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For several months, we have had in our hands the Ezzy Elite 2017-2018, the 4-battens wave sail of the well-known American brand, in 4.2 and 4.7 sizes. We tested it in wave and in bump and jump conditions, and we can share with you the results of our tests.


Windsurf, sails test: Ezzy Elite 2017 - 2018


Ezzy elite 2017 1

Windsurf Noli 20 5 2018 14


Technical data

Sail area: 4.2 m2

Luff: 377 cm

Boom: 146-155 cm

N ° of battens: 4

Rec mast: 370 (extension: 10 cm) 


Sail area: 4,7 m2

Luff: 398 cm

Boom: 154-164 cm

N° of battens: 4

Rec mast: 400 Ezzy Top/370 Ezzy Bottom (extension:  16 cm) 


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Test result:

For 2017 and 2018, Ezzy has not changed the Sail specs of the Elite, and has only modified the sail colors. In 2017 the sail was produced in a single-color version, in red, yellow, or blue. In 2018, the sail was produced in a two-color version, in yellow-black, yellow-blue, white-red version. The Elite is a 4-batten wave sail, which features the legendary Ezzy rugged construction. On the Ezzy website, the data concerning the weights of the sails have not been published yet. We weighed 4.2 and 4.7, and we can tell you that their weight seems the right comprimise between robustness and lightness. The 4.2 weighs 3,1 kgs; the 4.7 weighs 3,2. To make a comparison, the Neil pryde Combat 2018 (the standard model) of the same size weigh, respectively, 2,99 and 3,22 kgs. The North Sails Super Hero 2018 weigh 3.1 (4.2) and 3.3 (4.7).

The Elite confirms all the positive aspects of the Ezzy sails, with the peculiarities of a 4 battens model. It is difficult to find further merit for this specific item, considering the level of excellence of this brand products.


Ezzy elite 2017 2


You rig and trim the Elite (as all Ezzy sails) in just a few minutes. For those who do not know Ezzy sails, or do not rig it with its recommended mast (as, however, we have always done), the reference marks in the upper part of the sail, in the clew and at the mast base, make however, the sail assembly really simple and effective in terms of performance.

The sail requires constant curved mast (slightly tending to the flex top). Compared to the Elite of previous years, the current shape is slightly more compact (above all, a little shorter luff).

This Elite also shows a wide wind range manageable for each size, acting on the downhaul and on outhaul. Giving a little more belly to the sail, you will have a lot more power, often without having to change sail.

The sail was tested at the famous Spiaggia d'Oro of Imperia, Italy, with about 25 knots, in moderate wave conditions (see photo below); at La Coudouliere (France), and at Castiglione della Pescaia, Tuscany (Italy), with significant waves; in bump and jump conditions at Noli, Liguria (Italy), and, at last, at Garda and Como lake with strong thermal winds.


Windsurf Noli Marco ed IO ridotta



The Elite, both in wave and B&J conditions, gives you back the usual feeling of softness, and neutrality of the Ezzy sails, and consequently also of lightness in the hands, both while riding and maneuvering. It is a sail that gives you progressive power, without abrupt changes, and that, in the lulls, will, hardly, leave you completely with off-engine.

Under bump and jump conditions, the sails shows quite a good profile stability, which makes it also quite suitable for those conditions.

But, surely, the sail gives the best among the waves. 





When you will find yourself among significant waves, on the wave lip you will experience all the advantage of a 4 battens sail, that will depower adequately, on the occasion of the inevitable burst that will invest you on the wave crest.

In addition, this sail, among waves, gives you a feeling of robustness, and therefore confidence in dealing with demanding conditions; you will dare tricks and maneuvers with no fear to do damages. Often, I emerged from good wipe out, convinced I had caused some damage to the rig, while, however, I found the sail absolutely intact. I do not think it's a case, if, in serious wave spots, and not only in Hawaii, the percentage of Ezzy sails in the water, generally, gets higher.... 

Aloha. Fabio

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