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Freewave, or freestyle-waves, boards are among the most sought products by non-professional windsurfers, as they are the ones that allow to cover, especially in intermediate volumes, a wide range of conditions. In this article, therefore, we consider interesting to summarize the tests of the french magazine Windmag, relative to the 2019 items.


Windsurf: 2019 freestyle-wave boards test

As always, for all the details and further infos, we invite you to purchase the March 2019 magazine issue of the magazine.

The tested models are:

  • Exocet Cross 94 Carbone
  • Starboard kode freewave 94 Flax Balsa
  • RRD Freestyle Wave 96 LTE V5
  • Severne Dyno 95 CMC
  • Jp Freestylewave 94 Pro
  • Tabou 3S + 96 CED
  • Fanatic Freewave STB 95 TE
  • I-99 Style Pro Wave 95
  • Simmer Helix 95
  • Goya One 96 Pro
  • Quatro Super Mini Pro 94


F19 FreeWaveSTBTE

jp19 freestylewave yc 0457 indra


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Globally, the testers' favorite board is the Jp Freestyle wave Pro.

Have a good choice. Fabio Muriano

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