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This first trip of mine to Oman has left me with so many images and thoughts in my mind, and in my heart. It was, undoubtedly, an unforgettable windsurfing experience with serious waves, but also a dip in the Arab world and in very particular desert landscapes, so different from those to which we are normally accustomed. Finally, it was a chance of meeting with many interesting people.

Windsurfing, vacation report: Masirah, Oman, July 2019

For my usual holiday at the end of June/beginning of July, I had been consulting wind forecasts for lots of days, from the various predictional models; hoping, in particular, that Portugal would finally start giving amazing conditions. I also hoped for Sardinian west coast, or for the North Shore of Fuerte, or for Morocco being worth of a trip. But, since the various spots in these places did not promise anything good, I started to expand the circle of the radius of my consultations, until I started to notice that the South coast of Oman, according to the various models showed on, was always red colored.....

I then asked my friend Max Castiglia if this year too the usual big group would have gone to Oman, I quickly gathered the necessary logistic information, I also found a traveling companion (Matteo, a friend of Max), and, once obtained my wife's pass (more complicated than getting a tourist visa), on July 1, 2019 at 16.25 I found myself on a plane to Oman.

The impact with Oman was immediately strong. Upon our arrival, at dawn on July 2, leaving the airport, the capital Muscat welcomed us with 38 °C .... which then became about 45-46, when we left the city and its remarkable highways and its modern buildings, and we began to cross the desert inland to reach Shannah. From this location we boarded the ferry to Hilf, the main town on Masirah island, our final destination. Getting out of the car to refuel along the road was a will test every time. The hinterland of Oman, for me, was almost a punch in the stomach. Beyond the infernal temperature, I was struck by the arid and flat landscape, which alternates with some mountain ranges, crossed from time to time. The mountains are exclusively rocky, with practically no vegetation, and it seems you are almost on the moon.

Fortunately, Masirah welcomed us with milder temperatures, thanks to the temperate effect of the sea and the wind, the South West Monsoon, which blows from mid-June to mid-August.


Windsurf Masirah Oman 8

Windsurf Masirah Oman 17

Windsurf Masirah Oman 12

Windsurf Oman 2

Windsurf Masirah Oman 11



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I leave Oman, with a very positive balance. The landscapes are certainly not the sensational ones of South Africa (read journey report), which have definitely conquered me, but the conditions on the water have been truly remarkable. And I know that, at least for a while, this too will become a beautiful destination for my windsurfing trips, where I can improve my skills and learn a lot from a technical point of view. Maybe, with a nice group of friends from the Waterwind team ....

Hang Loose. Fabio 

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