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I've just returned from a holiday in Southern Corsica, where I was able to combine quite well my passion for windsurfing with typical family needs.


Windsurfing, sessions report: Southern Corsica, July 2023


I have briefly already made the chronicle of the sessions in the Waterwind forum (mainly in italian). In this article, I would like to add, more than anything else, some impressions that the spots and sessions left me, to match the many photos and videos shot. For a detailed review of the spots, with all their peculiarities, I refer you to the specific article on this website.


Windsurf Santa Manza Corsica 025 

Balistra, 20 july 2023


I didn't have time to disembark from the ferry and take possession of the Mobile home at Camping l'Oso, north of Porto Vecchio, and the favorable forecasts allowed me to make a first ride with a SW wind at Balistra, one of the most windy spot, together with Sant'Amanza of this area of the island. I went out with the Goya Banzai X Pro 2022/23 5.3 (but the 4.7 from mid session would have been better), and with the Tabou 3S Plus 96 2019, set up as a single fin (the only board I brought with me, not being able to load the car with too much stuff). Balistra struck me for the relaxed atmosphere of the spot (easy parking, zero crowding in the water), even in July (and it's not trivial). For the rest, I immediately enjoyed a spot with emerald water and superflat, where maneuvering and trying something new is just a pleasure.....



Windsurf Balistra Corsica 009 Windsurf Balistra Corsica 001

Windsurf Balistra Corsica 006



Palombaggia, 21/07/2023 

The day after Balistra, I tried another spot that I really liked. It's just a pity that in the summer it's complicated to park close to the beach, and that you have to go to the northern part of the bay, to find water free from bathers. Corsica and Sardinia become paradises from September to June .... The forecasts gave wind from the SW until 13.00-14.00, and instead from that time it stabilized at around 20 knots throughout the afternoon. I went out with the same rig as Balistra, still overpowered.... Maneuvering close to shore away from swimmers was great fun. I also appreciated the side/side on wind direction, which allowed me to get back to shore frequently. Too bad my wife was taking the pictures.... I wore just a Lycra T-shirt, given the 38 °C air temperature. And also the water of Palombaggia bay is famous for being warmer than that of several other spots in this area.



Windsurf Palombaggia Corsica 003

Windsurf Palombaggia Corsica 001

Windsurf Palombaggia Corsica 005






Piantarella, 22/07/2023

These first three days of wind and holiday in Corsica ended in a fantastic way with the exit at Piantarella, a wonderful spot that I will remember for a long time, and where I can't wait to be able to ride again. Unfortunately, again the logistics (in particular, parking) become more complicated in the height of summer. But it was worth enduring some hardships, to ride above a sea that is a kaleidoscope of colors. Passing and repassing over the strip of sand that connects the beach to Piana Island, with water height at waist level, is really beautiful, and allows you to try whatever you want in safe conditions, being careful not to hit the bathers who go to and from the island.

I went out again with the 5.3, which was finally right (but if I had entered the water before 16.00, I probably would have rigged a smaller one). The Bonifacio area is a wind machine.


Windsurf Piantarella Corsica 002

Windsurf Piantarella Corsica 001

Windsurf Piantarella Corsica 003


Tonnara/La Punta, 25-26/07/2023

After two days of light sirocco that made us sweat, the Mistral arrived on July 25th. Mistral is life! Clear and blue skies again, and we were back to breathing. After the morning spent visiting the magnificent Bonifacio, always exciting, and which reminded me of the tour of Corsica by bike, completed here 33 years ago ...., I finally had the opportunity to try the famous Tonnara spot. Spectacular place, the sea that I like, with the waves raised by the strong wind that slam against the cliffs, raising splashes of a few meters. Wild, and with some historical evidence (turret east of the beach), and with multiform red granite rocks, sculpted by the wind. The session on the 25th, with Ezzy Elite 4.2 2019 (big, at the end of the session), and with Tabou 3S, set as trifin, with its original fins, was partly tough .... In the middle of the bay, nice big waves, 4 meters high, almost always not breaking (I love being in the middle of this sea), which made it difficult to return, not allowing you to bear at will, an operation also made complicated by the overpowered sail. And the return was not easy, also because, being my first session here, I had to carefully identify how and where to return from the open sea, in the safe channel in the middle of the rocks, in front of the spot's windward beach. During a good part of the session, however, I was in front of La Punta, which I reached by crossing the whole bay, and which is considered the real waveriding spot of this area. Here, I had fun. Being the first day of mistral, to tell the truth, the waves were small (around one meter), but they allowed me to get familiar with the reef, with relative tranquillity. At La Punta, the wind isn't as strong as in the middle of the bay, and it's more side veered, over the waves, so I enjoyed the 4.2.

On the 26th the session was much more relaxing. I rigged the Ezzy Wave 4.7, which turned out to be right in the middle of the bay, and instead, slightly small in front of the Punta, where I returned in search of waves and rocks.... The waves at La Punta on the 26th were bigger than the day before, reaching 2 meters. Unfortunately, the presence of rocks scattered here and there on the reef. and my inexperience with the spot did not allow me to surf in complete fluency. Still, nice place.... Click here for the complete slidegallery of the two sessions at La Tonnara/La Punta.


Windsurf Tonnara Corsica 026 Windsurf Tonnara Corsica 015

Windsurf Tonnara Corsica 008

Windsurf Tonnara Corsica 031

Windsurf Tonnara Corsica 020 LaPunta Corsica 1

LaPunta Corsica 2




Sant'Amanza (or Santa Manza), 27/07/2023

The holiday ended in Sant'Amanza (local denomination), a spot where the west/south-west wind accelerates, channeling itself between the mountains around the bay. I went out with the Ezzy Elite 4.2, which was sometimes big. The context of the spot (beach and parking nearby) proved to be very pleasant and peaceful, with a discreet presence of fellow windsurfers. The wind was very unstable in intensity and direction, and this made the session more tiring than the one at La Tonnara, on the 26th! Flat water close to shore, and choppy offshore. I tried several maneuvers, with alternating luck and several crashes.... (see video). But if you don't try it, you don't evolve.... Some apprehension, for some submerged rocks, located in a position not fully known to me, near the shore. Click here, for the complete slidegallery of the session in Sant'Amanza.


Windsurf Santa Manza Corsica 023

Windsurf Santa Manza Corsica 028



In conclusion, I can say that I liked this area of Corsica, and I would like to come back here out of season, perhaps even by ferry from Sardinia (only 30 minutes away). Of course, the waves of the oceans are another world, but windsurfing in such an exciting natural context, and with such a flat water surface, definitely has its reason. And if you add that in these beautiful island you eat and drink very well ...., it will be easy to pack a rather pleasant holiday!

Ciao. Fabio 

Click here for the complete slidegallery of the two sessions at La Tonnara/La Punta 

Click here, for the complete slidegallery of the session in Sant'Amanza



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