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The Dakine T-8 is one of the best windsurfing harness available on the market, suitable for freeriding, freestyle and even waveriding. We have it in use, from some months, and in this article we report our impressions.


Windsurf, test: Dakine T8 Harness - 2019


Technical data and manufacturer's description

T-8 is the latest and greatest in the T series. The major update in this year's model is the addition of an Adaptive Fit Composite back panel with Texon® counter/stiffener, for a premium fit and feel with all the rigidity and support you're looking for. High-rebound memory foam pillows are strategically located in the rib zone and spine for comfort, while the back panel features a silicone print pattern and EVA foam to keep the harness in place. It's also designed with a generously wide profile and pre-curved back panel, for maximum support and comfort.


Windsurf Dakine Harness 3


Tech Specs

  • Adaptive Fit Composite back panel with Texon® counter/stiffener
  • Push button non-sliding spreader bar
  • Freedom shape spreader bar pad
  • Memory foam pressure point relief zones
  • Featherweight ES foam molded interior
  • Independent primary and secondary power belt


Windsurf Dakine Harness 1


Test result

The harness is characterized by a very broad dorsal band (wider than the NRG model), which adequately distributes the pressure on the lumbar and central part of the back, as well as on the upper part of the buttocks. The shaped memory foam actually reproduces the natural curve of the back, further contributing to a correct and homogeneous push against it.The construction clearly shows attention to detail and finishes are at the best levels. In the model we use, the bar is the classic non-sliding one (but there is also a version with a sliding bar, more comfortable for freestylers who have also to ride in switch stance). For those who would like to consider taking the version with the sliding bar, we must point out that it can be uncomfortable coming out of the jibes, since, after the tack change, the hook does not return autonomously to a central position.


Windsurf Dakine Harness 2


The version with the quick release button, in our opinion, is more comfortable, but even the one without does not put you in particular problems, during dressing and undressing.

Double lateral neckbands are very practical to adjust. We suggest to pull tighter, in particular, the upper ones on each side, to effectively hinder the harness ascent along your abdomen (in addition to adequately tighten the primary Velcro band). Near the plastic buckles, you have two rings made of elastic tissue, useful to keep the excess adjustment strap parts in place, and fold in order (see photo below).

On both sides, you have two small pockets, lockable with a Velcro, for storing the metal keys of your car, or other small objects. On the right, you also have an elastic hook (useful, for example, for fixing a spare small rope).


Windsurf Dakine Harness 4

Windsurf Dakine Harness 5


Impressions resulting from use in water

The harness during use in water adapts very well to the body, and remains well fixed with it. It tends to rise a little, only if worn with a lycra, or with thin wetsuits, even if tightly adjusted. We believe that this depends on the position of the posterior shape - vertically rather central, which tends to make the harness rise, to allow the curved shape to be placed in correspondence with the back natural lordosis. In our opinion, the most pronounced part of the back shaping could be positioned higher up in the backrest, so as to allow the harness to get down on the buttocks, without moving anymore.

The harness adequately distributes the pressure exerted by the rig on the body, in a very uniform manner, a very important aspect for those suffering from back pain, a pathology to which many riders are subject, often because of the use of inappropriate harness.

We recommend trying the harness in the store before buying it, also considering a certain margin in the size choice, to make its use possible even with thick winter wetsuits.

The actual weight measured is 1.6 kg.

Hang loose. Fabio

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