), or Pra de la Fam (Lake Garda).

In short, we are already interested in trying the Guru 24/25 (Francisco Goya wrote to us that the new models will be released in summer 2024), but in the meantime we are enjoying this fantastic model as much as possible.

Hang loose. Fabio Muriano



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