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One of the most beautiful windsurfing sessions at Piona I have ever done. This Spring time is continuing to give a lot of Breva wind, on Lake Como, and on May 20, to ride Piona, I had to rig the 4.7!


Windsurfing, session report: Piona, Lake Como, 20/5/2022. What a show!

Once arrived at the spot, in the early afternoon, I met my friend Kikko Brusa ready to enter the water with the Wizard 4.4 .... There are some nice gusts inside the bay ... Why did I take the 94-liter board out of the car this morning?

I rig the Ezzy Wave 4.7 2021, leaving it quite flat, and the 2016 Tabou 3s 106 LTD, at least with the small fin (MFC Freewave 25).

I enter the water, and after some rides that requires you to manage the gusts with patience, I get out of the bay, and the Party begins. Smooth water level, powerful sail, which remains light and in control, anyway, and pleasantly warm water. The 4/3 begins to be excessive. First session of the year on the lake barefoot. What a pleasure!


Windsurf Piona Lago Como 002

Windsurf Piona Lago Como 004


Given the pleasant temperature of the water that doesn't make you fear too many dives, I try to perfect the gliding jibe, the duck jibe, and I start trying the 360, and the push tack. On these last two maneuvers, I still have some practice to do. There will be fun in my future .... You must always give yourself new targets in windsurfing, and not just go back and forth.

In the water, there are several sails, and familiar faces: the inevitable freestylers that abound in Piona, and maneuver in front of the Abbey, some with slalom equipment, some foils including Roberto Pasquini, training.

I also catch a glimpse of Paolo Models, who is not often seen in this spot!

I enjoy it a lot. Good quality wind, and very clear and warm sunny day.


Windsurf Piona Lago Como 001

Windsurf Piona Lago Como 007


I could stay in the water for a long time, but around 16.30 after almost two fantastic hours, a bit of fatigue appears. Also, there starts to be some wind holes. I decide to return in time, so as not to run out of wind, and go crazy inside the Piona bay.

I go back to the beach slightly tired, but very satisfied, and I start to comment with Kikko. But Kikko does not listen .... he is distracted by the "beauty" of the spot .... How not to agree with him .....! He comments by saying that we are "bad boys" .... Oh yes, Kikko, thanks to windsurfing, we are really bad boys .... Let's continue like this.

I leave you to the video shot with the GoPro.

Aloha. Fabio 


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