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AL360 E3 140-200 and AL360 140-190 Slim are two excellent carbon booms for windsurfing of the well-known italian brand AL360. We had the chance to test both models. In this article, we offer our impressions about these products.


Windsurfing, boom test: AL360 E3 140-200 vs AL360 E3 140-190 Slim

We usually ride with an AL360 140-190 Slim boom. Some time ago, having to rig a 6.4 square meter sail, we needed to buy a boom extendable up to 200 cm. We therefore had the opportunity to own and try both, and verify the differences, being able to provide also our impressions and considerations regarding the dilemma: is it better a boom with standard diameter, or a boom with reduced diameter?


Windsurf Boma AL360 Slim11

Windsurf Boma AL360 10

Windsurf Ezzy Zeta 3

Windsurf Boma AL360 Pra 4


Let's examine the technical characteristics of the two products:

The E3 boom with standard diameter (28 mm) exists in different sizes. The smallest size 140-200, considered here, is mainly designed for freestyle and waveriding. The larger sizes are dedicated to freeriding and slalom


E3C140 E3 carbon 140:


Bend: 38 cm

Tube diameter: 28 mm

Declared weight: 2,37 Kg (our boom with harness line and recovery lines reaches 3.9 kg).

RDM adaptor: yes

Price (2019): about 680 euros (750 dollars)

The producer says:

E3 CARBON tubes are made of a one-piece monocoque high-quality carbon part, without any glued connection or insert; the diameter of the tubes are reduced to an impressive 28mm, that along with the new curvature profiles and the ergonomic sections of the tubes, gives an unpaired rigidity to the boom, thus reducing the stress to the forearms and allowing an extended use under extreme conditions. The boom is lined by soft grip dual density for a best grip while sailing, with a vast range of colours allowing many customization options in the graphics. Back-end and front-end are made of 20% of elastomer nylon; the E3s feature a newly designed front-end very compact and perfectly integrated in the boom outline, a highly optimized blocking system at the mast insertion and a carefully manufactured back-end.


Windsurf Boma AL360 3

Windsurf Boma AL360 2

Windsurf Boma AL360 12



The Slim boom exists in two sizes. In addition to the measure described here, a 150-200 version is also produced.

E3 carbon slim 140-190:


Bend: 38,5 cm

Tube diameter: 25 mm

Declared weight: 2,1 Kg (our boom with harness line and recovery lines reaches 2,4 kg).

RDM adaptor: yes

Price (2019): about 870 euros (960 dollars).


The producer says:

The carbon SLIM boom is a monocoque 100% full carbon unique piece, and this kind of boom is the beginning of a new generation of high performance and quality boom.
The boom is manufactured completely of carbon fiber unidirectional HM (high modulus), thanks to which it was possible to reduce the diameter of the tubes of the boom to 25mm, retaining the rigidity and strength very high, combined with ergonomic curve and section oval tubes characteristic of the AL360's carbon booms, that makes it even more comfortable handles, even for who have small hands, as young guys or girls. Covered in soft dual density grip for better grip, plastic back-end and front-end are made of nylon with 20% elastomer, with a compact swing front-end very well integrated into the booms with high stability and rigidity on the mast.


Windsurf Boma AL360 Slim3

Windsurf Boma AL360 Slim7

Windsurf Boma AL360 Slim4


Results of the test in the water

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Can these two booms be further improved? In our opinion, some possible changes would be welcome.

In the first place, it would be appreciated that the terminals also had the loop-n-go clew-fixing system, more comfortable and faster.

Secondly, it would also be useful to have additional bends available in order to be able to effectively use the booms even with sails with a rather fat profile at the bottom. I mainly use Ezzy sails that, notoriously, have this characteristic, and, above all, with lighter wind trimming, the sail leans slightly on the boom, on the leeward side.


Windsurf Boma AL360 6

Windsurf Boma AL360 Slim6

Windsurf Boma AL360 Pra 1


AL360 for constructive reasons, that is to say to guarantee the robustness of the boom terminal, which is realized as a monocoque, has so far not wanted to produce a boom with the T-terminal, now very common among the other brands. The angle of junction between the rear part of the terminal tube (where the outhaul rope is fixed) and the two semi-longitudinal tubes (made with a welding) would constitute a possible boom breaking point. Perhaps, the problem could be solved by designing a terminal at least with a wider final bend.

Finally, we wish to point out that, appropriately, in the most recent booms of these models, the once brass clip pins have been replaced with stainless steel pins, so that they are less prone to oxidation due to sea water.


Hang loose. Fabio Muriano

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A video showing the use of the AL360 E3 140-200 boom



A video showing the use of the AL360 E3 140-190 Slim boom

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