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The Dakine Fixed Harness Lines Seaford are perfect. They have everything you need in windsurfing harness lines. In this article we explain why. 


Windsurf, test: Dakine Fixed Lines Seaford 2019


Technical features 

  • 8-fold pre-stretched FSE Robline® rope

  • High density and stable polyurethane hoses

  • Anti-slip boom pads

  • Fixed size


They are available in sizes from 20 to 32 inches, with two-inch intervals between the various sizes.

Material: 60% polypropylene, 10% polyurethane, 30% nylon.


Windsurf Dakine Fixed Line 2


Product description provided by the manufacturer:

Dakine Fixed Line windsurf harness 8-prestretched FSE Robline® rope has repeatedly proven to be particularly powerful and reliable in the toughest conditions. Due to the robust Polyurethane hose coating Dakine Fixed Line rope is extremely resistant strain. Gabelbaumpads non-slip material provide security and allow you optimal control over your rig.


Result of the test

To many, the Harness Lines will appear as a secondary accessory. Instead, they are a non-negligible detail. The body stance on the board and in relation to the rig, in fact, is very important, and therefore the Lines must always remain correctly positioned, to ensure the best stance.

It is also important that their length is corrected, to hook and unhook easily, and only voluntarily. Moreover, a right length is important not to tire your arms, unnecessarily.

The Dakine Seaford fixed lines are made in such a way as to best guarantee all these aspects.

First, once they are fixed to the boom, they do not move: they do not slide on the boom, taking an incorrect position with respect to the sailing center; they do not rotate inwards or outwards, making it difficult to hook onto them, or causing an involuntary hooking. The hold onto the boom is so firm that, when you need to move them, because you change sail, you should open the Velcro, to avoid damaging the grip of the boom.


Windsurf Dakine Fixed Line 1


Windsurf Torbole Garda Ezzy 2


Also the other parts of the lines are designed to best effect. The line rope  is in prestressed Robline, covered with a polyureatane sheath. Appropriately, a cordura stretch, which originates from the attachment points to the boom, completely overlaps the sheath. This prevents the lines from swinging when riding, resulting perhaps inappropriately oriented towards the inside, just when you want to hook....

The size choice is wide. We prefer to use long lines. I am 1.78 meters tall, and use 30-inch lines.

In short, Dakine has made a very valid item, which deserves a fully positive judgment, quite different from the bad one we had assigned to the adjustable Dakine 2016 lines (and unfortunately even the most recent adjustable lines of this brand seem to be characterized by the same defects).

Aloha. Fabio Muriano


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